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To be able to understand the intentions behind why the Kagame government always makes sure it doctors all the statitcs concerning the Rwanda people, first you have to read the story behind it. Let me be more chronological to help you understand some of the dynamics of Rwanda: Rwanda population before genocide: Hutus 85%=5,100,000, Tutsis 14%=840,000, Twas 1%=60,000.

The Tutsi Government in Kigali 2013
Rwandans after genocide as claimed by Kagames regime: no Hutus Twas or Tutsis they are all Rwandans, which I think it’s a coverage because when it comes to privileges Tutsis are the ones sent abroad for educations, 90% of young Tutsis are paid for tuition fees for their education inside and outside Rwanda in the name of genocide survivors support. However all Tutsis especially those from Uganda benefit from this program. STATISTICS all Rwandans now are said to be over 11 million with over 600000 survivors. As I put it in my argument yesterday, IBUKA which is the advocate associate of Tutsis survivors reports that 500000=56%. Tutsis killed 216000=24%. The official figure of Rwanda is that 1million Tutsis and moderates were killed. This means that 900000 of Tutsis and 100000 of moderates. Is this realistic since the total figure of Tutsis in Rwanda before the genocide were 900000. Around 1million of them died translating into 900000 the total number of Tutsis we had before the genocide and yet according to IBUKA 500000 Tutsis survived. Does this add up?

Bodies of Hutu Refugees killed by RPF in DRC
In DRC the UN Mapping report 2003-2010 says that around 6million people were killed by RPF in DRC and around 2 million were Hutu refugees from Rwanda. Around 250000 Hutus also were killed in KIBEHO Camp in 1995. If we forgot other Hutus killed by RPF since 1990s and during the genocide because international community neglects them, then we are going to find that more than 2250000 Hutus were killed. This means 44% of all Hutus were killed in 2 incidents only.  If I added those killed during the genocide the figures could have been higher, but I choose to ignore them to make it easier.

Paul Kagame
About Tutsis who returned from the neighboring countries such as Burundi, DRC, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and elsewhere. The statistics of IBUKA tells us that Tutsis in Uganda were the largest counting about 200000. In DRC 117000, in Burundi 88000, in Tanzania 67000. If we put all figures together without counting BANYAMURENGE, BAHIMA, and BANYANKOLE and other TUTSIS we will find that Rwanda received around 500000 new Tutsis from exile which together with the IBUKA 500000 make up over 1 million Tutsi population in Rwanda. 1 million Tutsis plus 3million Tutsis that survived RPF massacre then we should have 5 million Rwandans. If we add another 2 million bonus for the new born children and our estimation error, then Rwanda is going to have 7 million people not 11 million as Kagame's government tries to explain it in order to blind us covering the mass massacre of innocent people that RPF killed since its invasion on October 1, 1990 to 2001.

The basic facts is that Kigali government under General Kagame have manufactured facts in order to cover up that RPF killed more people than those died during the 1994 genocide. Another thing is that Kagame continues to lie to people that Rwanda has 11 million and yet majority of Rwandans were killed in DRC and those who survived RPF brutality are languishing in 1930 prison.

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