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RWANDA-FRANCE: Paul Barril, former policeman of Elysee "Kagame always feared my revelations"

Published in French by LE POINT.FR

 France's accomplices in the genocide? This is not the opinion of Paul Barril, covered by both surveys and against attack in a forthcoming book. Interview.
Paul Barril belonged to the anti-terrorist cell Elysee under François Mitterrand. He accuses the Tutsi to be the origin of their own massacre. © Eric Feferberg / AFP

At 67 years old, then they say ill, Paul Barril , a member of the ATA cell Elysee in the first seven François Mitterrand , has apparently lost its insurance. "If Paul Kagame blames France for the commemoration of the 20 th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide is that it is aware of the release of my book, Captain Barril breaks the silence , he loose immodestly. This is a very weak president, released by the Tutsi. He knows that many of his former aides, now in exile, meet me. "
While it is itself covered by two statements related to the Rwandan genocide, Paul Barril keeps repeating that Paul Kagame is the instigator of the attack that claimed the lives of 6 April 1994, the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana , and his counterpart from Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira. Their plane, a Falcon 50, was killed by two missiles were fired, according to Paul Barril, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). "If I had not filed a complaint, there would have been no investigation into the attack on the part of France then there were three French in the device. Pilot, copilot and a mechanic. The next day, two warrant officers of the police and their wives were also killed, "protested Captain Barril.
The man, who lives between London, Doha and Dubai, do not talk of "genocide", but "massacre", whose precursors are Tutsi, guilty of murder in October 1993 the President of Burundi and killed 100,000 Hutu. "A crime of mass passed to the dustbin of history. Hutus of Rwanda, terrified, thought that the same fate awaited them if they did not react. They killed before they were killed." Interview.
The Point.fr: How did you meet Paul Kagame in 1993?
Paul Barril: I was tasked, from Francis Grossouvre, Councillor François Mitterrand, to infiltrate the RPF. It is in this context that I met in September 1993 in Paris with Paul Kagame. He wanted to get the remote control to make loads remotely explode! This is a very intelligent man, but a manipulator. Before returning to Rwanda, he was head of the secret services in Uganda. The attack took place on 6 April 1994 and François Grossouvre died the next day, April 7, shot in the head in his office in the Elysee.
Nevertheless, when the genocide is mentioned, your name is often associated. There is even a complaint against you for "complicity in genocide".
It was alleged that I was in Rwanda in April 1994. This is wrong, then I was in New York. It also says I have delivered weapons to Hutu.Also false, I provide evidence in my book. I was searched four times.In fact, the anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic in charge of the investigation into the attack has me in its sights, as it considers that I belong to the clan of his predecessor, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere.Trévidic and wants to "kill" Bruguiere.
You represent that Paul Kagame "hideout" behind the genocide. But whatever its responsibilities, there has been 800,000 dead.
I do not deny this massacre, but I think Paul Kagame is the man who is responsible for this terrible tragedy. Keep in mind that the Ugandan army, assisted by Tutsi rebels, attacked by surprise Rwanda in October 1990. After the failure of this offensive, thanks to the intervention of the French army, the RPF never ceased to exacerbate tensions between Hutu and Tutsi: murders, kidnappings, bombings, massacres in churches. Finally, remember that the Hutu, Tutsi former slaves, have a visceral fear. Only France is involved to limit the carnage. She was not ashamed of his action, unlike the Americans and the British, who supported the RPF

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