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By Abdul Twahah Ishimwe, Dodoma,

Our reporters have been publishing some news about Kagame's efforts to destabilize a once peaceful neighboring country of Tanzania. Tanzania is one of few African countries which have not been at war in the last 50 years. Apart from supporting President Museveni of Uganda to oust the dictator Idi Amin Dada of Uganda and assisting the Rwandan patriotic Front (RPF) to assassinate both Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryaira of Burundi in 1994, Tanzania has never experienced internal conflict.

However due to neighboring two warlords and dictators such as Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda Tanzania is having a hard time keeping its own security intacts. This is  because of having been infiltrated by the agents of Paul Kagame of Rwanda who want to topple down the long
time ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and replace it with CHADEMA. This plotting to overthrow CCM by conflict started a long time when Kagame realized that CCM has been supporting the Hutus in the neighboring Burundi. However, the situation got worst when the current Tanzanian president Jakaya Mulisho Kikwete brotherly advised the RPF president Paul Kagame to negotiate with a Hutu rebel movement based in Eastern DRC called FDLR and find a political solution to Rwandan problems. This suggestion did not go down well with the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame instead he started hurling insulting agaisnt the Tanzanian president Kikwete to the point that he threatened to assassinate him in cold blood. President Kagame told his audience in nyakinama Ruhengeri that "ntegereje umwanya mwiza nyuma nkazamukocora" meaning that paul Kagame is waiting for an opportunity to hit Jakaya Kikwete hard.

President Kagame said this when he held an annual conference with his senior military staff in northern Rwanda, Nyakinama Ruhengeri. Kagame has a good reason to say this looking at how the Rwandan Tutsis have infilitrated the country of Tanzania, especially both the political and security system. Majority of these Tutsis who have established themselves well in Tanzania are the 1959 Tutsis who fled the Rwandan 1959 Hutu revolution that ended the Tutsi monarchy in Rwanda and ended a 400 years of monarchy in Rwanda and brought the 1960s independence which, for the first time, gave the Rwandan Hutu majority a voice in their own country.

Like in many African Great Lakes countries such as DRC, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Congo Republic, Angola, and Gabon, Tanzania received many Tutsi refugees in 1959 and accommodated them well. Unlike the hostility that the 1994 Rwandan Hutu refugees experienced in the hands of the Tanzanian government in 1997, in 1959 Rwandan Tutsis refugees were welcomed in Tanzania. This opened many opportunities for them. Their children got opportunities to go to school and finished universities in Tanzania on the Tanzanian government scholarships. Among those Rwandan Tutsi refugees who benefited from the generosity of the Tanzanian government include the current President of the African Development Bank Bwana Kaberuka Donald who was once a minister of state in Tanzania and yet he is a Tutsi from Rwanda and a staunch member of the current ruling party in Rwanda RPF.


As our reporters continued publishing it in our various online media outlet, Kagame has been eyeing to oust CCM from power in Tanzania over a long period. As mentioned earlier this plans were hatched immediately after Tanzania assisted the Burundian Hutu rebels. This threatened Kagame's plans to establish a Hima empire that would extend from Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, DRC, Tanzania, Burundi all the way to Angola and Zambia with its capital in Gasabo of Rwanda.

To achieve this Kagame and Museveni were supposed to destabilize Tanzania so that they concur Tanzania through the opposition party of CHADEMA. These two countries have been supporting the Tanzanian opposition both financially and strategically. In return CHADEMA has been assisting Kagame to infiltrate the Tanzanian political system and even in the military. Here we can remind our readers that one of the Tanzanian members of parliament was accused by CCM to be an agent of RPF in the Tanzanian parliament. Soon another senior military officer in the Tanzanian army of the Rwandan origin Tutsi origin fled Tanzania to Rwanda with crucial security information which was shared with the RPF. After fleeing Tanzania this Tutsi officer was immediately integrated into RPF army in Rwanda with immediate effect.


After a long investigations carried out by the Tanzanian secrete services, they discovered that Tanzania has been innonded by Kagame's spies who have been living in Tanzania as Tanzanians since 1959. Some of those people have worked so hard for the Tutsi regime in Rwanda to the extent that they have been supported by Kagame to vie for political offices in Tanzania through the opposition party of CHADEMA. This newsonline published an article which talked about Tutsi women who have been sent to Tanzania, especially in DODOMA and DAR ES SALAM to work as spy agents for RPF. As we said it in our articles, these women have a mission to target Tanzanian members of the parliament by sleeping with them. This would help RPF to have enough information on Tanzania and also to weaken the Tanzanian government. Some of those people who have been working tirelessly to destabilize CCM in Tanzania is a CHADEMA district chairman who was recently deported Back to Rwanda accused of working for the Kagames government as a spy. This man is called Omari Athanas and was the chairman of CHADEMA in Mbogwe District.

Although some newspapers have been reporting that Mr Omari Athanas was an illegal immigrant in Tanzania is not true. Mr Omar Athanas is one of millions of Tutsis refugees who went to Tanzania in 1959. He changed his name from Athanas Imanishimwe to Omar Athanas to confuse people. There is no way one person can belong to two different religions at the same time. Omar is a muslim name and Athanas is a Christian name. According to acting District Commissioner Amani Mwenegoha, Mr Omar Athanas was deported along with three other people, Although some people did not now it well Mr Omar as an opposition politician was earlier accused of inciting CHADEMA supporters to violence during local government elections in the district’s Lugunga ‘A’ area. It was not by accident but by design. RPF has been trying to destabilize Tanzania.

Mr Mwegoha said Mr Athanas was arrested with five other people after violence broke out during the December 14 elections.“After his arrest, a background check was done and it was established that he had lived in this area for over a decade as an illegal immigrant. He was then deported to Rwanda,” he said. He added that a voter register was stolen during the violence blamed on CHADEMA supporters, prompting the postponement of the elections in the affected area.The chaos appeared to have been planned in advance and was well coordinated. We later learnt of the involvement of foreigners who had lived in this area for many years,” Mr Mwenegoha said, adding that Mr Athanas’ three associates were also Rwandan.

He said Mr Athanas was arrested during a recent crackdown on illegal immigrants and admitted being a Rwandan national and pleaded guilty before the Bukombe District Court of living in the country illegally. “He was fined and ordered to obtain the necessary papers allowing him to live and work in Tanzania. He didn’t do so and instead vied for the post of CHADEMA district chairman.”

Others deported to Rwanda were Mr Issa Athuman, Mr Machibya Sumbuka and Mr Salum Ntinginya. Mr Machibya was a candidate in the local government elections. Mr Mwenegoha warned the four against returning to Tanzania, saying they risked spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

Recently another Rwandan newsonline published in diaspora called IKAZE IWACU also published some of the names of Rwandan Tutsis living in Tanzania and are working for the RPF to destabilize Tanzania. the IKAZE IWACU editor also published a list of those who work for the RPF and their telephone nmbers which we have included here below. These people found in the region of SINDIKETI in Kyerwa district have settled here since 1959, They are mostly found in regions of SINA, KATERA, KAISHO, MURONGO, and MABALE. Those actively involved with FPR in Tanzania are as follow:
Agnes (Mama Agines): +255 -689036109 na +255 -755938532, +255 -686155260
Siliro: +255 -783566105
Fredi: +255 -756857246 na +255 -784857246
Gasana: +255 -786650289
Karema: +255 -755854870
Baba Kanga: +255 -785846043 na +255 -757378677
Toto: +255 -754740168
Eugene: +255 -756022410 na +255 -787913798 and others we have not yt established their details well.

We hope that the Tanzanian government is going to continue following up to establish what are these people doing in Tanzania.

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