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The Enough Project is an American think tank set up to promote imperialism and the looting of Africa, while pretending to be an advocacy group for peace and democracy. To better understand this organization, one must begin by understanding the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC. As the world’s largest and most expensive UN mission, Monusco’s real role has been to protect western illegal mining companies in the region, by making sure that there are safe corridors to smuggle illegal coltan, gold and diamonds from DRC through Rwanda, where they are then processed before being shipped to various Western countries.

John Prendergast of the Enough Project
and the Holywood Actor Clooney
Over the last decade the Enough Project has done nothing else but spreading pro-Kagame propaganda in western media, by sanitizing and sanctifying Mr. Kagame and his regime, going as far as justifying his crimes against humanity committed both in Rwanda and DRC, since the early 1990s to this day. As a matter of fact, the leadership of the Enough Project has perfected this game of deception and public relations for Mr. Kagame and his brutal monarchy in Rwanda to such extent that most objective observers do not see it as a humanitarian organization, but a public relations wing of the Kigali government designed to misinform the world and preserve the fast crumbling image of Mr. Kagame and Museveni.

For the Congolese and Rwandans who have lost their loved ones because of Kagame-Museveni and their western backers, such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, we see both Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast for who they really are. They have tried hard to distort the most credible truth from the research carried out by UNHCR in 1995 to the UN Mapping Report on DRC of 2010. The Enough Project and its team have done nothing humanitarian but to hide the truth from the American taxpayers and wash off the innocent blood of Hutu and Congolese children massacred by the Rwandan Patriotic Front with full blessings from the Clinton administration.

Shamelessly Sasha and Johnie have worked tirelessly to sustain Kagame’s government even after committing a genocide in DRC since they are not white people being butchered in DRC, they don’t care as long as there are plenty of minerals looted to sustain their multibillion empire at the cost of an African blood of the innocent people of the Great Lakes of Africa. Both Rwandan and Congolese people feel the pain and sorrow of our people as the World remains indifferent to our suffering.


In the meantime, the Enough Project’s leadership has taken over the media’s role in promoting Kigali’s agenda of hatred and persecution of the Hutu refugees who are still living in deplorable conditions in DRC; to compensate for the fact that Kigali’s newspapers are no longer credible in the region. Here we have to remind you that contrary to fictional figures given by the enough project that there are only 1500 Rwandan refugees in Eastern DRC. The recent census carried out by both DRC government and the UNHCR found that there are close to 300,000 Rwandan refugees still living in Eastern DRC of which more than 70% of these refugees are children who are below 20 years of age. This means more than 210000 are children. 

Sasha Lezhnev
These re the people the Enough Project, UN, USA, UK, and UNHCR are eagerly calling for their elimination in order to finish the work they had failed to accomplish in 1996 when they sent in soldiers into Hutu refugee camps to kill us indiscriminately, which continues to be an attempt to finish what they started in 1996, when millions of the Hutu refugees scattered around Eastern DRC were treated to an avalanche of bombs, machine gunfire, mortar and tank shells, and other heavy artillery, all at the American tax payer’s expanse with the sole aim to eliminate Hutu ethnic from this earth and solidify Kagame’s rule in Kigali.

At the time the RPF and its supporters’ objective was to eliminate any living able-bodied Hutu. They made sure that they are buried in unmarked mass graves in the DRC, so that their henchman in Kigali can continue his rule unhindered. Today, the Enough Project continues this agenda with a new approach. This new approach involves using regional media houses in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Angola to spread propaganda, claiming that Hutus are murderers by nature, and that if they were left alone, they would come back to Rwanda and commit genocide again. Despite the fact that the 2010 UN Mapping report on DRC demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that millions of Hutus were indiscriminately massacred, by the US supported Tutsi-led government in Kigali, in what the UN Human rights commission described as a likely genocide committed against the Hutus in both Rwanda and DR Congo.


On December 27, 2014 the Enough Project team led by Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast published another propaganda piece designed to scare the public and portraying the Rwandan freedom fighters of the FDLR as murderers and rapists who deserve to be slaughtered. Soon after that, the Enough Project and CBS aired a five minute news piece titled “Militia accused of Rwanda genocide facing onslaught,” produced by the Enough Project’s director, intelligence professional John Prendergast. The Enough Project went on to publish another article in the Kenyan newspaper, the Daily Nation called "FDLR surrender deadline is here but Dar, Pretoria don’t want to know." The article laments the fact South African President Jacob Zuma and his Tanzanian counterpart Jakaya Kikwete are reluctant to engage in another large scale massacre of Hutu refugees in the DRC.

These two presidents have so far refuse to rally behind the Enough Project's call to massacre innocent Hutu refugees living in DRC, because they understand the plight of over 300,000 Hutu refugees, including women and children, who simply don’t want to go back to Rwanda because they fear for their lives once they return. In this article, Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast sounded frustrated by the fact that as the deadline was fast approaching for the UN to initiate an unprovoked war against the FDLR freedom fighters, but both Kikwete and Zuma had refused and still refuse to buy western lies that are aimed to push Africans to kill other innocent Africans just because these innocent Africans have refused to bow to the western puppet government in Kigali. 

I wonder how Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast would feel if the United States of America were  led by a minority clique that controls everything, including the army and all major business with the full backing of the Russia Federation! How come they don’t support that the American style of democracy, especially the popular electoral process to be practiced in Rwanda? How would these two gentlemen feel, if Kagame was their president, and they heard him bragging about how he regrets having missed the opportunity to massacre some of their fellow citizens, like he always does. Do you remember Mr. Kagame complaining that the International community interfered with his plans to kill as many Hutus as he could before they crossed into Zaire (now DRC) right after the 1994 RPF induced catastrophe? Have you watched the BBC Hard Talk when President Kagame admittedly said that he does not regret for having shot down the Rwandan plane that was carrying President Habyarimana? Is not this an act of terrorism? How come the Enough Project has not come clean on this and call for the prosecution of those involved in the shooting of the Habyarimana’s plane which killed two Hutu presidents: Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi and Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda? Rwanda youth are tired of 25 years of humiliation and history distortion but western propaganda machinery.


In this photo Congolese soldiers parading bodies of M23 soldiers
This was a humiliating defeat to both Rwanda and EP
In the article published in the Kenyan owned newspaper called the East African, Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast’s article cries foul over the demise of the M23, the Tutsi led and Kagame sponsored rebel group that spread carnage all over Eastern DRC before getting completely obliterated by South African and Tanzanian troops in December 2013. The remnants of this brutal group have been given kingly accommodation in both Kigali and Kampala far from worries of any consequences for their actions, therefore perpetuating the pattern by which innocent Congolese people who lost their lives to Kagame’s war and those of his proxy forces such as the M23 are never acknowledged and they are never given proper justice. For us who are versed in the International Politics affairs, where have you seen a rebellion movement comprised with foreign troops being defeated and retreats in a neighboring country where they are accommodated as refugees and later are resettled by the UNHCR in a third country? This is what is happening now to the former M23 fighters who are harbored by both Kigali and Kampala. After the defeat, former members of M23 sheltered in Rwanda and Uganda are being now given resettlement to the United States of America to settle there as refugees. Majority of these former Tutsi rebels are resettled by an American organization operating in Nairobi called Refuge Point formerly known as Mapendo International. 

(L-R) Mapendo International founder Sasha Chanoff,
 journalist Anderson Cooper, and Rose Mapendo
To be accepted that you are a former M23 member or a relative of M23 you must have a pass-code that you are asked to produce during the interview process at the Refuge Point Headquarters in Hurlingham, Nairobi. After that you are referred to UNHCR Nairobi office for immediate resettlement. Majority of M23 members resettled in US are found in Abilene and Amarillo in Texas.
 If the Enough Project was seriously interested in Ending Genocide and Crimes against Humanity as its website claims in very big letters, they should start by holding Rwanda and Uganda accountable for harboring criminals responsible for massacres of innocent Congolese and bring them to justice in DRC, so that Congolese families can get adequate justice. If Enough Project was not biased against the Hutu people in the region and truly believed in its stated goal of Ending Genocide, they should have taken time to read the UN Mapping report on DRC 2010 and they should be demanding justice for the Hutu refugees massacred in DRC from 1996 to 2013. Do Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast really understand what it is like to grow up an orphan? I am sure they don’t, otherwise they should have left Rwandan refugees living in DR Congo alone, and because they want to see their children grow up happy and hopeful just like Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast’s children. However, it is now clear that Kagame, US, UK, and Enough Project do not want to see this happen, henceforth the obsession with trying to wage war against the FDLR.

In their article both Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast continue citing unproven allegations that the FDLR has committed numerous massacres in eastern Congo. As if they don’t know how RPF bombed, and shelled the Hutu refugees who had sought refuge at UN peacekeeping mission camp in Kibeho in 1995 where more than 100000 Hutu displaced refugees were massacred in broad daylight. Both Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast forget that more than 5 hundred thousand Hutu refugees were massacred in Walikale, Tingitingi, Amisi, Lubuthu, Kisangani, Ubundu, Ikella, Masisi, Kibabi, Mbandaka, and Tongo between 1996 and 2000 and yet Enough Project has never bothered to write even one article condemning the RPF. All they do is publish numerous articles showering President Kagame with praises as an exemplary leader, despite the fact that in recent months, more than 40000 Rwandans disappeared and 40 bodies were found in Lake Rweru in the year 2014 alone. This is blatant hypocrisy! For Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast to think that going after the FDLR for unproven allegations, and in most cases crimes committed by Kagame’s proxy forces in order to tarnish the FDLR’s image in the eyes of the world, while ignoring how Kagame’s RPF has been killing Rwandan and Congolese Hutus, is incredibly short sighted and downright criminal, because it is clear to any peace loving individual in the World, that the solution for our Country’s problems require an unbiased approach from foreign actors such as these two.


It has also come to our attention that due to this double standards, the Enough Project has never hired any Hutu professional to work in any of their offices because they fear that this might interfere with their nefarious agenda designed to subdue the Hutu populations on behalf of the Tutsi led military regime of Paul Kagame. As a matter of fact there are more than three Tutsis working for the Enough Project, while all Hutus who apply to work for this organization are invariably turned down, even when they are fully qualified. The Enough Project always finds some excuse to reject Hutu applicants regardless of their country of origin, whether they are from DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, or Burundi matters not.

Another complaint from the Enough Project about the FDLR is the fact that this Liberation movement offered to disarm in May 2014, and that it seemingly has not followed through with its commitment. Instead of wasting time worrying about what the FDLR is doing, the Enough Project should spend time telling to the world the reason why since the M23 was defeated, Eastern Congo has been somewhat calm. We know that even in small instances in which there has been some unrest in the area, it was for reasons that had nothing whatsoever to do with the FDLR. Besides M23’s defeat exposed to the world the fact that this was a foreign proxy  force, by the simple fact that they all fled to Rwanda and Uganda and have been living there peacefully as most of them belonged to the Armies of these two countries(Rwanda and Uganda). This defeat also helped the world come to grips with the fact that the only reason why Rwanda and Uganda keep sending their forces into the DRC has nothing to do with security, instead it is has more to do with the looting of Congo natural resources which these two countries are now addicted to, and which they desperately need to sustain their greedy despotic leadership’s military machines and extravagant lifestyles. The Enough Project should also explain to the readers, especially those from African Great lakes region why General Bosco Ntaganda fled to US Embassy in Kigali and how he managed to get there from Jomba DRC!

Any serious political observer in the Great Lakes region knows full well that the FDLR has the support of more than 80% of the Rwandese population, which makes it more legitimate and more trusty worthy than the Enough Project wants to portray it. It is for this reason that the President of Tanzania and his colleagues from the SADC support a political settlement between the FDLR and the Government of Rwanda, it is shameful and downright arrogant to see John Prendergast and his side kick Sasha beating war drums in matters they know nothing about. If these two really want to help, they should devote more time and energy in convincing their boss, Paul Kagame, to accept negotiations with the FDLR and try and beat them politically in the next elections, if, as the Enough Project duo would like us to believe, the man is a military and political genius.

This article also goes on to accuse the FDLR of using the last  six months to regroup, by trading gold and charcoal for weapons, and mobilizing political support, baseless charge that can only be described as an attempt to turn the FDLR into an international threat which it has never been and has never claimed to be. In the meantime the article fails to mention how Rwanda has now become the leading coltan exporter despite the fact that everybody knows that its geology does not contain such minerals.

In this pure propaganda piece, the Enough Project team quotes an imaginary source by the name of Georges as a Congolese community leader who allegedly says that “Their (FDLR) demobilization offer is only going to help them buy time as usual.” We all know that the Enough Project has written numerous propaganda materials and produced documentaries which they aired through various American media outlets, portraying the FDLR as being made of evil people who must be exterminated while showing the RPF and Kagame’s as the role models to be emulated all over the African continent. This is done solely to manipulate western public opinion in favor of Kagame. This also paves the way for a complete indifference to any crimes committed against the Hutu people, as these two gentlemen keep confusing the word FDLR with the word Hutu, and the word Hutu with killer.

Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast also talk about the Congolese civil society organizations that have written letters to the UN calling for military operations against the FDLR which as it turns out are phantom organizations that were founded and funded by the Enough Project to give the impression that the Congolese people have a problem with the FDLR, because John and Sasha the warmongers, know very well that even the UN is aware of the fact that the FDLR has a strong relationship with the local population and they always support it and depend on it for their security when the Kinshasa government fails them. It is for this reason that the Enough Project has created its own phony civil society organizations to push its malicious lies against the FDLR. 

This is why at this stage it should be up to the Rwandans and Congolese who understand their own issues to come up with solutions, rather than allowing themselves to be manipulated by a bunch of mercenaries who sit in New York and Washington DC and think of many ways to prolong our people’s misery, which they initiated in order to benefit from the ensuing chaos. It is time for Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast to understand that Congolese people are not stupid. Anyone who wants to know what the people of Eastern DRC think about FDLR should go to Masisi and ask the villagers who hide Hutu families when the US and the UK send bombs through their murderous puppet governments, in Uganda and Kigali with the goal to exterminate Hutu refugees. For most Rwandans, our mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers have survived for the last 20 years in the DRC because the people of Masisi identify with us not only by language but also by blood.


January 2, 2015 has come and gone as John and Sasha wait for the extermination of our people, and reading through their articles you can tell it couldn’t come soon enough. As our people wait anxiously to find out if the UN is ready to engage in another large scale war crimes operation against the Hutu refugees, it is worth reminding the greedy people at the Enough Project that our people have survived the Bill Clinton onslaught for which the details are recorded the UN Mapping report. The Armies of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda with air support from the US and Israel tried to wipe Hutu refugees off the face of the earth and they couldn’t. 

No wonder John Pendergrass wants a repeat of this macabre episode, since at the time he was a member of Bill Clinton’s National security team. In 1997 a British-American tobacco company won a tender to plant tobacco in Northern Rwanda, after RPF nearly killed off the entire Hutu population in the region. However, by the Grace of God, if you visit Ruhengeri and Gisenyi today you’d be surprised to see with your own eyes how people have managed to rebuild their lives. Over the last 24 years Western countries, notably US and UK, have done everything possible to uproot the Hutu population from the Great Lakes region and establish a Tutsi empire that serves their own interests regardless of how many lives are lost in this devilish endeavor. However, when you kill one Hutu, 10 more are born and not long after they learn the truth about who killed their relatives, and who is responsible for turning them into orphans. So far, the 2nd of January, 2015 was a day like any other, and we’re still standing.

As always Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast are blaming Tanzania and South Africa for refusing to play blind pawns in a dangerous game of imperialistic expansion, knowing full well that thousands and thousands of lives are at stake. They are also complaining about the fact that Tanzania and South Africa don’t see the need to attack FDLR and kill innocent women and children in the process, as the two countries have decided to put the value of human life before money and political interests. It is clear that Tanzania understands the situation in Rwanda better than Sasha Lezhnev, John Prendergast and the other Western cohort behind them, which is why the Tanzanian government website lists the FDLR as a freedom fighting organization. 

Senior South African envoys have lobbied to delay military operations against the FDLR, because they understand that there is no need to continue shedding innocent blood in Eastern DRC because South Africans are starting to understand our predicament. The South Africans lived as refugees for over 200 years. They remember how Mandela was labeled a terrorist on the CIA website until as recently as 2009. They remember the pain they endured when the US Government openly supported the Apartheid regime as it oppressed black communities in South Africa. They understand that the Hutu people are now victims of the same kind of oppressor with the same goals and ideology as those belonging to the clique that established the South African Apartheid system. As a matter of fact, President Zuma was called a terrorist the same way the Enough Project’s duo from hell, John and Sasha talk about the FDLR.

The Enough Project has suggested three changes that can get the process back on track including 1) Tanzania and South Africa to commit to conducting operations against the FDLR if the benchmarks are not met by the deadline. ….to stop helping the alleged genocidaires, that has used rape systematically as a weapon of war…2) the UN should rotate troops out of the Congo operation that are not making useful contributions and rotate in more capable militaries, in co-ordination with the Congolese government…... Angola, for example, has one of the region’s most capable armies and could be encouraged to take on a larger regional peacekeeping role. 3) The US should deploy Special Forces advisors to the Intervention Brigade in a pared-down version of the successful counter-Lord’s Resistance Army mission.

Anyone with a deeper understanding of the conflict in the Great Lakes would find Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast proposals utterly laughable if it were not for the destructive and criminal nature of their concept:

  1. First the governments of Tanzania and South Africa have full grasp of the root causes of all the problems in the region, and they have determined that they can only be addressed through political dialogue. These are political issues and there is no way American bombs, drones, and CIA assassins can bring lasting peace, as they haven’t been able to bring it anywhere else where the United State of America has gotten involved, in places such as Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and now the Enough Project would like to add the DRC to that ever growing number suggesting the US sends marines into the jungles of Congo. South Africa and Tanzania are not American colonies and they happen to be part of the few African countries that cherish their independence and sovereignty above all.  Both countries were very instrumental in crafting the current political arrangement in Burundi, and Burundi and Rwanda are not that different, in terms of demographics and the sociopolitical environment is the same. Both South Africa and Tanzania also understands the basic truth, that no one can resolve the problems of Eastern DRC without solving the Rwanda puzzle. Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast keep calling all Hutu elite genocidaires, even though the ICTR in Arusha, an American instigated kangaroo court which has only tried Hutus since its inception, still failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Hutu government of the early 1990 planned a genocide. The constant reference to the FDLR as a genocidal force is not based on anything else but blind hatred and the need to cover up the wrongs done to our people by the Clinton administration in which John Prendergast was part of. As the facts about what happened in the 90’s keep coming out, the genocide ploy is starting to wear off, which make the Enough Project the last hardcore PR instrument for Kagame. The day the attack on President Habyarimana is labeled a terrorist attack by a competent court, we would hope that someone from the Clinton administration is frog marched to The Hague to account for this crime. My guess is Johnnie and Sasha may end up being the perfect fall guys when that time comes, since they seem ready to defend the indefensible. With everything we know right now, defending Kagame should in itself be considered a crime against humanity and common decency and Johnnie and Sasha have neither!
  2.  In October this year 10 UN peacekeepers in DRC were caught with a load of Congolese military uniform that they were taking to Rwanda. Various human rights reports have described many incidents in which Monusco soldiers raped women and got them pregnant, and they never even bothered taking responsibility for the children let alone facing justice for these horrendous crimes. In 2012 Indian peacekeepers in DRC were caught with thousands of kilos of Gold, illegally mined in DRC, and smuggled out through Rwanda. Friends of Congo, a Congolese rights organization based in US has demonstrated that there are more than 200 western mining companies, mostly from US involved in illegal mining in DRC where child labor is business as usual. The UN has no moral authority to resolve the DRC issue, because its involvement in DRC has only helped facilitate illegal mining activities and the perpetuation of the seemingly UN sanctioned persecution of the Hutu population in Eastern DRC. MONUSCO has turned into a foreign occupation force that only serves the interest of Western powers behind Museveni and Kagame.
  3. No surprise that the final recommendation involves the US sending in the marines to hunt and kill FDLR leaders. This policy of assassinating leaders stems from the days of Patrice Lumumba, and countless other African leaders who refuse to bow to Western imperialism. The enforcer for this strategy, Kagame of Rwanda has turned assassination into an art form. So far Kagame has killed four African heads of States (Ndadaye of Burundi, Habyarimana of Rwanda, Ntaryamira of Rwanda, and Kabila of the DRC), countless politician and clergy members and he is not done yet.

People of goodwill all over the world, especially Africans do understand that this is not a DRC made problem. It originated from Uganda and Rwanda and it must be dealt with starting from those two countries. The regimes of Rwanda and Uganda, supported by the westerners who do not wish both of these countries to become democratic, as this would interfere with their imperialistic agenda in the region, created this problem by pushing an expansionist agenda that involves annexing both Kivus to Rwanda and Uganda If Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast  were seriously interested in solving both the FDLR and ADF problems in the region, they should have devoted their time promoting political dialogue among all stakeholders. This means that if the US, UN, and Enough Project had devoted ¼ of all resources they use on DRC issue preparing for political dialogue between Rwanda and FDLR on one hand, and Uganda and ADF on the other, we could have saved millions of lives from perishing due to these ill-fated military adventures that the Enough Project is so bent on promoting in the region. Rwandan refugees would have gone back home and Rwanda would be a democratic country right now, and the war between the FDLR and the ADF against their respective countries would be a thing of the past.

This article was written by a group of Rwandan Youth Refugees from all over the world calling upon both the international community and the leaders of the Southern African Development Community not to be lied to by the Enough Project’s propaganda designed to induce them into action to kill innocent Hutu refugees in DRC. We hope that other peace loving agents across the globe will read this article and understand that Enough Project is nothing else but a propaganda machinery hiding itself behind a charitable organization to carry out an unfulfilled mission left by the Clinton administration to establish a Hima kingdom in the Great Lakes region of Africa. Rwandans need nothing else but democracy, freedom of expression, and humanity. We want to elect our leaders and design our destiny without outside interference. Refugees want peace not bullets, they want to go back home build their lives not being given bombs and drones. We are all created equal and we should live in liberty and exercise our democratic rights. VIVA RWANDANS

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