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I am a 30 years old Rwandan refugee living in Norway. I was 4 years when the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) invade Rwanda. My mother tells me that we are from Commune Cyungo in the former prefecture of Byumba. Therefore I am among those kids who started fleeing from Kagame's bombs when I was only 5 years old. Once in a while I like hearing my mother’s stories of how she could carry my young brother while my father carried me and my two siblings and then ran so fast for their life. And then they could fall when they heard the sound of Katiyusha echoing in the valleys of the Thousand Hills. A Katiyusha pronounced as Katyusha is a Russian multiple rocket launchers that Kagame used to drive and kill the people of Ruhengeri and Byumba. Those who survived Katyusha went to live in Nyacyonga. I was among the luckiest who managed to reach the refugee camp of Nyacyonga still alive. The neighbor’s kids such as Michel and Lydia I was found of couldn’t make it to Nyacyonga because one of the Katyusha bomb fell on the top of their roof and found them on their bed. According to those who witnessed that situation, only blood that told the story that my childhood playmates did not survive another day. 

Over the last 15 years I have been interested in following closely the stories of my people. Since I left Rwanda in 1994 as an 8 year old boy things were unclear and hazy, but now I can see farther. I lived in the Congolese forests with my parents until 2006 when we got opportunity to resettle in the Scandinavia. In the course of 12 years I lost close to everything I loved and everyone I held dear. I lost my country at 8 years old, lost the rivers where we used to go and fetch waters, lost the school and the teachers whom I used to see every morning, and lost the Sunday school teachers where we used to sing children's songs. I also lost my religious uncle who used to take me to church on Sabbath hoping that when I grow up I will become the Seventh Day keeper. I lost my favorite goat Kigaju, lost my well-mannered sheep 'Iliza', and lost my wonderful chicks and hen that used to lay eggs for us on daily basis and kept us from suffering from Kwashiorkor, and do not remind me that my Kitty Huku also died of a shock after a louder explosion was heard in our backyard. Most importantly is that I lost my dad who, some days from now, that is on October 23, he would be celebrating his 58th birthday. Funny enough that is the same day President Paul Kagame will be celebrating his birthday. 
Like or unlike Mr. Kagame, my dad was born on October 23, 1957 and he was a school teacher in Cyungo. 

Whereas Mr. Paul Kagame was a school dropout who found a solution to his problems in the nose of Krachnikov, my dad solace was in a white chalk and a blackboard. He also loved kids and their success stories. Although Mr. Kagame's kids: Ange Kagame, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame, Ian Kagame, and Brian Kagame with his wife Jeannette will join him in one of the expensive hotels of this world to celebrate his Birthday and his 25 years as ruler of the RPF and his invasion to Rwanda, my elderly mother, myself, and my younger siblings will be sky gazing to the Scandinavian early Sunset that always reminds my family, especially our youngest brother who was born 2 months after my father's death in Kibabi, Masisi, that our father's Sun set prematurely just because someone wanted to rule at whatever cost. When I sit down and listen to my mother's stories of those killed by the Kagame's troops whether inside or outside of Rwanda in DR Congo, I sometimes, tend to think that the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) had been formed to exterminate my father’s family. However, when I go to different functions of both Rwandans and Congolese people and listen to their grieving stories I realize that RPF had not only come for Rwandan Hutus but the entire Bantu race in the region. 

In Kinyarwanda there is expression saying: "Umuntu aravuga ati urwo mbonye ntawe uvuga ngo urwo tubonye" (literally it means that when a calamity befalls a people, each one of them says: "I have been hit hard, not WE have been hit hard by the calamity). One day my mother was counting of the relatives we lost at the Tutsi led RPF and the number went from 10 people to over 100. We did not only lose people inside Rwanda when the RPF was invading Rwanda and launching offenses against the Habyarimana’s army and the Rwandan population, but I also lost many of my family members along the way from Rwanda to Eastern DRC due to the Rwandan Patriotic and Ugandan attacks. Since the Tutsi invasion of Rwanda in October 1990 I have lost close to 117 people. These ranges from my father's dad, mom, my 5 uncles and 3 aunts on my mother’s side. Then there are my father's father, mother, all my 6 aunts, my 3 uncles, and their 11 children. There are also my 22 cousins from both sides whose blood was shed by the Tutsi led RPF and the Museveni's UPDF. However this is not our main story today. Today we want to look at the creation of the Rwandan 1994 Case, the creation of Hima Empire, and the Cowardice of the Bantu people.


When Rwanda became independent Hutus in Burundi were still under the yoke of the Tutsi (Hima) regime. When they started organizing themselves so that there could be a democratic process of governance, the Tutsi regime mercilessly butchered Hutus, especially those who were in universities and colleges. Those who survived crossed the borders into Rwanda, Zaire, Zambia, and Tanzania. Those who come to Rwanda were helped in various ways. The Rwandan Hutu regimes helped many of them to go to school and others were given land in Mutara, Ngarama to settle in. there have been many arguments that Habyarimana did not help Burundian Hutus but the facts remain that Melchior Ndadaye and his colleagues went to school in Rwanda under the Rwandan scholarships, if the Hutus in Burundi could have done that to some of our Rwandan Hutu refugees who fled to Burundi after Hutus had taken over power in Burundi we would be grateful. However this is another topic for another day.

Although Hutus in Rwanda did not fight for independence as have done most of countries in Africa, President Kayibanda knew well the long term project of Tutsis in the region, which is to establish a Hima Empire in the region that connects all regions where Tutsi people are found in Africa. Those regions include Tanzania, Burundi, DRC, Angola, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. To defuse this agenda President Kayibanda started preparing how to help Burundians to go back to Rwanda, but a group of Hutu soldiers decided to take over power and shelved Kayibanda’s plan for Burundi. However, Tutsis did not stop their plans to establish the Hima Empire. In 1990s with the support from the Western countries yearning for the resource reach of DR Congo, Tutsis in Uganda anchored on Yoweli Kaguta Museveni they invaded Rwanda. They came killing every living they found on their path. Because to them those who were in Rwanda were nothing worth preservation since they were all Hutus (Bantus) anyway. This is how in 1991 my family found itself fleeing from one area to another until they crossed the border into DRC. Museveni, Kagame, Kabila, Buyoya, Bagaza, and Bizimana Karahamuheto were so determined to sacrifice any possible number of their fellow Tutsis in Rwanda and Zaire but capture those two countries. To them the conquest of DRC and Rwanda would be a success for the realization of the Hima Empire. 

In 1992 there was a political and military push by Museveni to gain more military ground in Rwanda so that they can prepare the eventuality of any Hutu emancipation in Burundi. In 1993 Hutus in Burundi managed to mobilize the first democratic elections which saw the swearing in of the first Hutu President Melchior Ndadaye. However, Museveni, Kagame, Buyoya, Bizima Karaha or Bizimana Karahamuheto had already put means in place to quash any Hutu resurrection in Burundi. In October Museveni dispatched Paul Kagame to Burundi to go and help Buyoya to assassinate Ndadaye and his entire cabinet. More than 60 members of the Ndadaye government were slaughtered by Paul Kagame, Jean Bikomagu, and Pierre Buyoya with blessings from UK, U.S, and Belgium. Immediately Buyoya re-ascended to power in Burundi to safeguard the Tutsi interests and neutralize the Hutu regime in Rwanda. A year later Tutsis achieved their victory by assassinating President Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi. This led to the Rwandan genocide and the RPF victory in Rwanda with an immense help from both US and UK. Although it came on a cost of losing the lives of more than 300,000 Tutsis and 600,000 Hutus, Museveni, Kagame, Buyoya, and Bizima Karaha were so ready to lose any Tutsi living in Rwanda but declare victory. This is because what matter most for these four men is the establishment of a Hima Empire. 

After their victory in Rwanda Presidents Museveni, Buyoya, Kagame, and Bizimana Karaha now could see their dream coming true. This dream is to re-establish serfdoms in the region where the Bantu people are there to work for the elite tribe which is the Tutsi-Hima race. Here I have to remind you that there are no differences among Tutsis of Rwanda and Burundi, Hima, Banyankole, and Banyamulenge. These are all Tutsi people they only change names to suit their geographical and political interests. For instance the Tutsi of Tanzania they call themselves Bahima (Hima). This is both political and social reasons so that they full the Bantu of Tanzania that they do not have any relationship whatsoever with the Tutsi of Burundi and Rwanda. But as you have all seen it recently, Kagame has been using these people to destabilize Tanzania. In Uganda, Banyankole are the Tutsi of Rwanda. Like both Hima and Banyankole they both speak a language which is 80% Kinyarwanda. This is the tribe where president Museveni comes from. As you may all know Uganda has been a classic example of the Cowardice of the Bantu people. Museveni has ruled the Baganda and other Bantu tribes in that country for more than 30 years and still going stronger. To expand his influence and Hima ideology in the region you have seen how Museveni has been also interfering in regional affairs such as the war in Southern Sudan and the Kenyan politics. 

Do you remember in 2008 when President Kagame volunteered to send his mercenaries to Kenya to quell the political violence? This was not by coincidence but by design. As you all know President Museveni had already sent troops in Kisumu to cause mayhem. Now we come to the Banyamulenge people. These are original Tutsis from Rwanda. They settled in the region of Milenge in Eastern DRC around 500 years ago after they had rebelled against the King in Rwanda and they were excommunicated. You know the kind of havoc they have been causing in both Rwanda and DRC. They have created various rebellions. In September 1996, the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR) attacked Zaire under cover of a rebellion by Banyamulenge and then of the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of the Congo (AFDL) of a clueless Laurent Desire Kabila that he was digging his own grave. Other Banyamulenge and Kagame sponsored rebellions to pursue the goal to create a Hima Kingdom in the region are: Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC), the Front for National Integration (FNI), the Patriotic Force of Resistance in Ituri (FRPI), the People's Armed Forces of Congo (FAPC), the Congolese Revolutionary Movement (MRC) National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP), and the March 23 Movement (M23) which was defeated miserably by South Africa and Tanzania in 2012. 

It is worth noting that the DR Congo has been under Kagame since 2001. After Kagame and Museveni killed the original Congolese President Laurent Desire Kabila their intention was very clear. They wanted to put their first cousin Joseph Desire Kabila into leadership in DRC to make sure that the country is under control. This plan was blessed by both UK and USA whose companies have been looting the rich resources of Eastern DRC. However, because of the foolishness of the Bantu people, the Congolese people have failed to understand that Congo is being ruled by a Rwandan disguised himself as a Congolese. Here is a brief biography of President Joseph Kabila and his close ties to the Tutsis in leadership in Rwanda. 

Joseph Kabila, in his real name Hyppolite Kanambe Kazemberembe, was born on 4th June 1971 of a Rwandan father on the name of Christopher KANAMBE and a Rwandan mother named Marceline MUKAMBUKUJE. His father was an opponent to the Rwandan former president Juvénal HABYARIMANA. He met Laurent Désiré KABILA, opponent of the Zairean former president MOBUTU, in the resistance movements based in the mountains on the rwando-zairean border, where they fought against their common enemies: MOBUTU and HABYARIMANA. After the death of his friend Christopher Kanambe in 1977, Laurent Désiré Kabila married (in the traditional customs) his widow Marcelline and adopted (in the same traditional customs) her two young twin children, a girl and a boy: Jenny KANAMBE and Hyppolite KANAMBE. Indeed, his “foster father” (hear ‘step father’), LD Kabila, lived with all his family in exile in Tanzania during Hyppolite’s childhood and adolescence. Kabila spent more of his time in exile in the traffic of the gold and diamond rather than fighting MOBUTU’s regime; which often led him to cross the forests and the mountains of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, to exercise his fraudulent business.

In 1995, Hyppolite Kanambe decided to get back to his motherland the Rwanda, where he was welcomed by his uncle James KABAREBE, Colonel and Head of the intelligence services of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR) and the current minister of defense who accommodates him in his own home. At first, Kabarebe finds for his nephew a job as “driver boy”, in other words drive assistant of a delivery truck transporting goods in Kigali, before employing him as his private chauffeur. In 1996, when the Americans launched their military base to prepare the invasion of Zaire, Paul Kagame appoints Colonel James Kabarebe as Head of the military operations and responsible of the “Zaire File”. He supervises the recruitment and the training of the new recruits of the military base. This is when he takes the opportunity to register his nephew Hyppolite Kanambe to the training program, in order to incorporate him, at a later stage, to the invasion operation of Zaire that is being primed. Hippolyte Kanombe served in the Rwandan army in 1995. Several witnesses also stress the indisputable fact that Hippolyte Kanambe alias “Joseph Kabila” is fluent in Kinyarwanda, the lingua franca of Rwanda. Later US and Kagame decided to assassinate Laurent Désiré Kabila’s then Joseph Kabila’s ascended to power in Congo as one of the Congolese but everything had been staged by both US and Kagame to establish a Bantu empire in the region that serves American interests.  That is how the war against Bantu people was worn again in DRC. The war in DRC and Rwanda is an expansion of the Hima Empire that should extend from Ethiopia all the way to Luanda in Angola. That is another reason behind the establishment of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) that incorporate the aforementioned countries. 

The war in DRC is another success of the Hima Empire in the making. Tutsis now have Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC and if Nkurunziza does not abandon his myopic judgement of the Tutsi politics in the region he is going to be the next casualty of the Hima Empire after his Hutu predecessors Melchior Ndadaye and Cyprian Ntaryamira. In Uganda it is a Bantu nation but Banyankole hold all key positions in all aspects of national administrations from the military to the town clerk in Kampala city council. Tutsis from both Rwanda and Uganda control all the key institutions that is why you find people like Kale Kaihura is the chief inspector of the Ugandan police because the Baganda people understand nothing about the Ugandan politics. They only see the ceremonial king who will not take them to anywhere. 

In Rwanda Tutsis knew well that it was going to be a tough task to remove Hutus in power and install a Tutsi monarchy. This is why the Tutsi strategists decided to sacrifice all the Tutsis who were inside Rwanda in 1990s so that US and UK governments can use it as a pretext to shower more military and financial support to the RPF in order to shoot down Habyarimana’s plane and launch a final assault of Kigali. In the process closer to a half a million Tutsis lost their lives so that the Hima Empire could rain again. In Burundi the project is working effectively. In 1993 they killed the first Hutu president Melchior Ndadaye and a year later in 1994 Tutsis killed both Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi in a sweep to establish the Hima Empire. Recently in May Kagame and Buyoya staged a coup against Nkurunziza in Burundi which faulted. However, Kagame is still furious until their plans to rule Burundi again is materialized he will not rest. In DRC Laurent Desire Kabila was assassinated by his adopted son due to the foolishness of many Congolese who put music in front more than they put their patriotism. Since the death of Mobutu DRC has had a political vacuum that is why Tutsis from Rwanda are the ones ruling the DRC. You can know see clearly that Hima Empire is shaping up because of the cowardice of the Bantu people in the region. 


Generally Bantu people are peaceful guys. They prefer farming and settled society full of tranquility than shedding blood. However, Tutsis do not think that way. Apart from being arrogant people who think that other tribes in Africa are not worth living and if they lived they should be servants, Tutsis like to see others working for them. They prefer being served than going out there and look for work and sweat. A good example is their daughters. They always prefer to be married by rich guys no matter what as long as they know that they don’t need to work to become rich but spend your wealth until you are emaciated. Once they see you in a bad state they folder their mats and leave you in the Intensive Care Unit. These the same philosophy of their brothers. They are the only tribe in Africa that use “les espionages de charme” or the passion-spies. This is where a man can agree with his wife to go and sleep with another man as long as what they both want to get from that man will work out successfully. We have been seeing the same cases in the region and abroad. Paul Kagame and his team have been sending their Tutsi girls around the region such as in Burundi, Kenya, DRC, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa in search of information for the expansion of the Hima Empire. 

This has worked in various cases. For instance recently the Tanzanian long serving political party of Mwalimu Nyerere, CCM found itself in an unfamiliar territory. This is after Paul Kagame sent many beautiful Tutsi girls to Dodoma Tanzania to become concubines of different members of the parliament in Tanzania and foster the Kigali agenda to influence political outcome in the outcome of elections in Tanzania. This is after when Kagame failed to convince President Nkurunziza to help him assassinate the President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete. The Rwandan “espionage de passion” has worked to the point one of the leading CCM political veteran Edward Lowasa decided to defect to the opposition. Bwana Edward Lowasa has been a big beneficiaries of the Kagame’s businesses. The same scenarios of the Rwandan Tutsi passion spies are taking place in countries once known to have the best intelligence such as Kenya. Many government and intelligence officials in Kenya now have a Rwandan concubine that is killing them with passion the Rwandan way which is Kunyaza. A Kunyaza is a love-making style done mostly by Rwandans and Ugandans and it has driven crazy most of the Kenyan, Tanzanian, Mozambican, Congolese, and Sudanese men. Now many Kenyan officials have opened up businesses to Tutsi women operating in Nairobi. All this is a plan by Kagame, Museveni, and Buyoya to establish a Hima Empire in the region. Soon Kenyans will wake up to the surprise when the next government cabinet has a Rwandan Tutsi minister. 

As I conclude we have all understood what is happening with the establishment of the Hima Empire in the region. Now we should take time enough to remind people across the great lakes region that there is a bigger scheme of Tutsis in the region to establish their own kingdom where Bantu people are nothing but servants. Bantus have been all along characterized with calmness and sometimes sluggishness because of their love for land not power. It is a high time now Bantus felt that they must take their shares in fighting for equality in this region. It is a high time they know the Tutsi general scheme of killing and enslaving the entire race of people especially the Bantu people of East and Central African region. Young people from the Bantu community should work more less closely in order to detect lies and schemes from Museveni, Kagame, Bizimana Karahamuheto, and Buyoya to destabilize our countries and work with other like-minded Tutsis who seem themselves as humans first not as Tutsis who were born to rule and kill those who don’t buy their ideologies. 

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  1. May God give you heart to forgive and forget. Though it pains to lose the loved ones