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There is a new wave in East African region. This new wave might unveil things that have been hidden from the mainstream media for over 2 decades. The new wave that is exposing the leadership in the region. A new wave that is shaming our leaders who have, over the years, lied to both their people and the world in general. That new wave is a syndrome called “Magulism” syndrome. Although Tanzanians have been lucky to have the coolest presidents in the entire region of East, Central, and the Horn Africa, if not the entire continent of Africa, President Magufuli has changed the entire equation of African leadership. For those of us who are still young and read most of the African leadership history in books, Magufuli is being looked at as the Late Captain Thomas Sankara whose ghost, after almost three decades came back to hunt its assassins. 

Bwana Pombe Magufuli
We all witnessed how President Blaise Compaore was through out of the office by the youth who were carrying the Burkinabe flags, wearing Sankara’s T-Shirts with a motto in French “La Patrie Ou La Mort, On Vaincra” meaning to the country or death we will overcome. Sankara is praised to have transformed his country in a very shortest time that any human being has done so since the time of Jesus. Under 4 years of his rule, Sankara changed the nation of Burkina Faso from a starving nation into a regional bread basket nation. He built a Trans boarder railways that connect the capital into the remote villages of the country. Under his 4 years rule, Sankara had already promoted gender equality whereas the developed world was still struggling with the issue of where to put women. This philosophy that is what is making many young Africans who are aspiring for change compare Mr. Magufuli to the late President Thomas Sankara because of his leadership style that empower the common man and work to elevate the poor out of poverty. This is the leadership philosophy that the social media in East Africa have been talking about under the #tag of #WhatWouldMagufuliDo.


Under 5 months Bwana Magufuli has cleaned up Tanzania from the corruption at the Port of Dar as Salam to the cleaning exercise with dozens of fishermen joining him in the clean-up as President Magufuli shoveled leaves and plastic rubbish close to a fish market near the presidential palace as a crowd of hundreds of Tanzanians looked on in disbelief. In less than 5 months Mr. Magufuli banned all international trips by civil servants. All this happened while President Kagame was all over the world from Indonesia, Kenya, Europe, Canada, USA, and Dubai. President Magufuli instead directed senior government officials to make regular visits to rural areas to learn and help solve problems facing common people in rural villages.

Under 5 months President Magufuli directed relevant his government to start planning for implementation, of the free education for all and sort of problems in the release of education loans to ensure that the loans were given in smooth manner to assist Tanzanian kids afford education. This part of Dr. Magufuli pledge of ending problems facing students when seeking education loans.

Whereas President Magufuli was busy fulfilling his promises to the people of Tanzania such as free education, easy access to education loan, the Kagame government was busy identifying who is a Hutu kid and who is a Tutsi kid in order to smooth their process to get loans to university. The RPF government was busy denying loans to Hutu kids but making it much easier and availing funds to Tutsi kids in order to make sure they go to the best schools in the country and abroad as well.

Paul Kagame
Under a period of 5 months Paul Kagame had driven millions of Rwandans over the borders in DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Millions of Rwandans had already been killed under the period of 5 months. Under the period of 5 months Rwanda under Kagameism we were witnessing tones of bodies of Rwandans scattered over the ridges of the thousand hills nation. Under the period of 5 months Paul Kagame had set up roadblocks allover Rwanda to make sure that all Rwandan Hutu males don’t escape the “Agafuni.” Under a period of 5 months, millions of Rwandans had already lost their country, their parents, their uncles, their relatives, their sisters, brothers, and grandpas. 

Under the period of 5 months Rwanda had become a jungle only one man roaming the streets of Rwanda. That is Paul Kagame who had given order to kill what even the Interahamwe militia couldn’t have dared not do. That was to attack the religious leaders and the refugees under their
Rwandan Hutu Refugee Girl
protection of the Catholic Church. However, Paul Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Front did it. This time Paul Kagame ordered the massacre of three catholic bishops who had taken refuge at the Kabgayi Cathedral. These Bishops included Mgr. Thaddee Nsengiyumva (the Bishop of Kabgayi), Mgr. Vincent Nsengiyumva (the Archbishop of Kigali), and Joseph Ruzindana (the Bishop of Byumba). Kagame ordered their demise simply because they were Bantu people. With the bishops were a large number of other high ranking members of the clergy, including assistant bishops, priests, nuns, brothers, lay church leaders and youth leaders. But most importantly, these bishops were here with somebody else, a four year old Tutsi boy who had taken refuge in this church with her mother Esperance Mukashema. Esperance Mukashema is a Tutsis genocide survivor and her three kids (eight year old son, six year old daughter and four year old son), had already taken refuge at Gakurazo. Unfortunately her 4 year old son was killed together will all catholic clergies in Gakura. This is what Kagameism philosophy achieved in Rwanda under 5 months only.


Before President Magufuli became president, Tanzanians called John Magufuli ‘the Bulldozer’. The nickname was well-deserved, as a reflection of his rare ability to get things done in government. As interior minister, if Magufuli promised to build a road, he would get it built, no matter who or what stood in his way. So it should not have come as too much of a surprise that this forceful leadership style would make itself felt in his presidency. But no-one was expecting Magufuli to act so decisively, so quickly.

Before President Paul Kagame became president, Ugandans called Paul Kagame ‘the Pilato” referring to the Pilate who betrayed Jesus during the suppertime. Kagame was a chief of intelligence in Uganda under Yoweli Museveni. The nickname was well-deserved, as a reflection of his killing spree of Ugandans who opposed to President Museveni. His ability to get your neck chopped off made Ugandans nickname him Pilato. If Paul Kagame promised to come for your neck, indeed he could surely come for you and that was the end of you. Once he arrived in Rwanda he continued his rulership style of killing anyone he wants and bless whoever he feels like. So it should not have come as too much of a surprise that Paul Kagame is totally different from the John Pombe Magufuli we are seeing here in Tanzania.

Kagames Private Jets
Of According to a poll conducted by the independently-owned Citizen newspaper, Magufuli has nothing to worry about on this front. “An overwhelming majority of Tanzanians have given the thumbs up to President John Magufuli's governance as he clocks 100 days in office,” reported the paper, pointing to a staggering 90.4% approval rating. The numbers were stronger still among women (93.1%) and rural dwellers (91.5%). Even in Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous island that is considered an opposition stronghold, some 86.4% of respondents said they were satisfied with his leadership. But the story is different under Kagameism leadership survey in Kigali.

Majority of Rwandans don’t like Kagame. He killed their children, sent their relatives into exile, and put behind bars those whom he spared. Majority of the Rwandan population are Hutus who have been under mass killing ever since the rule of RPF. They were killed during the 4 years of the RPF insurgence and continued to be killed both in Rwanda and where they went into exile in DRC. They have never forgiven him for the harm and suffering he brought into their lives, therefore without doctoring the survey Kagame can never be rated more than 30% of acceptance leave alone the 90% he recently won into a sham referendum.

Whereas Bwana Magufuli came to power through democratic elections with the backing of the people, the story is totally different with Paul Kagame. Kagame came to power in Rwanda via the majority of AK47. There were bloodshed on his way to the throne. As for Pombe Magufuli, there were joy and jubilations when he was announced as the new Tanzanian president. Magufuli came to power with no tribe attached in his mind whereas Paul Kagame came to power as a former Tutsi refugee full of hatred to make sure those who refused to accept the rule of the Tutsi king would pay with their lives. The day Kagame declared the victory it was after the shooting down the incumbent president Habyarimana Juvenal. As for Mr. Magufuli he had his predecessor announcing his as the next Tanzanian President a thing that gives Paul Kagame a nightmare to even imagine that his predecessor might have a kid who is still alive.

Outside Tanzania, observers also remain largely positive about Magufuli’s start, but note that he’s not perfect. “And so as Magufuli marks his first 100 days in power today, it can be said to go without saying that his style of no-nonsense, results-oriented leadership has won him droves of supporters…Nevertheless, he also has his critics. Although most Tanzanians have been yearning for a ‘tough president’ to fix the country, some leading opposition leaders in the country say the Magufuli administration has already displayed some authoritarian tendencies, pointing to the banning of a weekly tabloid, halting of live television broadcasts of full parliamentary sessions, and demolitions of illegally-built houses countrywide,” noted Uganda’s The Insider.

Outside Rwanda, observers from rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International including Kagame’s babysitter US government remain largely worried about where Kagame is taking Rwandans. He recently changed the constitution and made himself a president for life. Many people in opposition are rotting behind the walls of 1930 and others had been followed into exile and assassinated, those who were unlucky their bodies were found floating over Lake Rweru in Burundi, but his staunch supporters such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair continue to lick his ass saying that Paul Kagame is an exemplary president that Africa needs. When they say this I wonder whether they don’t fell their stomachs rumbling when they hear what Mr. Magufuli is doing for the people of Tanzania compared to their baby Paul Kagame human rights record and the UN Mapping report on DRC hanging on his shoulders that accuses him of having committed genocide in DRC against Hutu refugees. Paul Kagame has closed all opposition media houses in Kigali and threw all their journalists behind bars those who miraculously escaped are into exile. To say that Magufuli has ordered the demolition of illegally-built houses countrywide is to ignore that Kagame demolishes all houses of the people who just oppose to him. A good example is what happened to his former friend Assinapol Rwigara and his hotel in Kigali.

We cannot forget that apart from hunting his opponents, Paul Kagame is the most corrupt African president still alive. Of course Western media will tell you that he is the best president in Africa but what they forget to tell you is that they are paid to write romantically about Kagame because he is their partners in crimes. They forget to tell that Kagame owns two private jets in a country which depend entirely on foreign aid for its budget but its president can afford to buy two private jets at a cost of $50M each. If he is not corrupt how did he acquire two bombardier jets at a tune of $100M?


Magufuli got his presidency off to a flying start. The Magufuli social media movement of #WhatWouldMagufuliDo remains a fair question for many other African leaders, whom the new Tanzanian president continues to put to shame. You remember what Kagame said during his government retreat known as “Umwiherero.” While opening the 13th National Leadership retreat last weekend, President Kagame said that President Magufuli had beaten him in this area and Rwandans will have to learn from this too. However, Kagame ignored that Magufuli does a lot of things much better than him starting from how both came into leadership. One was voted by the people to serve the people another one was brought in by the gun to kill the people. Kagame continued saying that “Rwanda will no longer tolerate huge expenses incurred by government officials’ on unnecessary foreign trips,” President Paul Kagame told Rwandan top and local government officials adding that “I have been asking for justifications why they need all these expenses for the trips and I am told that it is urgent and in national interests. You wonder if our ministers have temporary jobs abroad that keep them traveling.” However, Mr. President Kagame forgot that on 24 May 2014 was just attending a Real Madrid and Atl├ętico Madrid Champions League match. Is going to watch football in Europe as a president in the in the interests of starving Rwandans?

As I conclude if there were no Public Relations firms in the world who are earning free money from the African dictators, Rwandan president would be the worst president that Africa ever had. However, since many PR firms such as the one operated by Susan Elizabeth Rice in New York. The Magulism leadership philosophy is what young Africans are looking forward to because it assures them that still there is a hope for Africa to get rid of dictators and install working democracy. Long Live magufulism Leadership Philosophy, Long Live Africa.

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