Friday, March 14, 2014


It has been almost a yeas since Rwanda and Tanzania, I mean Kagame and Kiwete locked horns over the issue of FDLR. In Ethiopia, the kind and intelligent Tanzanian President Mulisho Jakaya Kikwete
advised the dictators Bwana Museveni Yoweli of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda to stop ravaging the region with political conflict and smear hatred to promote and protect their dirty deals and promote coexistence in the region. HE Kikwete told Bwana Kagame to negotiate with the Hutu rebels who have been living in Eastern DRC since the 1994 Rwanda Genocide so that we find peace in the region. Instead of accepting this free honorable advise from the wiseman of Tanzania, the ruthless dictators Kagame and Museveni hurled insult to tarnish the good name of Tanzania and its leadership by calling Bwana Kikwete Interahamwe and tying his wife to the Hutu tribes who are the majority in Rwanda, Burundi,Eastern DRC, and Western Uganda and Bafumbira people.

This smear campaign of blackmailing HE Mlisho Jakaya Kikwete reached to the point where Bwana Kagame threatened to kill KIKWETE the same way Kagame has dealt with both late Presidents of Rwanda Habyarimana Juvenal and Ntaryamira Cyprien of Burundi on April 6, 1994, which sparked the Rwandan genocide which saw close to 1000,000 and both Tutsis and Hutus dead in the most bloodiest conflict of a century. President Kagame also reminded Kiwete that he can wait for his time so that he would deal with him as Kagame dealt with Laurent Desire Kabila the late President of DR Congo and the father of the current Congolese President Joseph Kanambe Kabila in 2001 when Kabila Sr refused to allow President Kabila to annex the Eastern DRC to Rwanda so that the Congolese Tutsis of Banyamurenge become part of Rwanda. Here I have to remind the readers that the region of Kivu in Eastern DRC is five times bigger than the size of Rwanda. However, Mzee Kabila refused and the end result he was killed by Kabarebe the current Minister of Defense in Rwanda. 


In the latest development, Rwanda has been building up military men around the Rwando-Tanzanian border of Rusumo and AKAGERA in the preparation to attack Tanzania. One of my closest friend who works at Rwanda National Security Service (RNSS) Kamari not his real name for the sake of his security confined to me that Rwanda is ready to conquer TZ (for Tanzania) in a months time considering that Tanzanian soldiers are lazy and Rwandan government has more than 10,000 Tutsi men working for the Kigali government masquerading themselves as Tanzanians whereas they owe their loyalty to Bwana Kagame and his RPF philosophical party of expanding the HIMA EMPIRE. Kagame's plan is so elaborated in such a way that it makes you feel that when RPF soldiers invade Tanzania it will look helpless like the way the mighty Mobutu Sese Seko looked in 1997 when Rwanda and Uganda invaded Hutu refugee camps in Eastern DRC and went around killing, maiming, slaughtering women and children, young and old as well while the international community stood by to see how the blood of Hutus flow freely in the jungle of Ituli. Since Kagame has been killing innocent people for over 20 years without any sign of any justice, he is at it again this time around with Tanzanians and South Africans with their democratically elected Presidents KIKWETE and JACOB ZUMA. Kagame started with killing two of respected Tanzanian professors who had been working for the Rwandan ICTR Court in Arusha because, according to Kagame they have been defending the genocide suspects being tried in Arusha for their roles in the Rwandan conflict which led to the genocide. After killing this innocent people in Dar es Salam, Rwanda went
ahead and killed other Rwandan refugees who lived in Mozambique with an absolute international support and total silence from organizations such as UNHCR claim to protect refugees but Rwanda refugees. Here I have to remind our readers that UNHCR has along been supporting the Kagame's regime both financially and politically to mistreat Rwandan refugees wherever they are. UNHCR reduced food for Hutus refugees in the refugee camps of Eastern DRC to starve these refugees who were composed with children, pregnant women, disabled people, and sickly ones so that they go back to Rwanda to be slaughtered by the RPF regime. In fact UNHCR continued unabated to torture Rwandan refugees especially Hutu refugees by deporting them by force from wherever they had fled to and took them back to Rwanda to face AGAFUNI, the Kagame's used hoe that he uses to kill his opponents since 1990s. UNHCR forcifully repatriated innocent Rwandan refugees in the most inhumane way possible from Malawi, Uganda, DRC, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo Brazzaville, and the most notorious operation of all executed by UNHCR and RPF represanives led by General CHARLES KAYONGA in Franceville, Gabon where innocent Rwandan refugees who had trekked over 8000 Km on foot were conspiredly deported to Rwanda by UNHCR where most of them were brutally murdered others tortured to death by RPF. according to various stories close to 1700 Rwandan refugees deported from Gabon more than 578 people were brutally killed by the RPF soldiers in Kigali alone.


Because Kagame has been committing atrocities with impunity he continued to feel that he can control the whole of Africa. He attacked DRC with the blessings of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. He went ahead and killed close to 8 million Rwanda Hutus and Congolese people without any justice. Click here to read and watch videos detailing the brutal killing of Hutu refugees in DRC the former Zaire. All ths killings were blessed by UN,US, and UNHCR. This happened hardly after 2 years when RPF soldiers were blessed by UN, US, and UK to go and massacre close to 4000 innocent internally Hutu refugees in KIBEHO as it is reported by Australian humanitarian soldiers who witnessed the massacre (follow this link) and click here to watch the Kibeho Massacre. Kagame has enjoyed immunity to kill Hutus and those who oppose to Bwana Kagame without any sense of guilty or fear of facing justice as long as Kagame is serving the US,UK interests by expoering ruthless soldiers to keep peace in other countries then Kagame is allowed to kill whomever he pleases back at home in Rwanda. This is what has been happening for over 20 years to the point that Kagame feels now a giant in hunting opponents and gowning them down.


POISON is not something new in Rwanda of Kagame. Many Rwandans know the word UTUZI TWA MUNYUZA. This is a type of poison that Kagame's intelligence uses to kill the opponent without any scientific or medical detection of the cause of the death. This kind of POISON has been in use for over 30 years. RPF started using it in early 1980s when the HIV/AIDS was starting in East Africa. UTUZI TWA MUNYUZA could be used to kill prominet Hutus of whom the RPF deemed to be anti war in Rwanda. This kind of poison continued to be used during the 1990s when RPF had invented Rwanda. This did not stop there and when RPF grabbed power in Rwanda it continued using the piison to kill those people it felt that they threatened its power. The difference between the RPF poison called UTUZI TWA MUNYUZA and other kinds of poison is that it can kill you in a mysterious way hwereby if the victim is taken for a postmortem they either find that the victim has died of heart attack, kidney failure, or prostate. They never detect a real cause of death. A good example is the death of Lt. RUZIBIZA ABDALAH who was the first to reveal to the world that PAUL KAGAME killed both HABYARIMAN JUVENAL and NTARYAMIRA CYPRIEN. After saiying that in the media Kagame spent a good deal of money to hunt his head and later RUZIBIZA died mysteriously in Europe. The same poison was to be used in South Africa to kill both click here to listen to the conspiracy between Col Dan MUNYUZA discussing how to use UTUZI TWA MUNYUZA to poison NYAMWASA AND KAREGEYA in SOUTH AFRICA. Kagame has send more than 500 men and women into Tanzania carrying bottles of RPF poison to eliminate all prominet Tanzanians who are close to President Kikwete an even Mze Kikwete if possible. Our source in DMI and RNSS have told us that the plans are underway now because they know that if RPF does not do something about it with urgence after the defeat of M23, soon or later opposition leaders outside of Rwanda might find a way to destabilize Rwanda. "We are the people who dont wait until things happen to us. We did it in DRC when Kabila wanted to betray us, we did in Burundi when NDADAYE won elections to fault our plans to expand Tutsi empire, we will still do it this time again if Mzee Kikwete does not come down and beg forgiveness from President Kagame. Our main are already in Tanzania our sisters are flocking the most respected clubs in Dar es Salam to lure Tanzanian leaders so that we can eliminate them one by one, our informant said."

If Tanzania does not work hard and see beyond Kigalis rhetoric they might find themselves where DRC found itself since 1997 to this day. Kagames plan is not to see Tanzania peaceful because Kagame has never forgiven Tanzania for having helped the Hutu rebels ascend to power in Burundi. Now Kagame says that Tanzania want to do it for the second time by suggesting that RPF should negotiate with FLDR. Kagame and Museveni have not been happy to see President Obama so close to President Kikwete when he toured Africa. Another recent development is to see Obama inviting Uhuru Kenyatta to DC this year whereas Museveni and Kagame are left in the cold. Watch out the development is not pleasant because Kagame still wants to expand his Tutsiland empire in the region and they have always believed that Jakaya Kikwete and Do Santos of Angola have been the obstable.


  1. This story is with no sense and partial. Vive Rwanda and go to hell all haters.

  2. this message is completely destructive, you are sowing hate btn tz and Rwanda, you are planning this jealousy seed but you will not succeed because we like good cooperation and neighborliness. we have no anything bad for Tanzania and others countries allover the world. Rwanda my country be blessed