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The hidden Rwandan origins of Joseph Kabila from the Taxman in Tanzania to the Helm of Power in Kinshasa: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE CONGOLESE PEOPLE

I. Origins:

Joseph Kabila, whose real name is Hyppolite Kanambe Kazemberembe, was born on June 4, 1971, of a Rwandan father named Christopher KANAMBE and a Rwandan mother Marcelline MUKAMBUKUJE. His father was an opponent of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana. He met Laurent Désiré KABILA, an opponent of former Zairean President Mobutu, in the resistance movements based in the mountains on the Rwando-Zairian border, where they fought against their common enemies: MOBUTU and HABYARIMANA.

After the death of his friend Christopher Kanambe in 1977, Laurent Désiré Kabila is married (according to traditional customs) to the widow of Christopher Kanambe, Marcelline and adopts her two young twin children, a girl and a boy: Jenny KANAMBE and Hyppolite KANAMBE.

II. A young neglected:

LD Kabila, who had several women (over 13 -) when he went into hiding and had a number of children (over 25), had no time to take care of Hypollite Kanambe And her sister Jenny.

As he was not able to finish his studies beyond the secondary level, the young Hyppolite Kanambe was forced to do several jobs, among which "taximan, barman, mechanic, salesman ..." in the cities Tanzania in Dar es Salaam and Kigoma.

In effect, his "adoptive father" (LD Kabila) lived with his entire family in exile in Tanzania during the childhood and adolescence of Hyppolite.

Kabila spent more of his time in exile in the trafficking of gold and diamond rather than fighting against the Mobutu regime; Which often led him to cross the forests and mountains of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, to carry out his fraudulent business.

III. Back to the native country

In 1995, Hyppolite Kanambe decided to return to his homeland in Rwanda, where he was welcomed by his uncle James Kabarebe, the Colonel and head of the intelligence services of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR), who welcomed him to his own home .

Initially, Kabarebe finds for his nephew a job as "driver" of a delivery truck and freight transport in Kigali, before using him as his private driver.

In 1996, when the Americans launched their military operation to prepare for the invasion of Zaire, Paul Kagame appointed Colonel James Kabarebe as Chief of Military Operations and responsible for the "Zaire File". He oversees the recruitment and training of new recruits from the military base. Thus, he inserts his nephew Hyppolite Kanambe into the training program, in order to incorporate him, at a later stage, in the operation of the invasion of Zaire which has begun.

Hippolyte Kanambe served in the Rwandan army in 1995. Several witnesses also insisted on the indisputable fact that alias Hippolyte Kanambe "Joseph Kabila" is fluent in Kinyarwanda, the vernacular language of Rwanda.

IV. Assassination of Laurent-Désiré Kabila:

These dark areas on the death of Laurent Désiré Kabila that no one wants to enlighten, have already poured a lot of ink without the mystery that surrounds them is unveiled.

Far be it from us to provide here the hidden causes and definitive identity of the true authors of this tragedy which now makes Congolese politics a saga.

However, while discovering some circumstances that preceded and followed the tragedy of the murder of Laurent Desiré Kabila, up to the rise of Joseph Kabilaau summit of the State, we can only be worried by the concordance, the Coherence and convergence of these facts that place him at the center of suspicion.

* Let us therefore examine the principal elements which have been fixed before the tragedy itself:

-ACTE I: Kinshasa, October 2000: arrest of Mrs. SIFA Mahanya

Mrs. SIFA Mahanya, misrepresented as the biological mother of Joseph Kabila, is Congolese, and is one of the many "wives" declared or known to LD Kabila with whom she had 6 children named Joséphine, Cécile, Masengo , Gloria, Kiki and Maguy.

Mrs. Sifa lived with her husband in the Marble Palace, the official residence of the Head of State when at the end of October of the year 2000, Laurent Désiré Kabila has severe discomfort after a meal.

Immediate medical examinations diagnosed poisoning.

Investigations by presidential security personnel raised a series of serious clues that converged on Mrs. SIFA, who was accused of attempting to assassinate her husband and was immediately arrested on the orders of LD Kabila and imprisoned in the prison. Makala in pavilion N. 10.

-ACTE II: Kinshasa, January 11, 2001: the exfiltration of Mrs. Sifa from the penitentiary center

Behind the back of LD Kabila, Joseph Kabila organizes the exfiltration of the prisoner of his cell, with the complicity of the director of the prison, Mr. Kelly DIDO KITUNGUA.

Ms. Sifa Mahanya is immediately transferred secretly to Lubumbashi where she is housed in a secret place.

-ACTE III: Lubumbashi, 12 January 2001: LD Kabila is advised to cancel his trip to Cameroon

The day after Ms. Sifa Mahanya's exfiltration, Joseph Kabila contacted his "father" who was about to fly to Cameroon to participate in the French-speaking World Summit. Joseph advised Laurent Désiré Kabila not to go to Cameroon on the basis of reliable information in his possession, information thesystem of a conspiracy against the president of the DRC.

Laurent Désiré Kabila who trusts his "son" cancels his trip to Cameroon.

From Lubumbashi, where he was, the head of state returned directly to Kinshasa.

-Act IV: Kinshasa, January 15, 2001: Joseph Kabila orders the disarming of the garrison of Kinshasa, then leaves hastily in Lubumbashi.

The day before the drama, at the behest of Joseph Kabila, all the FAC soldiers of the Kinshasa garrison are disarmed without any explanation. In addition, Colonel Eddy Kapendu received strict orders from Joseph Kabila to arrest the head of the External Intelligence of the (ANR / DE), Mr. Ismaël Tutwemoto. It is Mr. Leta Mangasa, the general-in-chief of the ANR Chief Administrator General who executes this arrest.

After taking all these apparently "inexplicable" measures, Joseph Kabila flies quickly and discreetly to Lubumbashi from where he makes a mysterious journey outside the country.

-Act V: Kinshasa, 16 January 2001: Laurent Désiré Kabila is killed

In the middle of the day, shots are heard at the Marble Palace, the presidential residence. Laurent Désiré Kabila is seriously wounded in the head, dies shortly after, even before being loaded on the helicopter that transports him to the private hospital Ngaliema.

It was at nightfall that Joseph Kabila gave the order to open N'Djili airport closed since the announcement of the coup attempt, especially for him, to allow the landing of his plane From Lubumbashi.

This behavior of Joseph Kabila seems strange at the very least.

How is it that a "son", who closely follows the safety of his "father" until the day before, and who advises the cancellation of his trip to Cameroon, because an imminent mortal danger would be projected, and curiously "Son" was kept cloistered in Lubumbashi, only 2 hours flight from Kinshasa, and joined the capital that at the end of the day, several hours after the death of his father?

Where had he spent the day?

What was he doing all this time?

Where did it really come from?

Was Lubumbashi not a diversion?

So many questions about the underlying causes of the death of Laurent Désiré Kabila should have been examined.

However, we have worked for years to know the truth, and today, many recorded testimonies are examined.

The formal testimonies of the Congolese medical personnel who had received the body Laurent Désiré Kabila on landing the helicopter strongly confirm that the Congolese president was dead before his arrival at the private hospital.

However, Joseph Kabila, who had taken control of operations around his "father", ordered the transfer of Laurent Désiré Kabila's body to Harare in Zimbabwe.

He then multiplies deceptive statements addressed to the Congolese people to persuade him that his president was thus alive.

Dominique Sakombi knows a lot about this, since the one who informed on national television the trick.

On the contrary, Louis Michel, then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, was the first to announce the death of LD Kabila on 16 February around 11:00 am "TU": how a Belgian foreign minister in Brussels knows Of the death of the president of a country which is 8000 km away, and announces his death before everyone else, while the official bodies of this country deny the news?

Why this masquerade and these macabre movements around the mortal remains of a President of the Republic? Another mystery!

But the detailed record of the assassination of Laurent Désiré Kabila will be the subject of another instruction.

* LAW VI: Kinshasa: During the funeral, Sifa Mahanya is presented to the public as a "tearful widow", then as "biological mother" of Joseph Kabila!

During the funeral of Laurent Désiré Kabila from Harare and until 23 January 2001, with the funeral in Kinshasa, Mrs. Sifa Mahanya, the prisoner exfiltered from her cell five days before the assassination of M'zee, hidden in Lubumbashi So far, gets out of hiding and is propelled to the national stage.

She is suddenly presented to the national and international press as the "tearful widow" of the deceased president, and the biological "mother" of Joseph Kabila who has just taken the place of her "father" under conditions we know.

Laurent Désiré Kabila has never officially shown the "first lady" to the Congolese people in his life, throughout the war and during his tenure as head of the country.

In other words, his official wife among his dozen women, and the one who was presented as "the grieving widow" was exfiltered from the prison where she was detained for attempting to assassinate her husband by poisoning.

And the author of this exfiltration is the very one who took the seat of the victim, and for whom Sifa gives for the first time the honorable testimony of being "his biological mother."

The development of this scenario from start to finish contains vulgar errors that call on all Congolese to question themselves about the tragedy that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is going through.

May God bless the Congo and the people of Africa

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

President of Adedo Zamucano

Secretary General and Civil Society Human Rights (


  1. so if joseph kanambe and her sister jeanette they are the only childreen of kanambe, what about the other like zoe and other childreen, who's the father?

  2. This is a interesting Question to be addressed ...many vulgar lies are to be unhiddened

  3. The Answer may look like this
    a. Mom could had been a pregnant widow
    b. New Husband kid i.e. Kabila , because Zoe has some Bantou appearance as compare the the fake twins

  4. I see the day comes and it not fer use you thing,for Congo to change

  5. those informations on Joseph KABILA are wrong, JKK his a real son of MZEE KABILA.

    1. You are not a source nor do you know Joseph “Kabila” personally to claim that it’s wrong. I know people who knew both LD Kabila and Joseph “Kabila” and they all pretty much say the exact same thing that’s written in this article, but you don’t even need this article to tell that Joseph is a imposter, his phenotype and morphology is enough to tell that he is not the real son of Mzee, and people who knew him at the time Mzee was a rebel in what’s today known as Tanganyika knows that Joseph always had a hardened heart towards Mzee as many adoptive sons have towards their adoptive fathers.

  6. Replies
    1. This is not “wrong” and I can verify this from someone that personally knew Joseph “Kabila” when he was a mere taxi man in Tanzania, most if not all of the things said here is absolutely correct.

  7. Very interesting stuff I am reading. Makes me wonder who else is Congolese. Tshisekedi is also not Congolese. You seen it here first.

    1. You clown Tshisekedi is a clear Congolese from both father and mother, I’m not a Luba but don’t try to discredit Tshisekedi’s authentic Congolese heritage, we all know who his mother and father is unlike we do with Joseph “Kabila”.

  8. What does it take to become Congolese? Does anyone know?

    1. It takes coming from one of the native tribes in Kongo, that’s what it takes to be a “Congolese”. What kind of foolish question is this? Kabila is clearly not Congolese as we see not only on his phenotype but shady character as well. 18 years he sat on the throne and did nothing, not even a single thing for the development of the country, do you think a real Congolese would care so little for his own people?

  9. if kabila joseph is congolese or son of lauren, why he killed his sister aime kabila?

  10. Know one will be come Congolese just like that .or else you're father and your mother a both Congolese. Born and brad


    Yes, Kanambe left a son, SELEMANI. He lives with the Kabilas as a half brother. Selemani’s mother is no other than Vumiliya, one of the 2 LDKabila widows till living at the Palais des marbres where LDK was assassinated. So, big sister who died in Uganda few years ago, the twins, and siblings are Sifa Mahanya’s children.

    The text above is an English translation of Honoré Ngbanda own propaganda insults to the Kabilas. He went on to designate another family (the Étiennes) as the true Kabilas!

    Do not forget one simple thing: registering a birth or a demise is a civil matter; no politics. JKK never become president of DRC because he’s a LDKabila son. Just to say that investing too much of our time in this shows how ignorant and distracted we Congolese are.

    Mastaki BAYANGE

  12. Raconte aussi la mort d'Étienne Tshisekedi. Mr l'historien

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  14. This is true and I can verify this with people that was in Mzee Kabila’s army when he was in South Kivu, he knew both Joseph and Mzee and said that nobody took Joseph seriously, he was an errand boy to their army but a puppet to the Rwandans, he always had a plan to assassinate Mzee sooner or later and was doing so in the name of his Rwandan Tutsi expansionistic Tutsi supremacist ideologies. His lies won’t live for very long though, there’s many who’s seeking his head, don’t be surprised if he’s soon gone.