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Before I start this article allow me to ask Julie Gichuru the following questions:

  1. Did you know that President Paul Kagame shot down a presidential plane that was carrying two Hutu presidents Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Ntaryamira Cyprian of Burundi while they were from peace negotiations to give 40% of power to the Tutsi rebels in Rwanda
  2. Did you know that for the sake of bringing peace to Rwanda the Habyarimana regime had accepted to give 40% of the power to the Tutsis despite the fact that they only make up 14% of the Rwandans?
  3. Did you know that when RPF attacked Kigali the Rwandan population was only 6 million of which 85% are Hutus, 14% are Tutsis, and 1% is Twa people?
  4. Did you know that Kagame says that over 1 million Tutsis were killed during the genocide and yet Tutsis were only 14% of 6 million which brings us to 840000 of Tutsis?
  5. Did you know that the IBUKA a Tutsi organization in charge of Tutsi genocide survivors says that more than 500000 Tutsis survived in 1994?
  6. Do you agree with me that if over 500000 Tutsis survived out of 840000 then we are talking about 340000 Tutsis died not 1 million people as you and me are told by the Kagame regime?
  7. Do you agree with me that if indeed 1 million Rwandans died in 1994 and they include 340000 Tutsis then we have over 600000 Hutus killed in 1994 and are not recognized as the victims?
  8. Do you agree with me that US and UK put Kagame in regime in Rwanda in order to invade Congo to loot the minerals in DRC and it had nothing to do with the Rwandans people?
  9. Did you know that President Joseph Kabila of Congo is not a Congolese but a Rwandan and  a cousin to the Rwandan defense minister Gen James Kabarebe?
  10. Did you know that all health sector in Rwanda is owned by the Clinton Foundation and Rwandans are forced to pay health cover not because the regime loves them but because they own the business and need clients?
  11. Did you know that Kagame owns two private jets fully paid by the Rwandan taxpayers at the tune of $60 million each?
  12. How would Gikuyu react if President Uhuru and Ruto were shot down from the sky by the opponent from NASA?
Today I watched July Gichuru of Citizen TV and the Host of the African Leadership Dialogue in disbelief when she poured out lies to the social media about what really happened in Rwanda in 1990s. I cannot adminish her because I grew up to know her as a great person both in her work and also in really life. I remember when we visited her home in 2003 as Young Women Christian University Students and she host all of us with a cheerful heart. Apart from cooking for all of us, she shared with us Biblical fellowship and taught us about the biblical women of integrity. She advised us how to choose the future partners since most of us were in our late teens looking for love and future. I felt that was so important. 

From that time I continued looking up to her as my role model. I finished my studies at one of Christian universities in Kenya and got a good job as a political analyst with United Nations and later went to continue my studies in UK. I came to fall in love with this Kenyan man whom we met in School in Ottawa Canada who was both handsome and Godly man. I knew this what Julie Gichuru was talking about 7 years ago when we visited her home for ladies fellowship night. Now we have three children with him who are both Kenyan and Rwandans by default. Therefore, Gichurus presentations on social media regarding for someone who was calling for Kenyans to go the Rwandan way during the August 2017 elections have double meaning for me and my children. First no one would wish any country in this world to go the Rwandan way. I lived it and lost all my relatives during the Rwandan genocide and later lived in Kenya as an orphan. I speak most of the Kenyan major languages such as Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, and Luhya. This is because I went to schools in Rift Valley with people from these tribes and made many friends from them. However, I was shocked to watch Julie Gichuru talking about Rwanda regardless the facts that say to the contrary to what he talked about. The lies from Kagame no longer have any scientific backing because it is now widely known that actually Paul Kagame did not stop the Rwandan genocide but started it. Here is how Gichuru presentation today was all lies and proved that she did not do a good job researching about what REALLY HAPPENED IN RWANDA IN 1994.

As much as I agree with you on the African Leadership Dialogue initiative and as someone who had watched u on the screen for over 2 decades. You have done a great job but forgot to effectively research on Rwanda and what really happened in Rwanda in 1994. I can give u a free lecture on Rwanda if u don't mind. However, we used to allow people who are ill informed about Rwanda ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ผ like you tell our story in a crooked propagandist way but not any more. We survived the western sponsored Mรฉdia machinery which was designed to tell a one sided narrative that propelled Kagame and his people to power and kept them there but not anymore. We survived the lies that made the deaths of our parents and siblings meaningless and subjected us to a second class citizen in our indigent land. Since I have been watching u on the screen ๐Ÿ“บ for two decades for free now allow me to also teach u about Rwanda for free so that next time u don't misrepresent our history again out of ignorance to what really happen in Rwanda. As far as I agree with u that people died in Rwanda I don't agree with u on who are those 1 million people killed. Kagame and his western backers will tell u that those who were killed were Tutsis. As much as I respect and acknowledge the innocent blood shed of my Tutsi people allow me to let u know some facts for free. Both Hutus and Tutsis were killed in the 100 days u said. However the majority who died although I value all lives were not Tutsis but Hutus but u like so many propagandists and Kigalis sympathizers want us to believe as they have done in the past that 1million Tutsis were killed. It couldn't be far from the truth. I know I can be killed for shedding this light and opposition the lies.


Rwanda has three tribes only unlike Kenya which has over 40 tribes. These tribes includes Hutus, Tutsis, and Twas. The Hutus are 85% of the people. This means 5,100,000 Hutus.  Tutsis are 14% of the people, this means over 840000 Tutsis, and Twas are only 1%. This means 60000 Twas. This is according to the Rwandan National Censors of 1991. Understanding these statistics help us know what really happened in Rwanda in 1994. 

According to the Rwandan Bureau of the Tutsi Survivors IBUKA which is the arm of the Tutsi led regime in kigali RPF, more than 500000 Tutsis survived the genocide. If 1 million Tutsis was killed in Rwanda and yet the entire Tutsi population was 840000 the entire Tutsi community would have been wiped out and still have 200,000 more Hutus died with them. However, Kigali cant defend this story. That is why they said that over 500,000 Tutsis survived in 1994. This means that out of 840000-500,000= 340000 Tutsis were killed. Rwandan Kagame tells us that over 1 million Rwandans were killed in 1994, which I agree with him. This means that 1000000-340000 Tutsis killed in 1994 we remain with over 660000 Rwandans killed in 1994. The question is who are these 660000? The answer is simple which a learned journalist like Julie Gichuru couldn't answer and yet it is a simple math. This 660000 who were killed in 1994 were Hutus. However you can manipulate statistics you will find that more Hutus were killed in 1994 than Tutsis. Then how come we still say that Hutus committed genocide against Tutsis and they are the ones who died most? The answer is simple because Bill Clinton and Tony Blair invested a lot in regime change in Rwanda in order for their companies to have access to mineral rich DRC. Therefore all Rwandans are the mere victims of Congo invasion and occupation. 

Dear Journalist Gichuru, when you say the perpetrators did not win the war that is the most hurtful statement that anyone can make to the victims of the brutal regime of RPF backed by USA to come and kill Rwandans. I have just shown that close to 700000 Hutus were killed by RPF in 1994. I know you have never thought about these statistics before because you consumed what the media told you. Now we both agree that more Hutus were killed simply because the Tutsis who had fled the republic independence because they believed that they could not stand being governed by the Hutus whose fathers used to be slaves and subjects for the 400 years of the Tutsi monarch. This makes me question the old narrative of that more Tutsis were killed in 1994. To help you learn more please visit the following academic resources about WHAT REALLY HAPPENS IN RWANDA IN 1994. Listen to Professor Allan Stam explaining scientifically what I have just told you up here that in fact RPF killed more Hutus than Tutsis claimed ot have been killed by the Interahamwe. After this you will also watch the BBC Documentary explaining how Paul Kagame started the genocide in order to come to power in 1994. 

BBC DOCUMENTARY ON RWANDA explaining how Paul Kagame killed Habyarimana Juvenal in order to start massacre which helped him gain sympathy that propelled him to power in Rwanda in 1994. This is another academic work that you cannot dispute. The documentary is called RWANDA: THE UNTOLD STORY

When it comes to how many people killed in the Rwandan genocide there are many figures thrown around by the Western imperialists who wanted to position themselves geopolitically. First of all I would like you to understand that the war in Rwanda was not about Rwanda. It was about countries in the region which are rich in mineral resources mainly the DR Congo. Americans and Britians wanted to access the mineral rich Congo in order to loot. I would also like to remind you that the invassion of Rwanda happened during the time the world economy especially that of UK and USA was in turmoil and they needed where to steal to boost their economy. DR Congo was the target. However, there was one problem dear Julie. Rwandan president Habyarimana Juvenal was a close friend to the Congolese president Mobutu Sese Seko. They understood well that it was not easy to invade and loot Congo with the Hutu regime in place in Rwanda. They had already installed a Tutsi in Uganda who disguised himself as a ugandan Munyankole. This is president Museveni Yoweli. They needed how to remove Hutu regime in Rwanda which is the majority. Museveni who had fought in Ugana with the help of the Rwandan Tutsi refugees who had fled independence and republic into Uganda he introduced to Bill Clinton these young refugees who had fought in Uganda and were blood thirsty and ready to kill.  Paul Kagame was Musevenis Chief of Intelligence and was a threat to the new regime of Yoweli Museveni. Therefore he wanted to get rid of them by sending them back home to Rwanda. I have to remind you that the Museveni Yowelis chief of staff was a Rwandan Tutsi refugee as well called RWIGEMA GISA FRED. Having two foreign top military leaders in the Ugandan new army was a problem for Museveni who had successfully lied to the Ugandan people that he was a Munyankole not a Tutsi from Kabuye, Kigali, Rwanda. That is how US helped museveni to establish a Rwanda Tutsi led rebellion called the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). 

The aim for forming the RPF was to make sure that Rwanda and the region becomes an English speaking region and allow Americans and Britons to loot Congo without any remorse. This is what happened in 1994 RPF supported by US,UK and Uganda shot down the plane which was carrying two Hutu presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira. After committing this terrorist act the Americans gave power to the Tutsi from Uganda. The new government did not wait for long to invade DRC and install another Tutsi president Joseph Kabila kanambe whose father was a Rwandan Tutsi fled into DRC in 1959. That is a story for another day. But as I promised I wanted to help Ms Gichuru to go beyond the ordinary and research before going public and talk about things which she doesn't know well because it affects people from far and near in different ways. Here I have to remind you that the so called the father to President Joseph Kabila, the late president Laurent Desire Kabila was assassinated by James Kabarebe who is the current Rwandan Defense minister of Rwanda and the biological uncle to President Joseph Kabila. President Joseph Kabila was adopted by Kabila senior and taken to Tanzania as a refugee. Lived in Tanzania until USA wanted to invade Congo that is when they started looking for the disgruntled Congolese living in exile and promised to give them power back into DRC if they pledged allegiance to the Rwandan US looting and occupation of DRC. 

To understand this you have to also understand the extensively and independently published information in the African media concerning the true identity of Mr. Hippolyte Kanambe by Jeune Afrique and others concerning the real father of Joseph Kabila who is reported to be a Rwandan called Kanambe and his mother a Rwandan Tutsi called Marcelline, who later became one of Laurent Kabila’s many wives, DRC Foreign Minister, Bizima Karaha (a leader of the Rwandan-backed rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy), described Hippolyte Kanambe alias “Joseph” as Laurent Kabila’s adopted child. According to the witness to Jeune Afrique, "“When I saw Hippolyte Kanambe first in Kisangani in March 1997, he was Commander James Kabarehe’s driver, and was presented as the commander’s nephew." Hippolyte Kanambe served in the Rwandan army in 1995. Several witnesses also stress the indisputable fact that Hippolyte Kanambe alias “Joseph Kabila” is fluent in kinyarwanda, the lingua franca of Rwanda. THIS IS THE INFORMATION I THOUGHT I SHOULD SHARE WITH GICHURU SO THAT SHE DOES NOT CONTINUE TO PROPAGATE THE IMPERIALISTS LIES THAT HURT THE RWANDAN REALLY VICTIMS. 

Here are the facts you will also read in some academic research that exposed the Kigalis lies as you will find it in an article and documentaries called WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN RWANDA IN 1994 BY PROFESSORS ALLAN STAM AND CHRISTIAN DAVENPORT OF MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY IN USA. BBC ONE CALLED RWANDA: THE UNTOLD STORY. THE STORY OF THE FORMER RWANDAN ARUSHA PROSECUTOR Carl Del Ponte AND READ ALSO "RWANDA DOCUMENTS PROJECTS BY PROFESSOR PETER ERLINDER. Basically you too have fallen prey of a well engineered Kagames lies that he stopped genocide and yet we Rwandans all know he started it by shooting down the Rwandan presidential jet that was carrying two Hutu presidents Habyarimana of Rwanda and Ntaryamira of Burundi ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฎ. A simple question if opposition in Kenya shoot down a plane ✈ carrying Uhuruto and their government what would u Kenyans do? If Al Shabak attacks caused you to occupy Somalia ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด what would u do if what Kagame did to Rwandans did happen to Kenya. God forbid. HERE ARE SIMPLE FACTS OF WHAT HAPPENED IN RWANDA IN STATISTICS THAT ALL RWANDANS CANNOT DISPUTE INCLUDING KAGAME...WHEN RPF INVADED RWANDA ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ผ IN 1994 AND KILLED PRESIDENT HABYARIMANA ON APRIL 6, 1994 RWANDA POPULATION WAS ONLY 6 MILLION PEOPLE. THIS INCLUDES 85% HUTUS, 14% TUTSIS, AND 1% TWAS. ACCORDING TO THE RWANDAN BUREAU OF GENOCIDE SURVIVORS MORE THAN 500000 TUTSIS WHO WERE IN RWANDA ON APRIL 6, APRIL 1994 SURVIVED. Using basic mathematics how many Tutsis killed in 100 days as u put it considering that exactly 1000000 Rwandans were killed between April and July 1994 when RPF took over power in Rwanda. Don't take me wrong. I am a strong believer that one death ๐Ÿ’€ is one in as many. After you have done your math you will
Come to be surprised that actually more Hutus were massacred by RPF in 1994 than Tutsis killed. So how come it's called the Tutsis genocide a name coined and pushed by UN later? Because Clintonites and Blairists wanted to hide their hands in terrorist acts of shooting down a countries plane ✈ and fake genocide was the only escape of justice.