Thursday, August 15, 2013


LETTER FROM THE NORTH: A PREACHER’S ADVICE TO THE MANIATIC KILLER OF RWANDANS, PAUL KAGAME. kagame-the-vampireMy father taught me to respect the office, even if you cannot respect the man holding the office. Like many Rwandans I appreciate the limited things that you have done – a time forgotten by almost everyone. I used to believe that you had a heart to help Rwanda and Rwandans, but I was disappointed by how you have become an incapable leader of our Country. Like many others, I have lost any respect I had for you and your office. How time has changed?
Monsieur le president, you are now a presidential maniac, thief, hooligan, a celebrity killer and a genocider. You have emotionally raped women through your proxy wars in the Congo, and these crimes make you a rapist. Your presidency is synonymous with deaths, racism, lies, corruptions, vampirism and unconscious minds.    
A Chinese proverb says “Once he might have ruled the world, but he made it his business to injure people, and in so doing prepared his own downfall”. You can reflect on the truth or otherwise of its application to you.
 Monsieur le president Paul Kagame you have succeeded in chopping off the umbilical cord which knitted family units and good neighbourliness in Rwanda. Brothers jubilate the misfortunes of each other while neighbours spit on one another’s face. This growing sense of animosity, hatred and jealousy nursed by you is cracking the very foundation of Rwanda’s long cherished unity and looking out for one another. It has also availed you the means to micro-manage us like disposable goods. You continue to harness your toxic seed of divide and rule by firing a husband and hiring his wife; firing a sister and hiring her brother; firing a father and hiring his son.  
As a result of your callous and calculated evil political schemes, you have entrenched yourself more in power as each us sees in you a means to achieving personal wealth. Until we open our eyes to your devilish manipulation and stopping you from knocking our heads against one another, we will not succeed in peacefully removing you from power. Instead of seeing you as the state enemy, we stoop low into fighting, bickering and backstabbing one another.
 ‘Excellency’, Mothers are crying for the torturing, kidnappings, imprisonments and killings you committed or ordered against their loved ones. Family members of those that your brutal regime has murdered are praying for your throat; heavenly souls of those you erased in rural Kigali, Byumba, Ruhengeri and later Congo are miming for your evil soul as the O-yama of Rwanda. Wives and children of those RPA comrades that you eliminated are waving to the high Lord for your dark soul. You preside over a cabinet composed of cowards, greedy and pathetic ministers who have elevated you as the King of the underworld.   
Monsieur le president, the witch doctors and spirits that you are using now control you. You are not yourself, and you have no control over your actions. We can see the evil spirit in you and that is why we blame your evil soul. These witch doctors have brought you nothing but shame, disgrace, and you are living in fear of being overthrown and ultimately death under the hands of Rwandans.
I am sure that you do not enjoy the abuse and shame heaped on you from all quarters, but you’re powerless to set yourself free from your evil spirits, let alone undo the evil you have done. You are a slave in bondage to Satan. No wonder you no longer pretend to be a Christian, but openly hang around shrines in Village Urugwiro and your Muhazi resident. Your life is now dictated by false witch doctors intent only on taking your money and feeding you lies; and when the right prophecy came to you through Intwarane za yezu na mariya you shamelessly imprisoned this holly group using your draconian laws. 
It seems that you were once a Catholic living under your Christian names of Paul which you assumedly still use. True or not the Words of the Bible apply to you. God does not judge you as men do, but wants you to return to Him. You are still alive, and just about in power. It is not too late for you to repent and turn back to God.
The relevant verse of Scripture is…2 Peter Ch 3 Verse 9 which says in the New King James Bible:
“The hand of the Lord is not slack concerning His promise as some count slackness, but is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.”
This includes you.  If you have known your Bible, you will remember that Jesus paid the price for your sins on The Cross at Calvary. God made Him the sacrifice for all our sins, and Jesus said “he who comes to me I will by no means embrace and accept his repentance.” He did not come to judge men but to save them. Jesus loves you, whether you know it or not, and wants to save you.
Your ill stolen money, witch doctor sacrifices, killings, presidential guards and DMI agents won’t save you from God’s judgement, and in your heart you know it. You don’t only fear for being overthrown, but death and certain torment in hell. You kill because you are a coward with no ideas to forward for debate; you’re a prophet of Satan.
Only receiving Jesus as your Lord and saviour can save you from judgement and hell. In simple language, “the meal is paid for; all you have to do is show up at the restaurant and eat”. If you don’t…. then sorry, but tough!
How do you do this? God is going to bind your soul for a time, and the Holy Spirit will come to you when you are not expecting Him. WHEN this happens you MUST say the sinners prayer:
“Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I come to you. I believe that you died on the cross for my sins, and I receive you as my Lord and saviour. Save me and fill me with your Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.” Amen.
Jesus overcame satan at the cross and his power was broken over all who receive and believe in HIM. It is up to us to accept and receive Him, for who he is … no excuses or self justification.
You have turned your own wife into an empirical killer to hunt down your enemies; you’re now initiating your handsome son Cyomoro Kagame Ivan to become a killer like you and you have opted him out of being a businessman. Yes, you are happy about introducing your own son into your militia outfit (RDF). You’re a selfish and euphoric parent who has introduced his own son to hell and doom, by the grace of Jesus your son may receive Jesus Christ and be free from your jujus and blood.
Your crimes have registered you in the Guinness book of records, but Jesus is merciful even to murderers like you. If you look in a Bible, you will find that your name sake St. Paul (formerly Saul) was a murderer killing Christians, but after his conversion God used him mightily. I cannot say that there will be no penalty for your crimes against Rwandans and others, but if you receive Jesus He will turn your life around to the best it can be.
I have fasted and prayed for your salvation for many years now, as have other Christians and Muslims in Rwanda and elsewhere. Now is the time for you to accept or reject Jesus. He will not force you, but you will have the opportunity. Stay calm and believe that God will find a way to reach you in your spiritual darkness.

By a Correspondent

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