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RWANDA-UGANDA:Gen Sejusa Drops Another Bombshell

The army has reacted angrily to Gen David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza’s recent damning dossier, in which he alleges that President Yoweri Museveni’s government had a hand in the murder of former rebel leader Andrew Kayiira and Gen James Kazini, Chimp Corps report.
By Giles Muhame 11 hours 17 minutes ago
Gen David Sejusa (R) and other UPDF Generals at a military function
Gen David Sejusa (R) and other UPDF Generals at a military function
UPDF spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda told Chimpreports on Monday that Sejusa’s remarks were not only “out of context” but also “grossly misplaced” and “misleading.”

In a letter to his lawyer, Joseph Luzige, the exiled Coordinator of Intelligence organs denied a local newspaper’s story that his relative helped him access shs20bn through a forex bureau in Kampala. Sejusa claimed that the “nauseating” story is aimed at “laying ground to harass, disorganize and harm my family and their livelihood.”He added: “Actually Museveni did the same with Maj. Gen James Kazini when he accused him that he was sending money to elements in Southern Sudan (SPLA) and West Nile veterans to topple him. That’s when Museveni ordered his execution by procuring the services of a 6-foot 6-inches man to murder Gen Kazini. Forget that trash of [Lydia] Draru,” alleged Sejusa. However, Ankunda rubbished Sejusa’s allegations, saying “an investigation was done and the killer of Gen Kazini was arrested and detained.”
Ankunda added that Draru “pleaded guilty to Kazini’s murder and is now serving a 14-year sentence on the shores of Lake Victoria.”

Sejusa alleged that in the case of Kazini, “again some Forex Bureau, originally said to belong to Gen Kazini, but actually that belonged to a known relative of Museveni was later to be used to pass the money for the payment of the executioners of Kazini, to the accounts of the assassins.”

“The family of Gen Kazini knows this, and when his young brother SINGA [Muhwezi] tried to follow this, he too was killed. And the Kenyan team of private investigators which had been hired by the family was attacked and it left the country at night. And the family was threatened and their businesses targeted, etc.”
Sejusa’s revelations have given a new spin to Kazini’s murder. The former army commander was found lying in a pool of blood at Draru’s house in Namuwongo, a Kampala suburb, in November 2010.Ankunda said the fugitive General’s “utterances are completely misplaced and unfortunate.”Sejusa left Uganda for exile in London on April 30.He has since asked Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga to extend his three months’ leave to allow him make up his mind on whether he should return to the country where he faces treason and other charges.

Sejusa fell out with the government when he called for an investigation into reports that army officers opposed to Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s rise to presidency were being targeted for assassination.

The army described Sejusa’s claims as “outrageous” and that he was sowing seeds of discontentment in the army.


In his letter to Luzige on Sunday, Sejusa told Museveni: “This time we shall not allow you to murder our people. It started in the Bush, remember our army commander Sam Magara and those boys you used to kill him in cold blood? We kept their photos. They will be released for your enjoyment. This mischief must stop Mr. President.”

Luzige confirmed that indeed Sejusa had written to him.Regarding the death of Magara, one of the founders of the NRA guerilla group, Ankunda said the army does not know what Sejusa is talking about and that he should provide more evidence to qualify his statements.“You know we know you. You are dealing with a different cup of tea. Please go slow in trying to enjoy it. It will burn you. So go slow on your dirty tricks campaign. For those not in the know again Andrew Kayiira was said to possess money before he was gunned down by Museveni goons,” Sejusa added. Ankunda said Kayiira’s murder was “fully investigated by Scotland Yard Police and a report is there. So what Sejusa is doing here is just politicking for political capital.”While Sejusa has been releasing several letters to the media, the latest is a bombshell that will surely define government’s news steps in dealing with the exiled General.“Sejusa is going overboard, he must be sized up,” warned Ankunda.
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