Thursday, September 5, 2013


If you dont know what has been going on between Rwanda and Tanzania....My name is The Truth As I See It and let me break it down as I see it.... Rwandan government and state media is in uproar over the ongoing determination by Tanzania to expel Rwandans living illegally in Western Tanzania. The regime in Kigali and its stooges have for the past two decades perfected the art of "being victims" and through their well funded and organised propaganda machine have managed to sell this successfully to the world. It is however at their great dismay that this 'victim card' has now well and trully expired and can no longer be used. I feel great pity and grave annoyance for the Tusti people of Rwanda. Their plight has for the last two decades been hijacked by a group of greedy and murderous individuals for their own gains beknown to them. And these same individuals are using the very same plight to cover and hide under what is clearly a legitimate act by a sovereign nation defending itself and it's people. Let me elaborate. The issue here is not the Tutsi masses that died in 1994. Even though never mentioned, it is neither about the Hutu masses that died consequently. It is neither about the masses of Congolese people that died consequently. No.
The issue here is, Rwanda has a president who is simpy idiotic. And unfortunately for him, his idiocy has made him cross a line that he should have not crossed, which I'm sure his advisers now wish to God He never crossed. Let me explain how he crossed this line. The Rwandese government and its leader have done what the english call - "beleived it's own hype". They carefully created and orchestrated a 'we are and always are victims so don't touch us, we can do what ever we want' mentality, Kagame and crew have come to believe they run the region and own the intellectually property rights to the idea of genocide and all morality surrounding this phenomenon. And because they are in and out of Congo like it's their backyard, looting and killing as they please, they thought that their neighbour to the East is in the same league as the one to the West. Wrong calculation there. So, now, after President Kikwete says what many believe to have been a reasonable statement, Pres Kagame responded like that bully-kid in the class that thinks his word should make everyone shake in their boots and started hurling abuse towards Tanzania and Kikwete. 
Not only this, call it coincidence but there has started to be unusual and uncharacteristic acts of terrorism in Tanzania, ie. grenades exploding in opposition meetings, a tactic that had been perfected and effectively used by the RPF on Rwandam soil pre 1994! I dunno. Maybe its a coincidence! Anyway, Kikwete asking the Rwandan government to talk to its opposition naming FDLR, it seems that the regime in Kigali has forgotten that in fact, once upon a time, there was this group called RPF-Inkotanyi that was viewed by the then Rwandan government as terrorists and murderous but the Rwandan government were encouraged by Tanzania and others to negotiate with them. 
Oh, and there is this other group called M23, also classed as terrorists by most stakeholders and international community, but who Rwanda is very ready to negotiate with and have been doing so in Kampala! Lets not forget the worst of the terrorists, ANC pre-1990 and their great terrorist leader Nelson Mandela. I wonder what happened to him!! The point is this, what Kikwete said is nothing out of the ordinary. Any leader interested in peace in the great lakes and who has some backbone would readily say the same thing. What the problem here is, Rwanda tried to assert her self-believed power and it backfired. Kagame effectively threatened Tanzania and its leader with violence and Tanzania has called it's bluff. Let's wait and watch this space....
Written by a Tanzanian youth.

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