Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Does stereotypes sometimes identify us and later become entrenched in our daily thoughts and handicap the way we think about ourselves?

How come Tutsis always put together support each other and build a brethren movement across the globe but Hutus it is just eating Mandazi and never have a cause? Recently some reports have been reaching me here in KAYONZA that Tutsis all over the world are fundraising for m23. They call the themes of their fundraisings "money to support orphans in refugee camps in Africa but the money is used to buy food for m23 soldiers. All this fundraising is done in the name of church and fellowship. Does it mean that Hutus do not go to churches or they too participate in this wonderful fundrasing just trying to protect their image so that MUKOTANYI will not take their names to Kagame accusing them of having participated in genocide which they have already baptized a genocide agaisnt Tutsis as if Hutus who were killed by RPF both in Rwanda and DRC do not bleed and when they bleed they just bleed waters. Come on and get out of that cloud of fear that Tutsis implanted in you that makes you walk face down.

For the first time Kagame confessed it in his interview with NEW YORK TIMES... "Kagame told me that many Rwandan Tutsis fear that their Tutsi brethren inside Congo could be massacred if Rwanda does not protect them. He acknowledged that some Rwandan churches have been sending money to Congolese rebels, as part of a Tutsi self-protection campaign"....On 26, 27, and 29 of July Tutsis from Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, and Uganda organized a fundraising in Boston Massachusetts....this followed another fundraising they had organized in north Carolina on 12,15, 17 of May 2013. They are now working on another big one in Melbourne Australia. However when you look around among the desperate Hutus around the world they look drunk, sleepy, tired, dying, directionless. They have no vision, no goals, and no cause. This is a disease that Hutus have been suffering from for over centuries.
400 years Hutus spent all their years eating sweet potatoes while a very small number of Tutsis controlled them and spent all their years promoting Tutsi Empire while lazy Hutus brought "corvee." when the white gave free power to Hutus they spent most of their time sleeping with Tutsi women dishing out all the national security secrets. It didn’t not take long Tutsis came back from behind and took over the pearl "Rwanda" helped by greedy Hutus such as Twagiramungu, Kanyarengwe, Bizimungu among others. They even encouraged Kagame to kill more Hutus. A good example is the massacre of Kibeho and Tingitingi.

Wherever you go around the world you meet Hutus in all avenues. Rwandans especially Hutus have even reached North Korea but they have no cause. They eat, give birth and sleep. Parents who are traumatized do not even take one minute to teach ideology to their children and let them know where they come from and why they were chased out of their country Rwanda.

The so called Hutu politicians are good for nothing. They bark on different social media without any purpose. After they talk rubbish on different social media. Bazinga imilizo bagasubira mumateshwa yabo. They have no agenda and no cause for the future. Then when you meet them they start sharing rumors saying that they are going to go back to Rwanda by force. How and where in the world people who have no agenda managed to overthrow a solid country like Rwanda?

One of Whiteman asked me a very important question. "You guys (Hutus) go around telling the world how oppressive Kagame is but when I look around I don’t see any single Hutu politician who are fit to take on Kagame. There was only one woman called INGABIRE who dared Kagame but he had no back up. All men with him where just selling rumors and had no agenda." I think I totally agree with this man. Hutus should shut up and let Kagme rule in peace. If Kagame is going to be removed it will be by default as god always has been with Hutus because of their cries otherwise Hutus have no political direction. A good example is how the Tutsi youth are organized around the world, but look around and tell me how many Hutu youth groups well organized around the world. We do have few names of individuals who just dare Kagame simply because of their beliefs but there were no any Hutu politicians who have approached these young Rwandans such as Alice and Claude Gatebukes, Habimana Rukundo, Aimable Mugara, Claire Umurungi, Ann Garrison (who is not a Rwandan but interested in freedom cause) and other young ladies from Aljazeera and BBC who have aired Hutus and Rwandans sufferings under RPF regime.

It is a shame to see a good number of Hutus living in western countries but they have not even thought of starting a simple foundation to sponsor and feed Rwandan refugees living in Africa, especially in places like DRC, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, and South Africa. If one Hutu refugee gave out 1 dollar a month to support Hutu refugee child ‘education we would have a strong future champions for freedom and liberty in Rwanda but what else do we spend our time doing? Just barking on social media and in groups with a long list of wishful thoughts that will never be fulfilled whereas Tutsis continue making their grievances heard and supported. I can assure you that if you Hutus don’t become wiser, you should prepare for another four hundred years under Tutsi yoke, oppression, and destitution. I decided to go back to Rwanda because I didn’t see any future with Hutus when FDLR comes I will join them. It does not matter whether they operate like ABACENGEZI they are better than millions of Hutus sweeping whites' toilets in Europe and USA dreaming to overthrow Kagame. 

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