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Gen Nziza with one of his girl friends who has played a large role in his poffession
 Reliable information from the Rwandese embassy in the U.K indicates that the head of external Intelligence in the United Kingdom is Lt Tom Rwabugiri known as Tom Ndahiro in the United Kingdom. Gen Jack Nziza stopped contact with Jimmy Uwizeye and instead decided to recruit his nephew Tom Ndahiro. The investigations done by inyenyerinews managed to capture the links of Gen Jack Nziza’s intelligence staffs in the United Kingdom who poses as Refugees or Citizens in the United Kingdom.
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Gen Rutatina wearing spectacles, on his right Lt Tom Ndahiro dressed in green t-shirt with other intore’s
Prior to his transfer of seeking asylum in the United Kingdom as part of his duties assigned to him in the UK, he served in the Rwandan forces. He is still considered a serving soldier on a mission.

Lt. Tom Ndahiro is a nephew to Jack Nziza on the paternal side and Colonel Emmanuel Ndahiro on the maternal side, Lt. Tom Ndahiro was a chief escort to his uncle Jack Nziza until he was posted in the United Kingdom in 2004 by his uncle Jack Nziza under the cover of seeking asylum.

According to reliable source in the Rwandan embassy in the U.K, Jack Nziza gave instructions to the embassy to arrange his asylum claim or dossier.
According to those who know him, Lt. Tom Ndahiro was always sent by his uncle Jack Nziza to different types of military courses, but failed all the military courses that he was sent to attend; he is a sniper who did not graduate in the sniping course.
Rwandese embassy staff in the U.K and Rwandans living in the U.K are under fear because of this man; as one embassy staff in the U.K told us that “when he come at the embassy building we pretend that we love him; but in actual sense we despise this man to the core.”
Lt. Tom Ndahiro’s operations in the U.K:  
After arriving and seeking asylum in the United Kingdom in 2004, Jack Nziza instructed an embassy spy John Ngarambe who was then still stationed in London to relocate his nephew Lt. Tom Ndahiro out of London to any town in the north; that is when Lt. Tom Ndahiro was relocated to Newcastle town by the help of the Rwandese embassy. Lt. Tom Ndahiro has turned Newcastle into a base of his operation; where he receives intelligence reports from Rwandan spies in  the U.K and sends them to directly to his uncle Jack Nziza.
Embassy staffs in the United Kingdom are now working under a state of fear as they all know that the preying eye of Jack Nziza is looking over them.
Jimmy Uwizeye the chief spy at the Rwandan embassy in the U.K once told a friend that“I am not a spy, as I am also being spied upon by other elements from Kigali.” Rwandans fled their country so that they can live in peace free of persecutions, harassments, accusations and constant fear; only to be mated with the same fates that they fled from; and Lt. Tom Ndahiro is the overall coordinator in formatting this fear in the U.K.
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Abera Yvonne 
Yvonne Abera a former asylum seeker, who holds a UK citizenship now works along Tom Ndahiro, was able to collect information from this genuine and humble family close to the system; this information was then passed to Lt. Tom Ndahiro  and then to Gen Jack Nziza directly.
L.t Tom Ndahiro makes and breaks careers; it was also the constant reports of Lt. Tom Ndahiro with the help of Murego that ambassador Rosemary Museminali was recalled back in Rwanda.
All those who attend embassy function will confirm at how all embassy staffs including the ambassador humble themselves in front of this young man. They are humbled not because they respect him or he is an intellectual, but because of fear as their jobs depend on his references.
Different articles have mentioned about Lt. Tom Ndahiro’s dirty operations in the U.K, Rwandans in the U.K, from north to south know vividly that Lt. John Ndahiro is the chief coordinator of all the dirty work and he is in charge of recruiting new agents.

With time, earlier members in his group have distanced themselves from his dirty works and are now involved in genuine and professional work around U.K; it is important to congratulate these members that have distance themselves from the evil works of poisoning and reporting innocent citizens through the use of fabricated lies in order to get bloody cheap money.  

The relationship between Zawadi Umutoni Kiririsi and Lt. Tom Ndahiro
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Zawadi Umutoni Kiririsi is a young sister to Apollo Ismail Kiririsi, one of the death squad members that took part in the assassination of Col. Patrick Karegeya. Zawadi Kiririsithought asylum in the U.K as a Burundi national, though she is neither a Burundian nor lived or born in Burundi; she is a typical Rwandan born and bled in Rwanda. She obtained her asylum through false pretence of using a nationality that is not hers.
Last year, through instructions from Kigali, Zawadi Umutoni was recruited and introduced into the spy network operating in the U.K. Her life style fitted the profile as she is a person who has never worked in the U.K and living through state hand out (social benefits). She is out going and no one would suspect her as she doesn’t usually attend embassy functions.
The instructions given to Zawadi Umutoni Kiririsi by Lt. Tom Ndahiro were initially to spy Rwandese Muslim community in the U.K, as this community has constantly refused to get involved in all RPF dirty work and remained clean.
After being recruited; Zawadi changed all her contacts and her life style change to a better one, as DMI allowances were being paid for her spying work. Reliable source within the Rwandan embassy in U.K told us that Zawadi Kiririsi travelled to Rwanda on the 11th December 2013 and returned back to U.K on the 10th January 2014; she again travelled to Rwanda on the 9th February 2014 and returned back to U.K on 12th March 2014. All these trips were exclusively paid by Rwandan external intelligence services through the spy network led by Lt. Tom Ndahiro.
Now Zawadi Kiririsi is deep inside the network that transports and distributes poison; she is also involved in fabricating lies against law abiding citizens that, they are against the Kigali regime. She is now involved in peddling and selling lies in order to continue to be paid by his pay masters. It is important to note that even Rwandan embassy staffs in U.K are totally scared; in private they will admit to any one that they working under a system of fear and suspicion. For example at the embassy there are two camps, the William Nkurunziza camp and the Jimmy Uwizeye camp; all these camps are involved in intrigue, backbiting, suspicion and reporting at each other; all these camps inform about each other to Lt. Tom Ndahiro

The relationship between Murangwa Eugene and Lt. Tom Ndahiro
Murangwa Eugene; known in the U.K as Musangwa Eric a name that he used while seeking for asylum in the U.K.Murangwa Eugene aka Musangwa Eric is another new recruit in the spy network within the U.K. This man goes around saying that he is a genocide survivor to the extent that he was given the genocide flame to carry around in London. Murangwa Eugene is son of Mpagazehe David and Kabera; they are Hutus from Ruhengeri who migrated to Kigali with the help of Christian missionaries.
Today Murangwa Eugene goes around and in different talk shows lying that he is a Tutsi, who survived genocide and his father was killed by Hutus during the genocide. All Rwandans that lived in Rwanda before the 1994 genocide know this family very well; Murangwa Eugene’s father Mpagazehe David is still alive and living in Nyamirambo Kigali. This is an illustration how cheap some greedy Rwandans are becoming,to extend of lying that their parents were killed in genocide; yet they are still alive. This is a metal torture and pain for those who lost their loved ones during the genocide (real survivor).
After realising that Murangwa Eugene is able to do anything for money and especially in penetrating the Hutu population, the embassy decided to financially support him set a footballteam of Rwandans in London; but this had to be approved by Lt. Tom Ndahiro who met Murangwa Eugene for a discussion and Murangwa Eugene was then recruited in Jack Nziza’s team of spies in the U.K.

Majority of Rwandans left their own country to Lt. Tom Ndahiro and his uncle Jack Nziza in order to seek for freedom and democracy. But the most unfortunate thing is that Rwandans are still being followed by this same clique to their place of sanctuary. Rwandans in the U.K and all embassy staffs need their peace to do their daily work free from constant harassments and intimidations. People should attend functions because they love to, not because they are intimidated. “You will never go back to Rwanda because you never attend embassy factions;” a claim of ignorant. We fought and bled for that country, we were not at the headquarters eating chips and sausage like this coward Lt.Tom Ndahiro who was at the RPA headquarters on a Camping trip rather than fighting. Genuine RPF supporters don’t go around intimidating defenceless people and fabricating lies against innocent Rwandans.
Majority of people that go around intimidating people are not real RPF supporters, but greedy illiterate individuals who love money and positions. Lt. Tom Ndahiro and his Uncle Jack Nziza need to know that there are true Rwandans that love Rwanda and RPF not due to greed but patriotism. RPF and Rwanda is not their exclusive property, RPF can win without killing and intimidating innocent civilians; but through love and togetherness. Did we win the war of mind by assassinating Patrick Karegeya? Obviously not at all!!!
By: a concerned RPF supporter and a patriot in London.

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