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RWANDA:What's in speech P. Kagame and Museveni Y. 07/04/2014 in Kigali? - Analysis.

Published by the Musabyimana Newspaper

Analysis of speeches in Kigali April 7, 2014 by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

On 7 April 2014, several personalities from the world had joined Paul Kagame and his government to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.
Among the heads of state present, the Ugandan Yoweri Museveni was in the forefront especially since we know the role he played in the conquest of Rwanda by former intelligence officer Paul Kagame. His speech for the occasion, such as his former subordinate in the Ugandan army in 1994 became his colleague was very expected.
Paul Kagame speaking "French"  !
After his diatribe against France in an interview published yesterday in the weekly "Jeune Afrique", Rwandan President continued its momentum in his public speech at Amahoro stadium. He then accused France of having actively participated in the preparation and execution of the genocide, which the French government had deemed unacceptable and had canceled his participation in these celebrations where she would be represented by the Minister of Justice Christine Taubira. Note in passing that it is known for its sympathies and his boundless admiration to General Paul Kagame of Rwanda so that she did not hesitate to go testify against a well-known investigative journalist Pierre Péan, who had dared to denounce, in one of his book, s lies Paul Kagame. It is true that Madame Taubira was not at the time Minister of the Republic and the journalist Pierre Péan won the high hand trial. But this episode speaks volumes about the state of the influence and penetration of pro-Kagame lobbies in France to the highest peak of the state. No representative of France in the audience as the Ambassador of France in Kigali had been withdraw its accreditation by the Government of Rwanda, Paul Kagame has engaged in an all out attack the colonizers and missionaries to whom he attributes all pain suffered by the Rwanda since their arrival in the region in the 19th century until the 1994 genocide. Referring to French about his participation in the genocide denials, Kagame then surprised and surprised many by saying in his speech four words in French: "... Facts are stubborn things." Knowing that the poor speaker Paul Kagame, even in English, language training, or Kinyarwanda his "mother tongue", it is hard to understand, you imagine the enormous efforts that have been provided by pathologists and other experts communication to make him let go in public these four magic words in a language that not only he does not know but that in principle he abhors.
Facts are stubborn things: Kagame did not think so right
Recognizing that the facts are indeed stubborn, Rwandan President who believed and intimidate France, did not know he was shooting itself in the foot. Indeed now, every time one of his innumerable crimes deliberately obscured today will be the big day, we can make him that "the facts are really stubborn." When it is no longer taboo to say that it was he who, from the Ugandan army has waged war that devastated Rwanda since 1990, a war that has displaced more than a million poor farmers forced off their land of Byumba and Ruhengeri, that it was he who ordered the assassinations and acts of terrorism throughout the territory of the Republic since 1992, when evidence of bad faith in the negotiations in Arusha, that under the complicity of Roméo Dallaire, he militarized Kigali after sending a battalion in the capital in December 1993 in preparation for the final assault it would launch, it has drawn on the plane carrying the Rwandan and Burundian presidents on the evening of April 6, 1994, when the UN archives go up that it was he who gave the ultimatum to foreign forces to leave Rwanda since the launch of its offensive in April 1994 that sent a delegation to the Security Council of the UN to request that no force should not be sent to Rwanda before his seizure of power ... then we can replicate it as: "Mr. President, remember that you said at Amahoro stadium on 04/07/2014: "Facts are stubborn!" "
Museveni speech or Birth "official" Hima-Tutsi empire?
In the '60s a document outlining a project to install a Hima-Tutsi empire in the Great Lakes circulated. But few observers paid attention because he was considered rather a tract of bad taste from the fantasies of some intellectuals pain sensations. After the conquest of Uganda by Museveni supported by Hima Tutsi Rwandans (1982-1986), some remembered the project. When the RPF conquered in turn Rwanda (1990-1994), the less skeptical were convinced that the plan was being fulfilled.
After some historical facts ethno reminders of the said region, he stressed that the region is now in the hands of patriotic forces (think the Hima-tusi Nilo-Hamitic-) and that other people had been finally defeated. Three decades after the start of this adventure to build this empire, he pulls the record saying that they are more than ever politically and militarily strong as economically.
Speak Does it still "Myth Hima-Tutsi empire" or now a palpable geopolitical reality when its designer and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni batiseur comes from definer physical contours?
Brussels 08/04/2014
Emmanuel Neretse

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