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RWANDA:Why Kagame should logically defy Western powers


On the eve of the commémoration the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Kigali, the Rwandan President General Paul Kagame has recurred in his invectives which he has the secret against the France and Belgium.

In an interview with the weekly Jeune Afrique Paris, Rwandan President has indeed accused both countries including France have taken an active part in the 1994 genocide. Immediately disseminated information, the France canceled its participation in the ceremonies in which it was to be represented by the Minister of Justice and Attorney Christiane Taubira where it might be publicly humiliated despite his known sympathy for the regime of Paul Kagame.Belgium meanwhile preferred to go. So Paul Kagame remains constant with himself because he has always enjoyed an indulgence outsized share of these powers to blackmail when he wants.

Born in impunity
When the Tutsi elements of the regular army of Uganda where Kagame was a senior officer invaded Rwanda in October 1990, the Western powers not only did not condemn this aggression that violated the Charters of the UN and OAU, but some have adopted ambiguous attitudes, unfriendly or even hostile to Rwanda.Thus, Belgium at the time closely linked to Rwanda will declare an embargo of arms against the government in place, France meanwhile, urge the regime of President Habyarimana to open a new front, political one, by introducing multiparty during the war, which was suicidal. As the Anglo-Saxon powers, they supported the attackers by their Ugandan foal interposed. And "politically born" Paul Kagame in a context of impunity and compromises of the international community. It will grow in this atmosphere, and will benefit from it.

A proxy war
The course of the war of conquest of Rwanda (1990-1994) appears as a deliberate war and led by these powers with as visible actors Paul Kagame and his RPF. The Belgian capital, Brussels, became de facto the European headquarters of the RPF, with all the official press at his disposal. La France "advised" to his ally to negotiate with the invader from Uganda magically become "an internal rebellion." On the ground, the war crimes that were committed conquerors obscured if they were not placed on the back of government attacked. Thousands of displaced Byumba and Ruhengeri prefectures border with Uganda, the RPF Kagame had driven from their lands were ignored or presented as Hutu extremists.All that Paul Kagame noted and would make a thread of its attitude towards those powers once in power.
After the signing of the Arusha Peace, there was talk of a UN force (UNAMIR) that would help the implementation of these agreements. Belgium should provide the largest contingent. Unfortunately, these brave soldiers were badly briefed before they are sent to Rwanda. They landed in Kigali effect with their head in front of them have a good side (RPF) and the other evil (government forces) and therefore it was their moral duty to do everything to help good! Subsequently we know it. France concerning it had been requested by the RPF to repatriate its last soldier of Rwanda before the signing and especially not to be part of the UN force. Paul Kagame just noted and will make use of later.

 Politically incorrect to denounce the crimes of Paul Kagame
After taking power in July 1994, it became taboo by the same international community to discuss the crimes that indulged the new regime in Kigali by him. Even the most spectacular mass crimes such as the massacre at Kibeho, or executions by grenades and machine gun fire on the crowds gathered in stadiums for meetings traps were not convicted of fear not to offend the dictator on the rise . He noted this and would use it in its relations with these powers. The dismantling of refugee camps in eastern DRC who was accompanied by thousands of dead and hunting Hutu in the Congolese jungle that made millions of deaths both Rwandan and Congolese will not move the same powers more . Kagame will take note.

The international court discredited
 In 1994, the Security Council of the United Nations set up an International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to try crimes committed in Rwanda and neighboring countries from 01 January to 31 December 1994. From the beginning of its work, the observers were surprised to hear that the attack of 06 April 1994 that killed the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and his Burundian counterpart Cyprien Ntaryamira was not within the scope of its investigations. Yet this attack was the trigger for the massacres and genocide that had the same ICTR judge. Paul Kagame, the sponsor of the attack having learned the lesson of how to deal with the international community, had served on the court by the voice of his American masters, he was not about to investigate the attack. The Australian investigator Michael Hourigan will pay the price. Later, when the Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte want criminal charge within the RPF, Kagame will tap on the table and it will be sacked and replaced by the Gambian Hassan Boubacar Jallow much more realistic and cooperative with the regime of Paul Kagame.

Even the French justice march in tune with Paul Kagame
 The ICTR has refused to hear the case of the attack of 6 April 1994, the families of the French crew who perished in the attack went to court in their country so that it identifies the authors so that they are punished. In 2006, nine arrest warrants were issued by the jugeanti terrorism Bruguiere against relatives of Paul Kagame. In response Kagame break off diplomatic relations with Paris. It was not until the arrival at the Quai d'Orsay Bernard Kouchner great friend and admirer of Paul Kagame to restore these relations after the comedy "arrest" on the advice of Foreign Minister Kouchner, Rose Kabuye one accused persons. Meanwhile, the case was assigned to a new judge, Marc Trévidic, who was summoned to start over investigations in the direction of at least exonerate Paul Kagame or if possible to put this crime on the backs of "Hutu extremists" designated scapegoats.

Wanting to silence criticism of its predecessor which had not visited the scene of the attack, the judge Trévidic his team went to Rwanda accompanied by ballistics experts and surveyors. The report ballistic experts and surveyors about the place of departure missiles tended to designate the Masaka hill as was said several witnesses, as if by magic, the judge had to resort to a "deus ex machina" acoustician who n 'is not go to Rwanda, have made a simulation from a shooting at a military base in the center of France and concluded that the missiles were parties Kanombe military camp then held by the Rwandan Armed Forces ( FAR). It does not faillait more for defenders Kigali shout victory and relayed by the press to pay Paul Kagame very powerful in France, now claim to hold "the" evidence that Habyarimana was killed by his own. They did not hesitate to ask the judge to impose immediately Trévidic a "non-place" in favor of their clients. However, the judge still hesitates and does not run, so trickery and fumigation are enormous. As is required by the professor Bernard Lugan, how could he give a non-place?:

1) How Trévidic judge could he do otherwise than refuse not place with a record giving, among other things, instead of firing missiles, the names of two shooters and members of their escort, brand and color vehi cles used to transport missiles from Uganda to the barracks of the RPA in the center of Kigali and thence to the place of shooting through the lines of the Rwandan army and the place of action?

2) How the investigator could he make a place not when the file contains evidence that the Rwandan president's plane was hired by two missiles traceability has been established? Through cooperation judiciaire Russia it is known that these two missiles whose serial numbers were 04-87-04814 and 04-87-04835 respectively were part of a batch of 40 IGLA missiles SA 16 delivered to the Army ougandcomfortable few years ago. However, Paul Kagame and his top aides were senior officers in the Ugandan army before the Rwandan civil war, and from 1990 to 1994, Uganda was the rear base, but also the arsenal of the RPF.

 3) How can a non-place could he be considered when, before the ICTR, there was ample evidence that the Rwandan army had no such missiles and that the murder weapon was however in the hands of the RPF?

4) How Trévidic judge could he satisfy the exorbitant demand for non-place when he knows that the same Rwandan army, paralyzed by the arms embargo and the sequestration by the UN of its heavy weapons and helicopters, was not able to fight and that it was the RPF unilaterally resumed hostilities because he knew he would win the war?

5) How t el no place could it be justified when, as was amply demonstrated by the ICTR, the RPF forces that are waiting for a signal to launch their offensive long prepared, received the for operation from bases the Ugandan border on the night of 6 to 7 April, just after the announcement of the death of President Habyarimana? "The blog Debernard Lugan, 03/04/2014

Unfortunately, the source close to the case we learn that Trévidic judge at the end of breath, especially since the arrival of Christiane Taubira the Ministry of Justice and therefore having under his orders the prosecutor should deign to transmit to the Court of seated in case of confirmation of charges, which in the current state is not obvious. It will therefore throw in the towel, saying he was unable to identify the perpetrators of the attack and thus give a non-place for close to Paul Kagame but also do not designate as "Hutu extremists" allegedly committed this attack. Again blackmail Paul Kagame to the Western powers will market.

In conclusion we can say that the creature Kagame has noted that its creators never dared reprimand for his sins in the manner of a prodigal son. Now an adult, he can taunt without fear of reprisal because he holds hostage for years. On this point he is more consistent in this fool's game. transmitter the Court of Assizes in case of confirmation, which in the current state is not obvious. It will therefore throw in the towel, saying he was unable to identify the perpetrators of the attack and thus give a non-place for close to Paul Kagame but also do not designate as "Hutu extremists" allegedly committed this attack.Again blackmail Paul Kagame to the Western powers will market.
Brussels, 07/04/2014 
Emmanuel Neretse

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