Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kenya: Most Important Positions in the Kenyan Government are held by members of the Kikuyu community

Is Kenyan Government More Tribalism than the Infamous Paul Kagame of Rwanda?
Here is the outline of key political and official positions held by the members of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya starting from His Excellency Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta.
  • 1.      Head of State: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.
  • 2.      Chief of Staff of the President & Head of Public Service: Joseph Kinyua
  • 3.      Chief of Staff of the First Lady: Ms. Connie Gakonyo
  • 4.      Chief of Military Staff: Gen. Karangi
  • 5.      NSIS Head- Mr. Gichangi
  • 6.      CID Boss- Ndegwa
  • 7.      Central Bank of Kenya: Prof.Ndung'u
  • 8.      K.R.A- Mr. Njiriani
  • 9.      Chair of Public Service Commission-Prof. Kobia
  • 10.  Chair National Security
  • 11.  Transport Authority: Lee Kinyanjui
  • 12.  Chair NSE- Eddy Njoroge
  • 13.  C.E.O NSE- Peter Mwangi
  • 14.  Chair K.C.C: Matu Wamae
  • 15.  Chair LAPSET-Mr. Muthaura
  • 16.  Chair Nyumba Kumi: JosephKaguthi
  • 17.   K.T.D.A:Peter M. Kanyongo
  • 18.  M.D K.B.C: WaithakaWaihenya
  • 19.  Kenya Pipeline Company: Mr.Wamahiu
  • 20.  Chair Kenya Airport Authority: Beatrice Gathirwa
  • 21.  C.S Tranport -Eng. Kamau
  • 22.  C.S Devolution - Ann Waiguru
  • 23.  Fk Employers Ms. Mugo
  • 24.  NACADA: John Muthutho

  • After looking at this list I wondered whether other 41 Kenyan tribes did not go to school or have no credible people to head some of these institutions. Paul Kagame did the same by appointing all Tutsis to the national key positions starting from the Presidency right ddown to the Councillors they are Tutsis. East Africa’s woes will never end we were looking at Kenya as an example where the government has succeededin managing multiculturalism but things look so bad now too. 

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