Tuesday, June 3, 2014


By Kanamugire Hubert

Former CNDP Soldiers now refugees in US
As I continued to report to the Rwandan UHCR regional office in the department of refugee protection and resettlement, the resettlement program in Rwanda continue to become fraudulent each day. In the last 5 years the UNHCR together with other international governments such as the American, Australian, and Canadian governments continue to be short changed by the UNHCR Kigali office in connivance with the RPF government. When I was working as a protection officer I attended several bileteral meetings between the Rwandan government and UNHCR Kigali office. In those meetings there were 3 main point discussed mainly:

  1. Triage process in order to identify those who "cousins in diaspora" as they termed it referring to Tutsi communities from DRC such as the Banyamurenge (the Tutsi people from South Kivu), Abagogwe (the Tutsis from North Kivu) such as Bamasisi and those from Zone Rutchuru, and the former CNDP, M23 fighters. These fighters were referrred to as DEMOB (meaning the former RPF fighters who had been demobilized and sent to fight in DRC as the Congolese Banyamurenge. This process was to make sure that all Tutsis who are among Congolese refugees are known to both the UNHCR office and the Rwandan government. After the triage process, 
  2. The incorporation of the former RPF soldiers into the resettlement process. The Kigali government under the directives of HE Paul Kagame asked the UNHCR Kigali office to make sure that every 100 Congolese refugees selected by the office of refugee protection and resettlement to include at least 10 former RPF soldiers referred to as DEMOB so that they can be resettled as Banyamurenge refugees from Congo. The purpose of this resettlement incorporation is that once this people are sent to the first world countries as refugees they will work: First, as the RPF spies who will execute the RPF international policies, intelligence in the host countries, intimidating Hutu refugees living in tthose countries, and making sure that they keep the opposition on its toes and even kill those who oppose the Kagame government and make serious threats to itas agenda like in what has been happening in to Hutu and Rwandan opposition refugees living in Canada, Abilene in Texas, United Kingdom, Brussels, Switzerland, and Sydney in Australia. Of course the major benefits expressed by the Kigali government under Paul Kagame is that sending his soldiers as refugees into these countries to spy and eliminate his critics is an easier way to ship his people across the globe without spending on them because the host countries will be using their tax money to take care of these bogus refugees while they perform Kagame's intelligence work. 
  3. Another thing discussed at lengthy is how the UNHCR can facilitate the Tutsi RPF soldiers who receive all sorts of scholarships whether from the Rwandan government or western education institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT, Brandeis, Heller School of Public Policy and Management, Boston, Oklahoma, plus other universities that offer scholarships to the RPF government of which 90% are distributed among Tutsis especially RPF soldiers. Once these soldiers are given scholarships they go to these countries and join various universities but after they clear their studies they dont go back to Rwanda instead they declare themselves as refugees to the immigration of the host countries. A good example is the State of Maine where most of these bogus refugees sent by the RPF government to spy of other genuine refugees have made their home-turf. In Maine has become a backup place for the Kigali government once it sends these spies as bogus refugees they go to Maine so that they are helped to secure refugee status. Maine has become a little Rwandan diaspora spy office where all people who leave Rwanda go to get orientation of what to do.
  4. Fierce fight against what Kigali call the "enemies of Rwanda." the enemies of Rwanda implies to all Hutus whether inside or outside of Rwanda and the Tutsis who are members of Rwanda National Congress (RNC) this agenda is given a priority in all meetings that we hold. I must remind the reader that those who attend meetings are mostly Tutsis who work for UNHCR and have been placed by the Kigali government to protect the RPF interests in the region especially using UNHCR to resettle as many Tutsis as possible around the world in order to build a Tutsi community that will ensure that RPF government last forever and participate in the expansionist ideology of establishing the Tutsi empire and dynasty in the Great lakes Region. Other people who participate in the UNHCR-RPF  meetings are the foreign sympathizers of the RPF regime in Africa and other organizations that have been established by RPF to safeguard Tutsi interests such as the infamous Mapendo International under ROSE MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL. This organization has established a Banyamurenge network of refugees that collaborate with other US-based organizations to help fundraise money to assist exclusively Tutsi refugees in Africa and resettle them in USA. One of the popular destinations of Banyamurenge refugees in US resettled by Mapendo International is a place called Abilene, in Texas. Here Banyamurenge refugees has swamped the areas and have started terrorizing other African refugees who are not Banyamurenge mostly the Hutu and Congolese refugees living in Abilene and Texas in general. All this is in line with the RPF strategic vision of empowering the Tutsi community around the world and also eliminating or humiliating the Hutu and Congolese refugees across the globe of whom they consider their natural enemies. 
Banyamurenge kids attending ideology Ingando in Rwanda
Rwanda and the UNHCR Kigali office now have finalized plans to include more than 3000 former soldiers both from the defeated M23 and the RPF demobs. These refugees are destined to US in the areas of Texas, especially in Abilene, and Maine. The rest of refugees which is around 20000 are exclusively Banyamurenge refugees and only 3000 represent the wider Congolese refugees. It is so unfortunate that a good work for the United States and the United Nations is now being tarnished by the greedy RPF. Though this process of REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT TO US is meant to help all Congolese refugees to be given a chance to go to US to start their lives afresh, the RPF government with the support of UNHCR Kgali office has been hijacked to benefit RFP agenda.  This is how the statistics are represented in the just concluded Congolese Refugee Resettlement triage in Kigali. The former Tutsi military must occupy 10%. This means that former soldiers will be between 2500 and 3000 of those to be resettled in USA in 2014. Banyamurenge Tutsi refugees who comprise both genuine Banyamurenge and Rwandan Tutsis bogus refugees who disguise themselves as Banyamurenge and register with UNHCR as COngolese refugees will comprise 20000. To cover up the scandal we have agreed that Congolese genuine refugees who are not Banyamurenge will share the remaining 3000 spots. 

Banyamurenge refugees in US, Abilene in a fundraising
Meeting in Abilene, Texas
I am writing this as one of the respected Tutsi leader who has participated in all the meetings designed to propagate the hatred strategy of RPF to exclude innocent Hutus and other people who are in the opposition such as members of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) and others. All Rwandans are called upon to be careful about this long term strategy that is designed to promote discrimination and a politics of exclusionist. One of the things that Rwandan genuine refugees living abroad should know and do is to stand up and write to members of their congress, senators, and religious leaders in their countries to create awareness of these evil plans that our government continue to establish in order to dehumanize some members of our Rwandan communities. Kigali today consider the natural enemies to be both Hutus and Congolese people, therefore the latter should work together in order to protect themselves from this machinery designed to promote division. 

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