Thursday, August 7, 2014


To understand Kagame why Kagame took his own daughter for beauty pageant parade in Washington, first you have to understand the RPF long held strategy to establish a Central Eastern
Tutsi Empire. There is no doubt that Kagame's daughter Ange Kagame is beautiful However, that is not a reason enough as a president to take your own daughter who is only 24 for a media parade in Washington, not at all. However, dont joke with President Kagame PR and strategic team. In the time when Kagames Empire is crippling, his popularity has sunk to the lowest level of any African president both at home and internationally, Kagame needs something else to cling on. 

We all know that most African presidents have beautiful daughters who are no daughter as pretty as Ange Kagame or even prettier but they have never taken their daughters for international presidential parade like Mr. Kagame whereas their wives stay at home. Some of those African with beautiful daughters who are in the same age bracket as Ange Kagame are: Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Yoweli Museveni of Uganda, Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn have never paraded their young daughters to the world. This is because in African society we respect and value our girls we wouldn’t force them to appear on TV so that we get credit or they get suitors. However, these values are not in Kagame's dictionary because Mr. Kagame has another strategy of making allies through his daughter Ange.

The answer to this question is an absolute yes. Looking at how things are going politically for Mr. Kagame these days there are no doubt in my mind that Mr. Kagame felt that the connection his daughter is making in school is not enough to win allies for her family. As we all know Kagame is
Joana Hailemariam
faced with international arrest warrant for having downed the plane which was carrying his predecessor Habyarimana Juvenal and his Burundian counterpart. Another element to it is that Kagame's second term is ending in three years that is in 2017. He knows he will have to change the constitution for him to stay long and there is no doubt that he will have to face a military challenge from both within and without Rwanda. He knows that his defeat in DRC by M23 was an indication that his regime is crumbling down soon. He knows that though Rwandan opposition in exile is weak
Uhuru Kenyatta's daughter Ngina Kenyatta
majority of Rwandans who are mostly from Hutu tribe do not like him. In fact if they had a military support they could have gotten rid of him many years back and even those who lie to him that they support him their hearts are still with a Hutu lead movement called FDLR as it has come to be obvious when the former Rwandan Prime Minister Bwana Habumuremyi served Kagame's government whereas his own relatives were actively supporting the Congo based Hutu movement FDLR. He knows that there is a strong Tutsi led opposition to his regime and if anything happens and these two opposition merge their political and military forces together there is no doubt Kagame will have to flee the country. However, there is no country that he trusts 100% that will give him exile but US. He also understands how political loyalties change over time. The only place that he can feel same for his own selfish protection is to have his daughter married by one of the African polygamous presidents or one of their sons. At least this will give him some assurance that when things fall a part in his small country called Rwanda, he will have a place to run too for his life. This will not only shelter Kagame and his family but also give him the much needed political and military support. Another strategy for Kagame to take his own daughter for a beauty pageant parade at White House is to try his luck that at least one of those men working at White house might fall in love with Ange Kagame. This would be a big win since Kagame's political support in US has been dwindling and yet that is the country that put the Tutsi regime in power in Rwanda. Therefore if Ange Kagame can be courted by one of the White House staff or one of their son's then Mr. Kagame can sit and breathe a fresh air knowing very well that apart from Republicans, Clinton's, Tony Blair's, and some Jewish lobbyists, his own daughter will stand with her family come what may. That is the story behind Ange Kagame's at the White House this week. 


  1. I am not supporter of Paul kagame don't get me wrong, But this story is packed with so much bullshit.

    If you are an aspiring writer do us all a favour and kill yourself. We don't have to be subjected to this kind of writing

  2. Who is this backward writter? This kind of backward view that women are supposed to stay home (probably in the kitchen) is not welcomed in Rwanda. In Rwanda, women are doing big things, they are leading successful businesses, they make up 64% of the parliment,....Seeing a woman/daughter/ board meetings with presidents, CEO's, not a new or strange thing in Rwanda.

  3. it is shame you write such kind of nonsense. Please listen to me . I don't support none but you are not a scholar because your writing shows that you critical thinking, academic level is low. This is not journalism. it is shame and lack of knowledge. Go to school and learn how to think before you write>

  4. most of time people have got time to waste because I don't agree with this writer and the only question I would ask him is whether these other presidential daughters do take home education by their own parents,

  5. i want to be her best friend