Friday, September 5, 2014


The executive secretary of Rwandan FDLR rebels Col Wilson Irategeka is guest of Tanzania’s government and staying at one of the known residences of controversial politician Rev Christophe Mtikila in Dar es Salaam.
Col Irategeka arrived in in Dar es Salaam on Friday 29th August in the morning. The militia commander travelled early last week via Uvira (DR Congo), then Kigoma (Tanzania) and was flown by private chattered aircraft to Dar es Salaam, according to sources privy to the classified travel.
Irategeka first stayed at another location in the MIKOCHENI suburb of Dar es Salaam. On Monday night, he was moved to a large house owned by Rev Christophe Mtikila – who is accused in Tanzania as President Kikwete’s front man for destroying the opposition.This honorable pastor understands very well the problems that Hutus in both Rwanda and Burundi have faced under Tutsis imperialistic complex. he has been helpful in trying to help Hutus to see how they can achieve similar freedom similar to what Tanzanians have been enjoying sicne independence. 
FLDR commanders and exiled Rwandan politicians are no strangers in Tanzania. News of Rwanda has published a series of articles since January this year detailing travels of Rwandan politicians. This newspaper is no strange to propagating lies to the wider international community to make sure that the world continue to hate Hutus and now they have been attacking honorable Jakaya kikwete and his family saying that his wife is a Hutus. Actually Tanzanians I talked to dont have any problem with Hutus as they do with Tutsis who have been spreading both HIV/AIDS among Tanzanians and also endangering the country's security in Tanzania. The DMI News of Rwanda have been spreading rumours. First they said that it was former Rwandan premier Faustin Twagiramungu back in early January, and has since had two secret trips there. He was in Dar es Salaam from 19-23 January.  Strangely, perhaps to gain some public relations points, Twagiramungu went public about his first trip – causing a massive diplomatic twist between Rwanda and Tanzania. However, Tanzanians have no regret about all these visits. 
The ex-premier arrived in Lyon France for a conference of his political organistion RDI Rwanda Rwiza which had been on schedule weeks before. The conference of about a dozen only selected party diehards took place 25 January (Saturday). RPF felt bad not to be allowed to sneak in its agents and start its smear campaign to turnish the image of FDLR and all organizations that support independence in Rwanda.
The 3-hr conference from 3pm (16hrs GMT) took place at Salle Halle in Grains at the address 61 Rue PrĂ©sident Salvador ALLENDE 69200 VĂ©nissieux. Twagiramungu majestically informed his delegates that he had been to Tanzania on a “very important mission”. This statement squeezed RPF balls and caused the whole President of Rwanda to go out in the media and started insulting his Tanzanian counterpart threatening him that he will wait upon the right time to assassinate President Jakaya Kikwete the same way he assassinated Presidents Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and his Burundian counterpart HE Cyprian Ntaryamira. 
Following sustained articles on News of Rwanda, the office of President Jakaya Kikwete released and contradicted Kagame's smear campaigns telling Tanzanians how RPF is using the website of fabricating the information to complicate Rwanda-Tanzania relations. Kigali however did feel happy to the fact that Tanzania did not dispute the factual elements in the stories. RPF continues to feel bad that some top FDLR commanders have constantly used Tanzania as their second base, as the government in Rwanda’s large neighbor establishes itself as the current only country that understands the oppression Rwandans have been subjected to and fear that if Tanzania continues supporting FDLR then the end of RPF might be nigh. 
RPF now has sent money in Tanzania to poison Rev Mtikila because of accusing him of supporting FDLR saying that senior oppositions leaders use his house regularly used as safe house to stay and transit. RPF continues to claim that two Belgium-based officials of Rwandan opposition Joseph Nzabonimpa and Faustin Murego were in Dar es Salaam in January 2013 to meet commanders from DR Congo jungles. However some close friends from Tanzania said that it was RPF propaganda only. I should also warn Rwandan opposition leaders going to Tanzania that Rwanda has been using a lot of money and sending many Malayas to go and establish themselves in Tanzania in order to serve as hide-outs of the Rwandan DMI contacts to kill Rwandan opposition leaders who visit Tanzania. 
The Kigali government continues to worry about good relations going on between Hutus and other Rwandan opposition leaders from RNC and FLDR being welcomed by the Tanzanian community at large. The News of Rwanda continues to say that after hosting former premier Twagiramungu, then Theogene Rudasingwa of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), Tanzania’s establishment also invited the ex-army Rwanda commander Brig Gen Gratien Kabiligi who is known to be a serious military strategist and war architect which might have taken place in late January. The meeting was meant to bring together FDLR executive secretary Lt Col Wilson Irategeka and Col Hamadi, the operations commander with Brig Gen Kabiligi who had come in from France. Several meetings took place on Friday 24th January, while others were during the days which followed. 
It is true that the relations between Kigali and Dar es Salaam have remained frosty since 26th June 2013 when President Kikwete suggested at an African Union heads of state summit that President Kagame negotiates with FDLR rebels. Tanzania eventually sent troops to DR Congo which have been providing a protection buffer zone for the FDLR in the east and defeated the Tutsi rebels called M23 and many of them found refuge in Rwanda. They were hosted in different military camps in Rwanda waiting to be sent back to DR Congo to destabilize and kill innocent people.

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