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Bisase exposes ‘the Tutsi Dynasty Plan’ to govern the Great Lakes Region which include Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, DRC, Tanzania, Burundi, and Sudan

from the London Evening Post

By Henry D Gombya
Dr Arnold Spero Bisase, a retired Consultant Dental Surgeon and former Ugandan Health Minister whose autobiography has revealed the Tutsi Dynasty Plan.
The London Evening Post today uncovers an ingenious plan hacked by Rwanda’s minority Tutsi tribe in the late 1950s that has been behind several high profile murders and assassinations of prominent politicians, and professional people in their attempt to get into power in the Great Lakes Region.
Starting from the displacement of the Tutsis in the late 1950s, the Tutsi Dynasty Plan (TDP) is said to have infiltrated the politics of the Great Lakes Region (GLR) starting with Uganda which bears the brunt of the plan that includes targeted assassinations of high profile professionals and politicians and placing trusted agents in each and every walk of life in the country.
We have received permission to serialise a book that will leave no stone unturned in revealing how the TDP was behind killings, abductions and murders from as far back as the Idi Amin regime to this very day. The methods used in getting rid of imagined and known enemies of the TDP include dismembering, decapitation, poisoning, staged motor accidents as well as the use of false military uniforms worn to deceive victims that they were being attacked by government soldiers, only for the same people or in the company of co-conspirators, to discard these uniforms and reappear to relatives of victims or survivors of such attacks as saviours. Other methods include the collection of human skulls from areas where factions related to the TDP had been operating and their placements for public show; a tactic that they used so effectively in the Luwero Triangle during The Bush War in Uganda (1981-86) and then in Rwanda to prove genocide by Hutu militia in Rwanda (1990-94), each time claiming to be the victims (when in reality they were the perpetrators).
(L-R) Dr Bisase and his wife Constance during a weekend break hosted by the Gombyas where he explained in detail his autobiography.
Starting from Sunday January 6, 2013, we will show how the TDP has hidden behind Uganda’s top security services to undermine the leadership of Milton Obote (1) then Idi Amin, Yusuf Lule, Godfrey Binaisa, Paul Muwanga, Milton Obote (2), Tito Okello and ended up first in 1986 with securing Uganda, their spring-board into power to the rest of The Great Lakes Region.
This devastating and shocking information is included in the just completed autobiography of Dr Arnold Spero Bisase, a retired consultant dental surgeon and former Ugandan Health Minister, whose book, The Guardian Angel – Volume One: The Beginning (AuthorHouse 2012) reveals the TDP’s ingenuity in infiltrating all sections of high society in Uganda with the sole intention of securing power, not only in Uganda but in the whole of the GLR and extending to Angola.
Our serialisation of the book will show how the TDP infiltrated Obote’s General Service Unit then led by Naphtali Akena Adoko to undermine the Obote leadership, and after that, the Idi Amin State Research Bureau to report on activities of Milton Obote’s attempts to overthrow Amin in the early 1970; how the same group infiltrated Obote’s National Security Agency (at first led by Yoweri Museveni) to murder and assassinate high profile Ugandans, an activity which they continued even after the overthrow of Idi Amin. The book outlines how these infiltrators helped destabilise the country from way back in the 1960s right up to and during the 1980 Ugandan elections. And once it was clear that their efforts through the political process would never give them absolute power, they then mounted a bush war that made it almost impossible for Obote to govern during his second term in office.
Dr Bisase writes that despite numerous warnings from Akena Adoko that there was ‘an enemy within’, Obote chose to focus on ‘the people he hated most – the Baganda’. “The new, but not so new forces at play needed this chaos to prosper and build their foundation. They were from a tiny state called Rwanda and he ignored them,” Bisase writes.
“Amin did not stand to gain in having Archbishop Luwum killed,” Dr Arnold Bisase told The London Evening Post.
The book claims former Makerere University Chancellor Frank Kalimuzo was a chief recruiter for the TDP and may have been silenced to stop him from spilling the beans after he was arrested by the Amin regime. It also states that the manner in which Ugandan businessman Michael Kawalya Kaggwa and former Munno newspaper editor Fr Kiggundu were killed, are both synonymous with the Tutsi style of eliminating their enemies. Our serialisation of the book will also show why Dr Bisase thinks that the former Archbishop of Uganda the Rt Rev Janan Luwum was betrayed by the TDP agents within the then STR, the successor to the GSU who benefited from assuring Idi Amin that they (the agents) could be trusted when they gave away the help the churchman was offering to Obote’s attempts to overthrow Amin. “Amin did not stand to gain anything in having Luwum and the two cabinet ministers killed,” Dr Bisase writes. “They were all killed by agents of the TDP to undermine further the Amin regime.”
So far, the TDP has secured power in Uganda, Rwanda, and to some extent in Burundi where they have twice managed to change the leadership and is nearly succeeding in entrenching itself in the governance of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their agents have safely and quietly entrenched themselves in positions of power in the security agencies of both Kenya and Tanzania and have since infiltrated Somalia, South Sudan, northern Ethiopia and the Central African Republic.
Dr Bisase’s autobiography narrates the story from the late 19th century when the Kabaka (King) of Buganda invited missionaries to come to Uganda, an invitation that Britain grabbed with both hands after trying and faltering several times to conquer Buganda. It follows attempts by the British to break up the Buganda Kingdom by sending Church of England missionaries to rival the strength of both the Islamic and Catholic religions in an attempt to try and divide loyalty to the Kabaka of Buganda. When this also failed to consolidate total control over Buganda, the colonialists saw in Apollo Milton Obote, whose hatred for the Baganda knew no bounds, an opportunity to try and finish what they had started.
The book will show that on leaving power after independence, the British left so many powerful arms to Obote and barely allowed any in the Buganda Government, leaving it easily susceptible to any enemy attack. In an interview with The London Evening Post on New Year’s Day, Dr Bisase said he has written his book as an attempt to let Ugandans know and understand who their ‘enemy within’ really is. We will write more about this when we start serialising Volume Two – The Moshi Conspiracy of the same book.
Dr Bisase: “The book is an attempt to let Ugandans know and understand who their ‘enemy within’ really is…”
Dr Bisase’s book follows the TDP from the attack in 1964 at Nakulabye on the outskirts of Kampala, the Ugandan capital, when Special Forces entered Suzana Night Club and started shooting randomly at nightclub goers. Everyone confronted by the soldiers was asked whether they were Baganda and those who answered in the affirmative were killed. Over 30 people were killed that night. Then another massacre was staged near St Mary’s College, Kisubi when a school bus carrying college students was rammed by a military truck that left 22 students dead. Another attack followed an assassination attempt on Milton Obote at Lugogo Indoor Stadium near Kampala. The personnel of all security services initially acted with considerable restraint. But this apparently disciplined approach did not last as, within days, soldiers mounted roadblocks around the capital and shot dead every Muganda they met for several days and nights.
We will make arrangements for all our readers to purchase this book from our website at a price you will not get anywhere else. Details about purchasing the book will be at the end of every serialised part of the book starting this Sunday January 6, 2013

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