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As the world celebrates the Refugee Day, I want to share this story with you because I know you care. 

On July 12, 1997 in Franceville, Gabon at Mvenge International Airport around 2000 Rwandan Hutu Refugees were rounded up by the Gabonese police compelled by both the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Rwandan Patriotic Front government, which had paid more than 2 million to the Gabonese police force to have these innocent Rwandans forcefully deported. 

Before these people were deported back to Rwanda comprised women, children, and disabled. However their basic human rights were trashed and our sisters, mothers, aunts, and cousins ended up being massively raped in front of our own our eyes. men were beaten and some of them were urinating blood. Women, this includes our mothers, sisters, and aunts were raped using bottlenecks and AK47 nozzles. I was 11 then and witnessed all that. 

When we arrived to Kigali, men were separated from women. Men were taken to Camp Kigali and were never seen again. Although I was 11 then I was a man because I pee like one of them. There were other two baby boys, Imani and Gilbert. Since their brothers and parents were also held in that torture chamber these babies had to be with them and witness their demise. In Kigali women continued to be raped. We could hear women screaming in the middle of the night as the RPF soldiers continued to rape them in a rotational way. There were no help for these innocent women and their babies because they were Hutu it was enough for them to be subjected to all sorts of torture. At least, unfortunately, I was an eleven year old Hutu boy. Because of the history I was qualified to be mutilated, tortured, rejected, and made suffer for the sins of my country. 

One day, WOI Tharcisse Zibera and Col. Karake Karenzi told their soldiers (RPF soldiers) to make sure that at least 40 people were killed every day. This led to another type of torture. Although they used to beat us up three times a day, and all of us very weak, they had not yet denied some food. Of course it was a handful of boiled maize once a day but today, things were different. They embarked on denying us food for the next 197 hours. There was no water and no food. More than 47 of us died instantly and later more than 372 of us were killed. I dont know how I survived but I am still alive now telling you the story. However, my two brothers, a sister, and an aunty never made it out of the Camp Kigali. 

I am writing to you because I am looking for the justice of more than 372 people killed in Camp Kigali including my relatives. I am writing to you because I know you love justice and you can help in one way or another either by publishing this story or telling your government to stop supporting a regime that has more than 8 millions blood in its hands of both Congolese and Rwandans. UNHCR has never apologized to the victims' families who are still waiting to see their sons and daughters and yet they were killed 20 years ago in the Camp Kigali victims. If you want to know more about the names and dates all this people were killed, please dont hesitate to contact me at

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