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In 1990, the extremist Tutsis who wanted to restore the Tutsi monarchy invaded Rwanda in October 1, 1990. Like many young people in Rwanda, the Canadian Star and successful musicians Corneille Nyungura lost his entire family slaughtered by the Tutsis led by Paul Kagame who did not want to see any Hutu elite survive. The normal life Corneille Nyungura lived with his family in Rwanda was shattered when the largest genocide in modern history claimed more than 800,000 lives of whom the majority were of the ethnic Hutu. Nyunguras family also comes from the ethnic Hutu and the Tutsi led RPF executed all of them but Corneille because Mr Emile Nyungura the father to Corneille Nyungura had refused to support the Tutsi led RPF. 

According to his new book called "  "Là où le soleil disparaît", the Canadian Star Corneille Nyungura narrate his ordeal and how he witnessed the Tutsis slaughtering his relatives including his father, mother, and two siblings with his nun. Like most Hutus in Rwanda and diaspora today, Mr Corneille kept the story of those who murdered his family for 22 years because he feared for his life that the Kagame led diaspora death squad could kill him without having children to take forward his father's name. However, in his new book " "Là où le soleil disparaît" Mr Nyungura tells the world how cruel the Tutsi regime has been, which is a total different story from the one promoted by Richard Duane "Rick" Warren who is the senior pastor of Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest, California, Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair who benefited from the Kagame's massacre. 

Unlike most Rwandan people and youth in 1994,  Mr. Nyungura managed to escape to Germany, adopted by friends of his parents, and became one of Canada's and France's most popular musicians.

According to his story, Mr. Nyungura was born in Germany, where his parents were studying, and moved to their homeland, Rwanda, when he was 6 1/2 years old. He was brought to "his" country a stranger. The culture shock was considerable, and let's just say he had a bit of a hard time blending in, being a dark-skinned, German-speaking boy. While in Germany, Tutsis living in exile had contacted his father asking him to betray his country and support Tutsis who wanted to come back to Rwanda and grab power on the nose of AK47. It is believe that Mr. Emile Nyungura refused to betray his people and his country and turned down the offer. The RPF never forgave him. 

According to Nyungura Jr, "To make matters more culturally confusing for me, my parents decided they were going to keep one foot in the west, speaking German at home, and make me listen to Beethoven, Mahalia Jackson and Johnny Cash. This partly explains why any other morning, as a young teenager, I could be found humming a Babyface tune instead of a Koffi Olomidé party anthem." Nyungura continued to love music.  

At 16, Nyungura started a band with three other kids from his neighborhood in Kigali. Hisfather heard and encouraged his undeniable passion for music. According to Nyungura, his dad even offered to pay for his band's first demo. That's odd, even to western cultural standards. "I can still hear a friend telling me: "Your dad is so cool! I can't even tell mine I make music." That was my father", he said. 

The Nyunguras had benefited from the Habyarimana's regime as one of the western educated Rwandans from Hutu community, which did not sit well with Tutsi rebels led by Paul Kagame who had been trained in Kampala to kill.  "My parents belonged to the minuscule westernized intellectual, and later, social elite. My father was an engineer, and my mother beat the odds even more. She was an executive at one of the top banks in the country, the only woman to occupy that position if I remember well. That was my mother. That said, Africa is socially structured in such a way that it allowed those of us who were interested to interact with the less socially privileged. This might explain why I remained so naïve and completely oblivious to the political/ethnic time bomb that was ticking all over our beloved country," Nyungura said.

"Ironically, one of my favorite songs to cover was Boyz II Men's "End of the Road." We should have seen it coming, but we didn't. Not me, not my parents. Even when evil materialized in grenade sounds and screams, clearly audible right next to our home, we stayed in denial. It cost me the lives of my entire family—my father, my mother, my two younger brothers and my baby sister. One night they came, armed to the teeth, and shot everyone in my household," Nyungura continued. 

Like few Rwandan youth Nyungura survived in circumstances that are hard for for him to describe in two pages. But, he did survive. He went on to do better than that and built a career as a very successful singer/songwriter in France and French Canada. Even better, later he married to the love of his life and now have kids. However the story of how RPF led Paul Kagame never faded from his memories. That is why he recently published a wonderful book narrating his horror on the day that the Tutsis butchered his family in front of him. 

As a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Mr Nyungura made a humanitarian trip with his wife, Sofia, to Malawi in 2005. In the rural parts of Malawi, the children he met were happy. They were loved and proud. Typically, African parents love their children until they die, as did his parents, and up to a certain age, in rural Africa, all you need is love to stay proud. They couldn't possibly need an Xbox since they did not know of it, and so their needs were in total agreement with their environment. Their pride was preserved, he narrate Mr Nyungura. However, as the UNICEF Ambassador we would like to remind him that there are more than 200,000 Rwandan children being butchered day and night by Paul Kagame and western allies. Could you remind UNICEF that even these refugee kids are human beings?

We want to wish Mr Nyungura well and also we are so proud that he finally got out of his shadow to tell the whole world especially his fans how RPF butchered his family and sent him into exile. 


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  2. This news is full of lies, slander and belittling, the RPF did not kill any Rwandan, but saved them from the tyranny of the MRND, and during the genocide against the Tutsi, the RPF fought to save the innocent and stop the genocide, so what NYUNGURA Corneille wrote is just lies.