Saturday, August 19, 2017



Recently a news broke out in the media and social media that bring together Rwandans around the planet talking about the kidnap of a Tutsi businessman and also a Rwandan spy MIKE RWALINDA. According to different news media owned by Rwandans Rwalinda is currently under the Tanzanian police arrest in Tanzania waiting to be deported to Rwanda which owuld also be what Rwanda is hoping for. RWALINDA has been working for the kigali Tutsi led intelligence for over 10 years. he has also been in charge of Rwandan spy operation based in both Dodoma and Dar Es Salam. 

How did Mike Rwalinda manage to stay in Tanzania all these years without being detected despite three major operations ran by the Tanzanian security services to outroot Tutsi spies in Tanzania
  • According to those who know Rwalinda were is that he was in charge of the 600 Tutsi women spies that Kagame had sent to Dodoma and Dar Es Salam to influence the Tanzanian legislatives policies toward Kagame led regime.
  • He was also in charge to assist a Rwandan Tutsi who was working in the Tanzanian army as a Tanzanian Military IT expert. This guy used to send all Tanzanian intelligence to Paul Kagame. This is what helped Kigali to send more than 600 Tutsi women working as "Espionage of Romance" or Spies of Passion. They use their beauty to lure rich Tanzanian politicians especially members of parliament to pass laws that favor Kigali and betray their Asili ya Ujama. 
  • It is also believed that Mike Rwalinda is the one who planned and executed the death of the Tanzania’s most popular opposition members, Reverend Christopher Mtikila who died in a mysterious car crash. The outspoken politician and a critique of Kagame's regime had a reputation for voicing his opinions and using the courts to tackle various constitutional issues over the years. Rev Mtikila revealed the Kagames plans to overthraw CCM through former prime minister Edward Lowassa. All this was engineered by Mike Rwalinda and Rev. Mtikili was travelling to Dar es Salaam from Njombe when Rwalinda staged a hit and run accident that left Mtikili dead. 
  • Mike Rwalinda also is married to a Tanzanian woman whom they have two children together. This helped him to establish contacts in Tanzania and use the RPF money to start a construction company in TZ as a cover up to continue spying for Paul Kagame in Tanzania. 
  • All the money to bribe Tanzanian politicians so that Tanzania can have a pro Kagame government has been passed through Mike Rwalinda and the group that own HOTEL KAGAME. The money that built HOTEL KAGAME was the money that had been poured into Tanzania to pay Rwandan Tutsi prostitutes who had been sent to Dodoma by Nziza to come and destabilize Tanzania. 
  • During the last Tanzanian presidential campaigns the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame invested hugely into the Tanzanian politics. He wanted a change of regime in Tanzania. Because it was not easy to engage in military fight as Kagame had hoped for after the Tanzanian security apparatus uprooted all Kagames point men and women in the Tanzanian government. Kagame decided to use the taxpayers money to bribe his way into the Tanzanian politics. Kigali poured more money into the Edward Lowassa campaign when they realized that CCM government had known it they opted to throw him out of CCM then Lowassa joined opposition to shake up CCM. Mike Rwlainda was part of the entire maneuvers.
  • Recently the Tanzanian government has realized that Kagame has been playing them games with Rwalinga now they have arrested him and Rwanda want him back. How did all happen?

According to INYENYERI NEWS investigation found that Mike Rwalinda has been working with both the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) a Tutsi led opposition to Paul Kagame living in exile and the RPF General  James Kabarebe who is also the minister of the Tutsi led Kigali government of the RPF.  

In addition, the newsonline continues its stroy saying that  Gen James Kabarebe has also organized the arrest of Maj Nkubana who was arrested in Tanzania and later deported to Rwanda. Another person mentioned in their story is that the arrest of Lt Tobulende Joel Mutabazi in Uganda was also organized by Mike Rwlainda together with Rene Rutagungira, Kalisa Innocent among others. 

Rwalinda also has been smuggling gold from Eastern DRC into Tanzania. The business of gold trade has been taken care of by his Tanzanian concubine they have two kids together. DUring this arrest the Tanzanian security services found Mike Rwalinda with guns as well.  

After the Tanzanian government knowing that Mike Rwalinda might be one of those who organized the wrongful death of Reverend Mtikili who was killed in car accident as we have mentioned in hereabove. President Kagame hated Rev. Mtikili because the guy called upon the Tanzanians to understand that there was invasion of Paul Kagame into the Tanzanian system. He also wanted Tanzania to support Rwandan Hutu refugees to go back home so that we dont continue receiving Hutu refugees in Rwanda and yet Rwanda is led by Tutsi minority who took power by force supported by Americans.

The Tanzanian police continue to say that Rwlainda is still under interrogation and questioning. Rwalinda has been working for Kigali under the instructions of Gen James Kabarebe. To deport him to Rwanda would be to commit the same mistakes that the South African government committed when they deported to Rwanda those who assassinated Colonel Karegeya. We hope that Tanzania will be more careful this time around. Although Magufuli went to Kagame Tutsis never forgive and never forget. RPF still does not like CCM and wont rest until CCM is removed from power in Tanzania.