Monday, August 19, 2013

RWANDA-TANZANIA:A Tanzanian Senoior army of Rwandan Native Is Believed to Take Tanzanian Defense Secret Information to Kagame

A high ranking army officer with the rank of Lt Col from the People's Defence Forces (TPDF), who is believed to be a native of Rwanda, has disappeared in controversial circumstances, leaving behind a cloud of doubt that his action might have been accompanied by loss of some useful information from the military.
It is reported that the officer who went AWOL is lieutenant colonel, but the TPDF agents are monitoring his movements, the news of the disappearance of this officer reached Tanzanian newspaper on Sunday for the first time even though he may have left Tanzania in the middle of the week.

Sources of reliability reported that, TPDF officers have already begun to closely monitor the extinction event for the officer, but with some concerns that the officer may have left with some sensitive and confidential information.
Before disappearing the officer who has played his movements in strict microscope TPDF agents, had been attached to a unit of military communications technologies (IT).

The disappearance of the officer only known of one name as Selumbo , has come just days after the emergence of the statements friction between the White House and the Dar es Salaam to Kigali.

Source of based tendon same words that defies and that conflict diplomacy, is the advice given by President Jakaya Kikwete President Paul Kagame for him to be willing to sit at a table by the rebel group FDLR fighting Rwanda, from the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC ).

Prepared based tendon same Kikwete and Kagame has begun mentioned by some of the curious things to be the first major threat of prosperity, stability and based on solidarity within the East African Community, which the two countries are its members.

A few days after that advice, Kagame was quoted by various media agencies in Rwanda was ridiculed Kikwete, even to the point of the speech that the direction of the threats against him.

Such statements caused President Paul Kagame, through his speech at the end of July, response, while stating clearly surprised and shocked by ridicule and insults that were directed to him.

Citing diplomatic words which are translated by some of the commentators on the issue of diplomacy and political science that carry a strong message, President Kikwete said he had heard all the rhetoric from Rwanda and did not have any intention had been neglected.

President Jakaya Kikwete such statements which repealed and that he made a few days in the region to ask illegal immigrants to leave the country, followed by one of Rwandans to leave the country estimated to exceed 5,000.

While the situation continues to be doubt and mistrust between Tanzania and Rwanda, in the middle of this week, a sister publication of Tanzania on Wednesday, was the big news with a headline that says, 'What kinamtia Violence Kagame?' Which, among other things, stated how people of Rwandan origin were sensitive vyojipenyeza in public institutions

Leak information back to Rwanda for thousands of illegal immigrants along with this current disappearance on TPDF officer confirms about the existence of the direction of the situation between the two countries.

Reliable information indicates that the officer is a native of Rwanda who has been working within the TPDF and who is presumed to be people who have close contact with the government of Rwanda, for purposes that has not evaporated to specify.

"It is true, that our officer has vanished  and I know the motive behind it … this issue that gathers confidential information of our military and bring Rwanda guess were discovered by our people who are in the military system," pointed out one of the providers of Tanzania Sunday .

TPDF Army spokes man, Major Erick Komba, when asked by this newspaper through his phone mobile to the truth of these reports, failed to accept or reject, in what he claims that it is heavy to answer so he should speak first with his officials before the case has been reported.

Major Komba explained that soldiers who escaped are many and some were imprisoned for the crime of disloyalty.

"Oh, this is a serious issue, I was afraid; you do not see it as a heavy thing? Not that I do not like people get information, give us time first issue we keep the 'analysis', why many soldiers escaped and you report! Waliotoroka many, others have fled to Rwanda and elsewhere and locked up.

"We must first speak to my bosses are nizungumzie this well … come to office on Monday (tomorrow)," said Major Komba.

Coincide with the event; more information captured by this newspaper noted demanded that now without a doubt about the presence of the Rwandan government agents allegedly planted in sensitive institutions and government departments for making ushushu in the interests of Rwanda.

It is alleged that the TPDF an intelligence-based and rooted in and out of the country noted earlier presence of Rwandan spies within the framework of the dollar and their movements have been Conduct established for a long time and situation.

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