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"I worked in Rwanda for years , I witnessed the ethnic segregation and fundamental human rights of some of society are violated. I have no doubt that the RPF government runs an apartheid system. " An expert in human rights at the University of Makerere told Ikaze Iwacu .

In recent weeks , Rwandans have witnessed mothers mourning their dead son in Congo, women cry for their dead husbands Congo , parents who are grieving for their dead family members and friends in Congo who bury dead friends who have been dismissed from the Congo in body bags . Today, we will not discuss the issue Congolese, but we will analyze the crazy system of apartheid in Rwanda orchestrated by the RPF regime through the Tutsi clan " Abega ."

The concept of the RPF government , which runs a system of apartheid , can be difficult to be accepted by some fanatics " Intore ", which were blinded by greed or lack of ability to understand how the RPF works . Since 1994, a small clique within the RPF government was appointed by the dictator Kagame to design, create and oversee an apartheid system in Rwanda . This project was given to Jack Nziza , who was a major in the army and head of the DMI deadly machine a body that still controls and monitors up today.

The design of the system of apartheid in Rwanda. (Year 2000).

  1. Identify Tutsi families Clan Abega especially those of Uganda ( sajya ) to be recruited into the security agencies and sensitive positions.
  2. Identify within the Rwandan Patriotic Front , the Hutu who came from Uganda ( sajya ) and promote, as they are more trustworthy for Kagame as Tutsi other clans.
  3. Stop intermarriage between Tutsis and Hutus , particularly Abega between Tutsis and Hutus.
  4. Allow Hutus to dominate the government, they will face the government, but one power or role in government . Men or women ministers Hutu used words of their respective departments without ministerial powers door.
  5. Government agencies should be directed exclusively by Tutsis , especially young boys and girls Clan Abega
  6. Provide enormous benefits to the Tutsi in the education system.
  7. Creating a Bantu area and Tusti areas policy areas such as segregation Imidugudu concept , where the poor are concentrated and controlled.
  8. Control population based on race rather than the universal approach clear.
  9. Land policy, the creation of concentration camps through land policies that benefit them.
  10. The wealth of the country must be controlled by a few individuals Tusti within the RPF .
  11. Allow women to control the legislature , the parliament and the senate, but the true legislative stations to the office of President .
  12. Creation of a judicial system that is controlled and instructed by the DMI and the establishment of bullying through insults , such as being baptized as genocidal Hutus and Tutsis who oppose Kagame monster are treated thieves .
  13. Vote segregationist laws that target a certain part of society.

The above points have been architected and " intellectually " , followed by DMI under Jack Nziza and the president's office . The dictator Kagame ordered his entourage to follow Tusti points above designed to propagate and create an apartheid system in Rwanda .

Théogène Rudasingwa , a Tutsi who was appointed Ambassador of Rwanda in Washington after being Secretary General of RPF led by Paul Kagame , said bluntly: " If you strongly argue with Kagame and present your true opinions , you will forced to pay the price, and very often , the prize is your life. "

Rudasingwa , who now lives in exile in the United States, described Kagame as an extreme control freak who has concentrated power in the hands of a small group of Tutsi as Kagame himself , returned to Rwanda since years of exile in Uganda after the genocide.

"When you look at the structure of the key organs of government leadership is occupied almost entirely by Tutsis from the outside, and this is especially true in the military," said Rudasingwa . "As for the Hutus , they are completely marginalized , and things [ for them ] were never as bad as they are today . Almost all of the Hutu elite that was built in 1959 is out of the country or dead. They are marginalized and banished into exile when they have not just been killed. "

The Government of Rwanda :

The majority of current Rwandan ministers in our crazy dictator were Hutus. The Dictator Paul Kagame appointed the majority Hutus as ministers in his government. It is a policy of the RPF to show fairness and equality within the Office of the RPF. But in the true sense these Hutus were designed to be used as men and women displayed without ministerial authority .

Power and control of the Hutu -led ministries are totally in the hands of permanent secretaries who are Tusis , who were appointed to these positions by the DMI to monitor and supervise the Hutu ministers. All strong and important departments such as Foreign Affairs , of the Interior, education , health , justice and defense have always been given to the Tutsis , and for the first time since the RPF took power in 1994 , the Ministry of Finance has been given to a Hutu, but it is a Hutu ( sajya ) which is called Claver Gatete , a Rwandan Hutu who grew up as a refugee in Uganda.

Readers of Ikaze Iwacu readers may know and be aware that this is not only Tutsis who fled the country in 1959 , 1962, 1963 and 1973 , there were also a large number of Hutus who had fled the country.

The case of the current prime minister Rwanda is a good example of a Hutu and the RPF gave a position without giving him the powers of the Prime Minister. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi is a prime minister who does not know its role and functions. This man is everywhere and the RPF like this game to turn an intellectual in an idiot, and that is why Kagame calls all PhDs in Rwanda stupid and they still continue to cheer for him.

Recently, the first immoral minister began to call this crazy man, father ( Umubyeyi ) . It is therefore impossible for Mr. Habumuremyi advise the dictator Kagame to stop his criminality and economic plunder , since the Prime Minister made ​​reference to the dictator Kagame as a father , which shows how greed can affect dignity. Rwandan Prime Minister as an agent of idiocy in the RPF government is also in the process of promoting and encouraging the Hutu children asking for an apology for the crimes they have not committed or known.

Mr. Habumuremyi should know that there is a point where the law becomes immoral and unethical . This point is reached when it becomes a behavior cowardice that dares not stand up against blatant violations of justice. You will regret it one day for not having denounced the apartheid government and by then , a fair and equitable law come to hit you.

The tragedy of permanent secretaries

This is a parody of talk departmental permanent secretaries and all permanent secretaries are offered by the DMI for the appointment by the President. DMI is the screening interviews , selection and sometimes indirect for these positions, which is why the current permanent secretaries in the ministries are executives or former RPF army officers . This was done to align the apartheid system in the administration of the RPF


The RPF government has created 10 government agencies , including Rwanda Revenue Authority , the Rwanda Development Board (RDB ) , Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration , the Rwandan development partners , the Commission of the national unity and reconciliation, the social Security Fund of Rwanda , the Agency of student financing in Rwanda , and the private Sector Federation which are led by Tutsis , while the Rwanda National Police is headed by a Hutu ( sajya ) and the National Electoral Commission is headed by a Hutu . Of the ten government agencies, eight are led by Tutsis , while only two are headed by Hutus. The link above shows my analysis of segregation and xenophobic attitudes of the RPF regime.

These agencies are given to Tutsis because they are largely funded by Western donors making the basket fund , and where there are background RPF will always be ready to plant these frameworks thieves.

The RPF government has also infiltrated the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Rwanda . The racist RPF government has planted their agents in positions of influence in local and international NGOs operating in Rwanda and outside of Rwanda . It is almost impossible for a Hutu to start an NGO in Rwanda on the video below , the former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Rwanda explains the segregation of the RPF and control mechanisms and the distribution of employment.

The judicial system of Rwanda .
kagames - repression -continuous - Mushayidi -and- nt- t - umpdt0 - 150x150

Mr. Bernard Ntaganda of PS Imberakuri

This is another branch of the criminal RPF government that is still used to protect the agenda of apartheid. Dirigents civilians who strongly opposed the apartheid regime as Ingabire , Deo Mushayidi , Bernard Ntaganda, etc., have been condemned by the kangaroo courts of the RPF who are required by agents of the DMI rather than judges with appropriate impartial mind.

The judiciary has been used as a cabin wall accountability and transparency demanded by activists of civil law. The RPF has used the racist judicial system to remove the good or popular revolt , the judicial system was also used by the click of the RPF to act as a promoter of injustice, impunity, inequality, injustice and incarceration.

The law of the jungle is the breath of the city, where prosecutors of the RPF regime has mastered the art of making and scraping cases against political activists. It is a system blessed by Satan!

Constitution of 2003 in Rwanda

In 2003 , the RPF has designed the most arbitrary constitution in Africa. The Rwandan Constitution of 2003 was designed as a tool for the RPF government to protect their tamponer and apartheid against any form of opposition . It was written in hell and forced to the masses by the Nazi regime RPF constitution.

The RPF government has abused the first chapter of the constitution, fundamental rights have been abused Rwandans in particular Article 10 to Article 51. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and the RPF government has broken all the articles of the Constitution of Rwanda , so this is an illegitimate government to be overthrown by any means available .

The RPF government is guilty of apartheid and persecution of his own people , both inside and outside Rwanda . This is a government that success blood with no remorse through his ideology of apartheid , the system is run by fanatics with no love for the country or for any Rwandans. Unfortunately, the country does not have a parliament or senate to attack the apartheid regime.

Victor Marie Hugo , in his 1860 book "The Legend of the Centuries ," said that "When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right " . Rwandans are now under an apartheid regime , a government that has declared war on the personal dignity of its own citizens.


Violence is never the best option to release an oppressed community , but if violence is the only way to win our freedom , it is better to go siblings. No country has ever won his freedom by allowing the oppressor to further oppress its people with impunity. We must take the bull by the horns and get rid of the dictator Kagame. We have reached the point where the Rwandans have learned to use the doctrine of Malcolm X , who said that "the only price of freedom is to use the means of violence in order to be able to release any people ."

Throughout history, apartheid and dictatorships are generally driven , dictators are not invited to the negotiations, but they are forced to negotiate. For those who still dream that the criminal Kagame will simply stand in negotiations with opposition parties without having militarily , my advice to you guys is, " Wake up !"

By our correspondent

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