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I take this opportunity to write to you. I have been trying to find your online articles so that I say what I want to say on your articles for your readers to read. Briefly I wanted to contribute to your "academic work" on Rwanda since you are an expert like most Westerners, especially here in North America anyone who visits Rwanda he update his/her resume as an expert on African affairs. It would be troubling if I went to bed without studying some facts with you especially considering that the picture I have attached to this email which you took in Rwanda is showing my father’s house of which is now occupied after being grabbed. Yes that is where my grandmother put her last signature about this life. Who killed her "Some extremist Hutus who didn’t want to share my father's sweat with her." Perhaps some of the stories will go that way when they will be written about who smashed my grandmother's head in order to grab her son's house which is showing clearly on the photo you took in a place we used to call "MURUVUNDA" because of its volcanic gravures that separate the flat plains of Umurera and the highlands of Bukonya, and hillsides of Ubuhoma. I am now establishing my story in order to help you understand that I am not a foreigner on what I am talking about. I am trying to prove to you that your topics are closer to my heart. I am a firsthand consumer of your information.

I speak numerous languages from Kinyarwanda, which is my mother tongue, English which is your ancestral language, French which my colonial identity, Kiswahili which is my African language, Luganda which is my neighbor's in the East language, Lingala which is my neighbors of the west language, and Kirundi which is my brother's language. Therefore, I am culturally competent to express and understand what is going on in the region both in body expression and said word communications. This helps me understand well than anybody else the root cause of Rwandan problems because I am aware of my history which I don’t need to be told by an alien. I love Rwanda and its people, however, I hate those who come to tell us when our problems started how to solve them, and what to use to solve them. As HE Paul Kagame puts it over and over, Rwandans understand well their history, their problems, and have their solutions. When you say that you are bringing peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation among Rwandans, I tend to put you in the same category with Pastor Rick Warren of California, US. You both need to go back to the drawing table and ask yourselves whether you have not contributed to the divisions that Rwandans are experiencing now than the so called solutions you are claiming to bring to Rwanda. If I may ask you Sir, don’t you think that your writings on Rwanda have caused more harm than good in the hearts of Rwandans? I have analyzed several of your “academic stories” on Rwanda, one of your narratives is that President Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamaira of Burundi were killed by Hutu extremists. Really, I wonder whether you sleep comfortably after writing this lie. My aunty who is a Tutsi was told that Habyarimana has been killed, her first reaction was, “I know, Kagame did it again,” and yet she was blind since she was born. This is a sheer indication that most foreigners either ignore the truth or don’t get it. Rwanda is the most complicated story of all times which can only be understood by Rwandans themselves. As a Christian claiming to do the work of God you shouldn’t be involved in propagating smear propaganda because I fully understand and believe that what you write is not a reflection of your heart. You know the truth that continuing lying that Hutus killed the most loved and cherished Hutu leader of all times. If you need more of the truth since you are an academician from Australia I will give you three Australian based evidences that Paul Kagame, the name you fear to mention in all your writings, killed Habyarimana and Ntaryamira. Go and read your fellow countryman Michael Hourigan: Hence, under the command of Lieutenant Thomas Tilbrock, the Australian infantrymen did not open fire to defend the refugees: Terry Pickard: Just to help you understand you do no justice when you write all your emotional stories based on who like and who you hate and continue misleading your people thinking that you have witness story but it’s just like any western propaganda in order to establish Tutsi Empire in the great lakes region.

I deliberately spared you of my academic background but since you call yourself an expert in peacebuilding and healing gospel I am obliged to introduce myself in the academic world since that is what you understand better. I am a graduate of Boston University of divinity where I am few Rwandan PhD of divinity holder from Boston University. I also hold a master’s degree in International conflict resolution and peacebuilding from the University of Otego in New Zealand. I have led a ministry in Africa for over 22 years. The Rwandan genocide took place when I was 18 and a church youth leader. I was born and brought up in a Pentecostal church. I hold all the values that you talk about in your peacebuilding workshops here in Rwanda. I also hold an undergraduate degree in international politics from USIU in Kenya. All these elements combined makes me a good component to discuss your Rwandan stories.

Basically all your stories about Rwanda have been pro-Tutsis and antagonizing innocent Hutus and yet you claim to promote peace and reconciliation in Rwanda how do you do that and you consciously know that your approach is one-sided? You know well, you don’t need to read it anywhere in the book, that Habyarimana and Ntaryamaira were two Hutu presidents who were assassinated at once by RPF led by Kagame but you allow your conscience to overlap that and tell the UN-US-UK promoted bogus story that Hutu extremists killed Habyarimana and you expect the Hutus to just sleep and thank you as a peace builder? In peacebuilding there must be trust and honest of which you both yourself and Rick Warren lack. There are many bogus stories on Rwanda out there but I have chosen you and Rick Warren because you hide yourselves behind the cross and go to mislead Rwandans. If you had done a good job on peace and reconciliation in Rwanda since 1997, then we won’t be now talking about the assassination of senior Tutsis such as Col. Karegeya, Rwisereka, and three attempted assassinations of Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa. If you want to learn more about reconciliation in Rwanda and its present phase just watch this video of Nyamwasa’s son: Documentary about Phil Kayumba, the son of Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa. That is what your work has achieved in Rwanda and more to come. About forgiveness and reconciliation in Rwanda. I would like you to visit this 4 videos done in 1997 when you were busy telling Rwandans to forgive each other this is what was happening to millions of other sons and daughters of Rwanda in DRC. You call them interahamwe in your stories but really if you look at these videos are these kids seem to be carrying guns and machetes to kill? Or they had hid them in Rwanda before they fled? It is called Kisangani Diary please watch it you will conclude yourself whether you achieved what you intended to achieve or you got the money of the grants you wrote only:

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