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This paper is going to objectively look at different elements that are being used by Rwanda, United State, and United Kingdom to fortify a Tutsi-Empire in East and Central Africa in order to recolonize Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, DR Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania for the millennium to come. We will also discuss the visible elements that are being used by the above entities to eliminate Bantu people, especially those who are educated and able to revolutionize their people by allowing those who are not educated to access opportunities in order to feed their immediate needs without thinking about the future of their generations to come. A good example here is how the Government of Rwanda appointed an illiterate man called BAMPORIKI to the Rwandan parliament so that he represent Hutus and yet Rwanda has millions of Hutu Intellectuals who would lead the country and safeguard the future of Rwandans by opposing foolish policies designed to marginalize Bantus in the region and protect their interests. Before I enter into the depth of the RPF plans to frustrate all Hutu refugees in Kenya as it did in Tanzania and Uganda in the years of 1997s, I want to share with you the definition of WHO IS A REFUGEE according to the international conventions and human rights? The following definition comes from the UNHCR website.

Who is a refugee?  
A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so. 


Those who were refugees in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa, and Tanzania witnessed one of the biggest UNHCR-UN refugee scandal of all times in Nairobi Kenya. So what happened in Nairobi-Kenya in 2001 regarding refugees from the Great Lakes Region mainly from BURUNDI, RWANDA, and DRC? During this time there were more than 200,000 refugees in Kenya mostly from Rwanda, DRC, and Burundi. I don’t want to mention those from Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. This paper wants to expose the truth behind the UN closed curtain and how countries such as US, UK, and Canada use the UN agencies such as UNHCR to propagate their economic self-interests. In 2001 all Bantu refugees living in Nairobi, especially Hutus from Rwanda, Burundi, and DRC were denied refugee status in a more bizarre circumstances. This rejection process followed certain patterns. Those patterns followed this process:
  1. UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE made sure that it rejects most if not all young Hutu refugees who registered themselves as either from Rwanda, Burundi, and Eastern DRC. This was to make sure that they kill the entire generation of Hutu refugees and deny them opportunities to go to school, own business, travel abroad, or even marry, and effectively get integrated into the Kenyan community.
  2. UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE went ahead and identified all Hutu refugees who were illiterate and made sure they are frustrated and harassed by the Kenyan police in order to disorient them so that they will not get their lives back together and lead a productive life in East Africa.
  3. UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE made sure that Hutu refugees never gets opportunities to attend school. This was in line with the Kagame's government to make sure that Hutus from East Africa never progress in their lives so that they can continue being slaves of the Tutsis who are doing amazingly well due to the immense support from US, UK, and UN in the region. UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE achieved this goal by making sure the Kenyan government which had been reluctantly ready to harass Hutu refugees, to use corrupt Kenyan police to arrest Hutu refugees who lived in Nairobi so that they move out of Kenya and never benefit from the Kenyan educational system. 
  4. UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE and RWANDAN government put moles in UNHCR who are Rwandan of ethnic Tutsi who were supposed to profile all intellectual Hutus, young Hutus, and other educated Hutus and make sure they don’t get protection from UNHCR in order to frustrate them and force them to be repatriated. Majority of these Tutsis were the former Tutsi refugees who had lived in Kenya and spoke the Kenyan languages very well so that they can blend it. The KAGAME GOVERNMENT was in charge of identifying these people and propose them to the UNHCR so that they can be placed in various strategic positions within UNHCR to make sure that no Hutu breaks through the ranks. They put in UNHCR leadership allover Africa to hunt Hutu refugees in KENYA, TANZANIA, MALAWI, SOUTH AFRICA, and ZAMBIA. They headed UNHCR services such as PROTECTION DESK, INTERVIEW DESK, and RESETTLEMENT DESK. It reached to the point where Hutu refugees, especially Rwandan Hutu refugees decide not to go to the UNHCR OFFICES IN NAIROBI because they knew what awaited them, a REJECTION LETTER.
  5. UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE made sure that all Hutu refugee schools in Kenya are destroyed and those who attended them are repatriated by force, mainly focusing on Rwandan refugees. This lead to the closing of the prominent refugee schools in Kenya such as the famous Kabiria which was mentioned by PAUL KAGAME during his tour to some Rwandan schools attended mainly by Tutsi kids. In his own word, "you have opportunity to make the most of it in your education, remember if you don’t study hard your enemies are busy with books at Kabiria School." Few months later the school was destroyed by some of the RPF moles who pretended to be lecturers at the same Kabiria.
  6. When all means failed the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE resulted into a more weird and atrocious ways whereby the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE management and protection office complotted to be issuing PROTECTION LETTERS  to reserving Hutus but offer them REJECTION LETTERS at the same time. Allow me to dwell on this last point because it is the subject of this paper. You may ask yourself how could UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE give Hutu refugees PROTECTION LETTER but on the other hand give them a REJECTION LETTER at the same time. Here is the deal. When the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE realized that rejecting Hutu refugees just to satisfy KAGAME and RPF mission was not lucrative enough, some Kenyans who were working for the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE advised the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE and UN in general how they can please KAGAME, UN, and US but make money out of it as well. This is when the plan was hatched to administratively give those deserving HUTU REFUGEES protection letters so that in the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE system these people’s names are accepted as refugees according to the international law of refugees. This would allow the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE administration, protection, and resettlement offices to work together to process the names as genuine refugees from BURUNDI, RWANDA, AND EASTERN DRC. Whereas these people’s names were being processed as genuine refugees with everything representing the genuine cases, the same UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE administration could go ahead and call those people, whose names are being processed for resettlement to the third countries such as US, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA, for interviews. When these refugees showed up at the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE could immediately meet them outside and hand them envelopes containing REJECTION LETTERS. These letters stated the following: “WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN REJECTED FOR LACK OF CREDIBILITY." Whoever received this letter it was lack end time because life in Nairobi without any legal paper was like a hell on earth. However, this is what Rwanda and its allies wanted for the Hutu refugees living in Kenya regardless their country of origin. Remember, the REJECTION LETTER was only physical not administrative. The dossiers of those physically rejected by the UNHCR-NAIROBI OFFICE it was just in papers but not in the system. The names of Hutu refugees rejected physically in a piece of paper continued to be processed for the possible resettlement to the third country. I want you to know that although the UNHCR NAIROBI OFFICE was busy rejecting most of Hutu refugees claiming that they had no credible evidence that qualified them to become refugees, most of these people fell into the same UNHCR definition of refugee, which states that "A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so. 1) All Hutu refugees living in Kenya like most of the refugees still found in Kenya today they had been forced to flee their countries of origin. Those Hutus from Burundi had been forced to flee their country by Tutsis since 1972 when the Brutal Tutsi military carried out a genocide against Hutus especially those who were literate. Another blow against Hutus from Burundi happened in 1993 when the first Burundian Hutu president Melchior Ndadaye who had been democratically elected was assassinated by the Tutsi military people led by Gen. Paul Kagame and Yoweli Museveni. Hutus from Rwanda were being hunt like an animal called antelope. The RPF of Kagame was killing Hutus like flies. Actually the same UNHCR had enough evidence from its own research on human rights in Rwanda in 1995 and is referred to as the GERSONY REPORT published by Human Right Watch (click here for the entire report) it says that "The Gersony Mission
..........................The first convincing evidence of wide-spread, systematic killings by the RPF was gathered by a UNHCR team dispatched for another purpose. When the team and the head of the UNHCR attempted responsibly to bring the information to the attention of the international community, the U.N. decided to suppress it, not just in the interests of the recently established Rwandan government but also to avoid further discredit to itself. The U.S., and perhaps other member states, concurred in this decision, largely to avoid weakening the new Rwandan government………
 .....Gersony reported the results of his mission to Madame Sadako Ogata, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, who in turn informed the secretary-general. Boutros-Ghali and some of his subordinates were concerned not just about the extent of the abuses alleged and the eventual impact of the information on the still fragile Rwandan government, but also about the negative publicity for UNAMIR and other U.N. agencies operating in Rwanda with no apparent awareness of such atrocities. He directed Kofi Annan, who was traveling in northeastern Africa, to change his plans and go to Rwanda. There, on September 19, Annan, Gersony, and the secretary-general’s special representative, Shaharyar Khan, briefed the Rwandan prime minister, the minister of foreign affairs and the interior minister on Gersony’s findings.The Rwandan government officials admitted that some soldiers had engaged in reprisal killings. But they rejected Gersony’s allegations about the scale and the systematic nature of the killings and declared that it was impossible for thousands to have been killed without attracting attention.....................................................the report continues that ....................These killings were wide-spread, systematic, and involved large numbers of participants and victims. They were too many and too much alike to have been unconnected crimes executed by individual soldiers or low-ranking officers. Given the disciplined nature of the RPF forces and the extent of communication up and down the hierarchy, commanders of this army must have known of and at least tolerated these practices. According to several informants, Kagame himself was told about the killings of civilians in Byumba and did not intervene to stop them. The RPF has declared that soldiers who kill civilians will be brought to justice, but thus far few have been tried and most of them have been ordinary soldiers or officers of low ranks. Col. Kayumba, recognized as the effective head of the DMI during the months when this agency was allegedly guilty of killing civilians, continues to enjoy the confidence of his high-ranking military colleagues. In early 1998, he was named chief of staff of the RPF... Hutus from Congo suffered the same fate. The RPF which killed with a highest level of impunity took its privileges and impunity into DRC killing all Hutus they found on their way to Kinshasa. To prove that you can watch some of the few videos ever recorded about the RPF massacre in DRC called the KISANGANI DIARY (Click here to watch the heinous atrocities of RPF in DRC). 2) Other reasons that UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE based on its decision to deny Hutu refugees PROTECTION was "A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so." Allow me to say that apart from working for their clique led by Paul Kagame to humiliate and frustrate Hutu refugees all over the world to benefit the regime of RPF, all Hutu refugees living in Nairobi meet the above definition. They had and still have founded fear because of the RPF brutality as stated in the Gersony report which was actually sponsored by UNHCR. Does this mean that when UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE rejected innocent refugees and continued with their names in the system did not know this definition? No way, they knew what they were doing and they still know what they are doing. Because all Hutus in Nairobi had founded fear of persecution based on their ethnic background, political affiliation, and political opinion. However despite all these evidences, UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE continued harassing innocent Hutu refugees in Nairobi with fake REJEECTION LETTER whereas underneath they continued working tirelessly to grant the ghost refugees resettlement to US, UK, CANADA, and Australia. 
Since 1997 the UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE started selling resettlement which were supposed to be given to Hutu refugees from the Great Lakes region to other people who were either fake refugees and have never been refugees at all. Some of those who benefited from this scandal were Kenyan themselves and rich refugees from  Ethiopia and Somalia who paid handsomely to the UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE OFFICERS in order to be taken to OIM as genuine refugees being resettled in the third country. People paid between $5000 to $12000 in order to be given the names and identification of the Hutu refugees whom the UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE had given those FAKE REJECTION LETTERS which were not recorded in the UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE records. The genuine refugees were left to suffer whereas fake but reach ones benefited from Hutu refugees sorrow. A good example is when some Somali families were taken to Quebec in Canada as resettlement and when they arrived in Canada since they had names from Rwanda, Burundi, and Eastern DRC such as Masisi and Rutchuru whereas the real owners of the names were accepted by the UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE. When they arrived in Canada they could not be confused with Bantu people from Rwanda, DRC, and Burundi. The scandal was too much until Kofi Anan decided to come to UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE. However apart the unlucky Somali communities who could not benefit from this scandal because of their physical futures, the rest managed to be resettled and integrated well as Hutu refugees from Kenya. This Hutu refugee profiling by UNHCR in the region did not stop with the 2001 UNHCR NAROBI OFFICE. Instead the US, UN, and Rwanda perfected their games to humiliate and frustrate all Hutus regardless of where they come from. That was in 2000s now WE, UN, and KAGAME GOVERNMENT have come up with a better and more efficient ways to spread TUTSI-EMPIRE in East Africa through humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations such as UNHCR, JVA, HIAS, MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL, and REFUGEE POINT. 

You remember that the UN, UNHCR, US, and the KAGAME government had placed moles in the UNHCR office across Africa to make sure that Hutu refugees from the region don’t access UNHCR services. This continued to the extent that UNHCR influenced other humanitarian organizations that served refugees in Nairobi such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL, and other organizations that support refugees. MAPENDO INTERNAITONAL is a purely Tutsi organization for refugees. It works to assist all Tutsis in the region who want to immigrate to US, CANADA, and Australia do so easily. MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL has sophisticated the way BANYAMURENGE or TUTSIS go to America. This organization is supported heavily by Americans who believe in the ideology to establish a Tutsi Empire in the region. What makes this organization interesting is that it has even developed a password to share among BANYAMURENGE or TUTSIS of the region. When you know this password you can leave any place you are located to and travel to Nairobi to wait for your departure to the US as a refugee from Congo. What makes this network interesting is that PRESIDENT KAGAME of RWANDA uses this opportunity to ship his intelligence men and women to US,CANADA, and AUSTRALIA to settle their as refugees and benefit from the refugee services in those countries and yet they are still active military in the RPF army. Some of the people who go through MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL or REFUGE POINT as it is known today have been involved in spying on Hutu refugees living in the above countries. A good example is the NEW MURENGE TOWN established in the State of Maine in the US where most of TUTSIS resettled to US recently pass for accommodation and orientation. In this area there is no Hutu or Congolese refugee accepted here. The same is repeated in IDAHO, COLORADO, TEXAS, and OREGON. Many Hutu refugees who have managed to go to US, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA have been met with strong opposition from Tutsi refugees resettled through UNHCR, MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL, and HIAS. To help you understand this I am going to give you some of the background story of MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL:
".....................Before we start looking at the background of the MAPENDO INTERNATIONAL mission to resettle TUTSIS or BANYAMURENGE in AMERICA take time to watch the documentary made by its founder Mr. SASHA CHANOFF. One of the obvious you will see in this movie or documentary is the characters. ALL OF THEM ARE BANYAMURENGE or TUTSIS. Then you start wondering whether out of 5 million Congolese refugees there is no one qualified to be resettled in US or tell his or her stories of surviving the human atrocities that Africa has been experiencing. Please watch the SASHA CHANOFF and MAPENDO documentary here. 
Rose Mapendo (born in 1963) is a Congolese human rights activist. She founded the Mapendo New Horizons Foundation, to help vulnerable survivors of physical, psychological, and social trauma caused by decades of extreme violence so that they have easy access to health care and to give them hope. In addition, the Mapendo International organization (whose objective is, among others, to assist the Congolese people to immigrate to the United States, so that they can escape the war in their countries of origin) was named in her honor). .....She was born in MulengeDemocratic Republic of Congo, in 1963. She grew up in a humble family Tutsi, that professing the Christian religion. So, she belongs to the Banyamulenge Tutsi tribe. Raised for marriage and motherhood, she never went to school and married when she was 16, as is common among women of her people. Later, in 1994 she moved to the city Mbuji-Mayi so that her children could go to school and her husband started his career as a butcher. 
The story gives us the truth picture of the mission of the organization and its sponsors. Their objective is to relocate BANYAMURENGE TO AMERICA. When they reach US they create churches where the fundraise money in the name of helping refugees in Congo and yet the true use of that money is to sponsor TUTSI led rebellions such as M23 for their campaign to expand the TUTSI EMPIRE in East Africa. However, as those people living in US, CANADA, NETHERLAND, and AUSTRALIA witnessed it the BANYAMURENGE AND TUTSI churches collect money to fund KAGAME government, M23 and support the activities to take other TUTSIS to the western countries. These kinds of fundraising are organized in PRAYER CONVENTIONS like this one (click here). All these organizations are set to promote TUTSI supremacy and harass Hutus and other Bantus, especially those from Congo so that they continue their plans to establish their HIMA EMPIRE. This project continues in Rwanda today. 

Another phase which is massive to relocate BANYAMURENGE and TUTSI people to US is an undergoing plan now that is supposed to relocated more than 50000 BANYAMURENGE refugees from Rwanda. I have been following this process closely since 2011 and I sat in most of the tripartite Rwandan negotiations between UNHCR, RWANDA, and US government. The plan is to resettle all BANYAMURENGE people in the next 2 years. This process involves the Rwanda government which brings workers to screen who is Tutsi who is not. When they find that you are not a Tutsi (Munyamurenge) they made sure you are frustrated and go back to DRC. All BANYAMURENGE have automatic ticket to be resettled in US and AUSTRALIA. This injustice has made some Hutus or Congolese people who look like Tutsis to lie to the UNHCR so that they too can have a chance to be taken to US. Shockingly, Rwanda has taken this opportunity to register all his mobilized RPF soldiers to be taken to US and resettle there on condition that they will continue working for the KAGAME GOVERNMENT as spies on Hutu and Tutsi politicians in opposition. The same process is used by Kigali and US schools whereby though Hutus are more than 85% of all Rwandans and Tutsis are 14%, the statistics show that American Universities have been conniving with the Kagames government to only give all scholarships to Tutsi students. All Rwandans who go to study in US, CANADA, AND UK TUTSI student who are only 14% of all Rwandans, make more than 90% of those who go to study in US, CANADA, UK, and AUSTRALIA on scholarships. This helps you understand how the plans to establish a strong TUTSI EMPIRE IN AFRICA is being implemented. 

Kamatari ALOYS hold a PhD in international political economics, he is also a lecturer at the University of Al-Azhar University.

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