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Compare the sizes of DRC and Rwanda and answer the question by what method does Rwanda control the DRC.  The answer is in the “SPY REPORT” detailed here!
[Would that our American spy and intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, publicly confirm or deny the revelations from France below?  For if they are TRUE, how can our spy agencies let the US presidents and administrations be conducting African policy based on manipulative lies of a tiny country that make America’s intelligence look dumb in the face of Rwanda’s Ubwenge???]

The spy bombshell comes from France where the former head of intelligence and spy agencies of Zaire (now DRC) has been hiding from Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame’s assassins.  The spy chief’s name is Honore Ngbanda who, during the time of Mobutu when Zaire was the darling of the West, was trained in the world’s top spy agencies, including those in the US and Israel. When Mobutu was removed during the invasion of Zaire in 1996 by the armies of Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi, as Paul Kagame has bragged about it, Mobutu and those who worked with him ran away.  Afterwards, many of Mobutu’s officials, including one of his sons, returned to work with the current occupiers.  Honore Ngbanda has remained in exile and he has been engaged, through his organization, APARECO, to try to end the continued slaughter of innocent Congolese and the gang rape as a weapon of war of innocent women and little girls in the Congo by Rwanda and Uganda’s soldiers and militias, as the UN Mapping Report of 10/1/2010 details.

This past February 12, 2015, Mr. Ngbanda published an investigative document in which he exposed the secret agendas and the secret dealings of Rwanda and Uganda master-minded by Paul Kagame, including two parallel “governments” (a covert one made up exclusively of  Rwandan Tutsis that makes all decisions about the DRC and an overt one made up of Congolese and Rwandans with Congolese identities which carries out decisions and actions taken by the covert government).  They have existed since 2001 when Kagame ordered the assassination of Laurent Kabila, as revealed by Kayumba Nyamwasa and Theogene Rudasingwa, Kagame’s former partners (now in hiding because he wants them dead).  After assassinating Laurent Kabila, Kagame ordered and engineered the installation of a young Rwandan Tutsi intelligence officer as president of Congo.

The title of Ngbanda’s investigative document, which is in French, is « Enquête sur le Fonctionnement du Réseau d’Infiltration et du Système d’Occupation de  la RD Congo par le Rwanda »  (Investigation on The Functioning of a Network of Infiltration and on the System of Occupation of the DR Congo by Rwanda) – all translations are ours. Advice to CIA and others: use French and not African translators who most likely are Kagame’s agents who will mislead you!)

General Paul Kagame had assigned the task of overseeing the invasion of Zaire (DRC) to Colonel James Kabarebe who he designated in 1995 as “Head of the Military Operations in Zaire and Overseer of the Zaire Network”.  He was also responsible for the recruiting and the training of Rwandan soldiers who were going to take part in the operations under AFDL (the bogus assembly created by Kagame in 1995 to cover the foreign invasion of Zaire).  It was in this capacity that James Kabarebe recruited his nephew, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Commandant Hyppo, an RPA (Rwandan Patriotic Army) soldier, whom he affected as intelligence officer in AFDL.  He (Commandant Hyppo) took the name of “Joseph Kabila” in Kisangani (during the invasion).  He would play a very important role in intelligence (as a Rwandan spy) and in the logistics that resulted in the massacre bears this out also) of over 2 million Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese from eastern Congo and throughout the equatorial forests of Zaire.  Afterward, as it is now known, this officer of the Rwandan Tutsi Army (RPA) took an active part in the ignoble assassination of Laurent Kabila in January 2001.”

James Kabarebe and his blood nephew, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila (1995)

Mr. Ngbanda describes what he calls Rwandan “Members of the Parallel Government or of ‘Tutsi Power’ in charge of the Infiltration and of the Process of Occupation of the Democratic Republic of Congo”:
Like the military and security network of the DRC that are managed by James Kabarebe and Azarias Ruberwa under the overall supervision of Paul Kagame, there exist a local and political superstructure, a sort of ‘Parallel Government’ that is made up of officers and civilians who are exclusively Rwandan Tutsis.  This group constitutes the real government that runs the DRC.  It is within this group that the real debates about the DRC take place and that the true decisions are made, which are afterwards assigned to the Congolese puppets and collaborators for simple execution.

Here are the key persons who make up this ‘Parallel Government’: 1. ‘Joseph Kabila’, the guarantor…;  2. Azarias Ruberwa, he is the real number two in DRC…;  3. Zoe ‘Kabila’, the man in charge of the dirty financial operations…;  4. Janet ‘Kabila’, the queen of corruption in charge of the Congolese politicians…;  5. Deo Rugwiza, the money man of the group…;  6. Simplice Nyarhuanda, the Major-General in charge of ‘Joseph Kabila’s republican guards and the man responsible for the secrets files of infiltrating Rwandan soldiers into the DRC army (FARDC)…; 7. Bizima Kahara, the man who is really in charge of intelligence services in DRC…;  8. Jeanne Nakabuka, she is the eyes and the ears of Paul Kagame in Kinshasa and she is also responsible for the security of  ‘Joseph Kabila’s real Tutsi wife by the name of Angele Rugwiza…;  9. Charles Bisengimana, he is the true overall commander of the Congolese army and police instead of General Etumba…;  10. Moise Nyarugabo, the ‘wise man’ of the group…”

This 30-page document has revelations that even Congolese people did not know, including the list of Rwandan military officers who are now in positions of commanding the Congolese army and the entire DRC security apparatus, the list of some of the Congolese officers, Congolese journalists who have been mercilessly assassinated by “Joseph Kabila”.


All these revelations by Mr. Honore Ngbanda could have triggered a strong reaction from the US, the UN and the international community that are disgusted and angry about the gang raping and the mutilations of Congolese women and little girls in eastern Congo, including the genocide of the DRC population that today numbers over 8 million innocent Congolese souls); except…

Except that Paul Kagame’s Rwanda, right from the start (in early 1990’s) as Kagame planned the Rwandan invasion and the follow up invasion of the DRC, Kagame used the Rwandan Tutsi cultural weapon of Ubwenge in order to, first, fool and manipulate the international community about his role in triggering the Rwandan genocide of 1994, and, he came up with another plan as to how to make the international community openly accept Rwandan Tutsis occupation and control of the DRC.

The plan for the DRC was simple, as one Rwandan Tutsi catholic priest described it, boasting Rwanda’s art of manipulative lying being “superior” to “European intelligence”And  Kagame boasted, “These people and their governments (Americans and Europeans) are inferior in “intelligence” and ignorant of world history and geography, thus, they can be manipulated to accept our truths no matter how bogus.”

So Kagame and his master liars that made up his intelligence group both in Rwanda and in DRC boldly made up a bogus history of eastern DRC, by turning the Tutsis and Hutus, the exclusive population of Rwanda, a separate country from DRC, into a “minority population” of eastern Congo that “has been discriminated against by the majority Congolese”, that had been “denied citizenship”, that has been “blamed for the conflicts” in eastern Congo, and, finally, that has been part of  eastern DRC population since “the 1800’s”.  This bogus history imagined out of thin air was introduced in the US State Department and in many other ministries of foreign affairs in the world (which initially intended to help Congolese).  Since 2001, American policy in the Congo has continued to be based on these lies, which, unfortunately, the last Special Envoy of President Obama to DRC repeated in his departing speech.

Kagame’s Rwanda has relied on this bogus history, using both Rwandan agents and infiltrates Tutsi men and women at the UN, in US institutions and government (same in EU) to justify and to defend the presence of Rwandans in DRC army and institutions as well as a Tutsi as “president” in DRC, even though, as the French official stated, the diplomats in Kinshasa refer to him as “le Petit Rwandais” (the Little Rwandan)not “le Petit Congolais” (the Little Congolese).

So, when Congolese people chant and hold signs saying “Kabila go back to Rwanda”, UN, American, British, Canadian, Australian, German, or any other nation could easily have checked African colonial records or history in the books that were recorded by the colonial masters from 1884 until the 1960’s:  Belgium, in the case of the Congo, and Germany, in the case of Rwanda.  They would have found out that Rwandan Tutsis and Hutus have never been part of autochthonous Congolese populations which, with over 450 different ethnic or tribal or lingual groups as identified by Belgium colonists, have never used the notion of “majority-minority” (a really foolish and dumb notion to apply to a 450 ethnic groups’ biome and claim that 2 of them are a “minority”). In Rwanda and Burundi, the “minority-majority” notion has applied since the time of German colony because these two tiny countries that used to be called the Kingdom of Rwanda-Urundi when, with today’s Tanzania, they made up Germany’s East African colony (1884-1919), they have been populated by only two main ethnic groups, the majority Hutus and the minority Tutsis.  This is why the document containing this bogus history that Kagame had infiltrated in the US and all over the world had been kept secret until the Congolese-Americans uncovered it last year, 2014.

Kagame undertook unheard-of and radical actions intended to try and erase Congolese history in eastern Congo: When it invaded the Congo (1996-97), Kagame directed James Kabarebe and the Rwandan army to steal the entire national population records of the two Kivus from the national archives in Kinshasa and took them to Kigali.  Then, the Rwandan forces have been ethnically cleansing or wiping out, in cold blood, the Congolese populations in the two Kivus while replacing them with Rwandan populations who are given Congolese names and identities and assigned Congolese tribal or ethnic or lingual affiliations.

In like manner, Kagame has infiltrated all over the advanced nations of the world, since 1997,  Rwandan citizens with Congolese passports and identities where they receive education and training and serve as Rwanda’s spies and advocates in order to stir these countries policy to “focus” (the essence of Ubwenge) on Rwanda’s “success story” instead of Kagame’s Rwanda’s crimes against Hutus and moderate Tutsis (in Rwanda), and against Congolese, including the violence against Congolese women. These Rwandans, after education and training, plan to go back and occupy eastern Congo for the interests of Rwanda even while masquerading as Congolese.  Tens of thousands of Rwandans have received asylum in America under this scheme while Kagame, using the billions in Congo’s minerals, funds many of these Rwandans, both men and women, to create all types of “Congolese” or “human rights” NGO’s in these foreign countries for the same purpose of serving, defending, and advancing Rwanda and Kagame’s interests to the Congo’s detriment.

The above is why the genocide in Rwanda lasted 100 DAYS while the one in Congo has lasted over 18 YEARS!  And the Rwandans and Ugandans and “Joseph Kabila” in Kinshasa are STILL KILLING AND RAPING CONGOLESE IN CONGO and together, Kagame, Museveni, and Kanambe keep manipulating the world, signing “accords” and “agreements” that they never intend to honor!!!!

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